Unifying the inner and Outer


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

The Marriage Of Your Inner and Outer Reality Will Free You.

Don’t let your inner life become separate from your outer life.

The way in which our reality can seem to resist our will, when it is in fact being led by it, is a testament to how powerful the linearity of the human experience is. The sensation of linearity is the feeling that the path of your life is like a fixed train track ahead of you, instead of an open playground you can freely explore. Most typically this is experienced as being contained by cycles of negative emotion that keep repeating despite your desire to end them. Common examples are loss, abandonment, victimhood, addiction, alienation, betrayal, illness and lack.

The reality in which we live is not as linear or as black and white as our external senses suggest. We do not experience life as linear because it is linear; we experience it this way because we are predominantly only using our external biological senses (e.g. sight and hearing) which are designed to create linearity. This is to see that we, as eternal-consciousness, wanted to create a linear world because it is a different kind of experience with deep qualities of individuality, jeopardy, touch, taste, surprise, challenge and discovery.

These human qualities each represent a transformation of the emotional experience of not knowing into knowing. The linearity we experience is only the result of our perception and does not truly reflect the unlimited potential of the reality before you. Being human is not as limited as we believe.

The limits we experience are not the result of how it is; they result from how we unknowingly live within the limits of how we believe it is.

reality can only ever be as magical as you will allow yourself to believe—and therefore perceive—it to be. It is possible to awaken your inner-senses to far more magic in life. By doing so you will enter deeper into the experience of awakening, joy and abundance you seek.

We are each eternal-consciousness that has entered a physical world that disconnects us from the full dimensions of experience, such that we can focus on the qualities of existence we wish to explore. Our inner-senses function from birth, but to enter humanity is to enter a fear-based mass-belief-system that is a complex evolution of our original survival-instinct.

powerful social conditioning directs us to focus on the outer world to the degree that it is experienced as the only shared territory (despite how our inner landscape is just as rich with shared experiences). The opening of your inner-senses is therefore the opening to a more multidimensional—and thereby magicalexperience. This is to move closer to the wider non-physical state of consciousness we all exist within when we are not focused on a physical, individuated experience such as being human.

many of us have already taken powerful strides into this wider arena of self. For some of us, these inner-senses have even connected us with other realities as well as other aspects of our shared consciousness that are here to guide and aid us. However, as wonderful and rich as this inner life is, for many it has come at a price of coming to feel disconnected from the world and the people in it—those who are not aware of these senses within them and thereby come to express the mass fear around survival.

There is a way in which many people, in entering into the magic of personal spirituality, have left the world behind. This is a tipping of the balance of focus from the outer (which can seem harsh, cold, and hateful) to the inner (which can feel warm, inviting, and loving). There is nothing wrong in coming to turn inwards. Indeed, the evolution of your own personal spirituality will often demand it, but never permanently. You did not come to this world to then deny that choice.

detaching from this reality is not the same as escaping the mass consciousness survival-instinct because it is a fear-based retreat (not the coming forward of your passion). Now, if this retreat from the world is giving you the kind of life you want, then I do not suggest you change it. But, if there are still negatively experienced emotional cycles running within you, then I do suggest that the answers you seek lie within an experience of the world that beautifully fuses both your inner and outer experiences of reality.

This is an experience of the fullness of the present moment (the-Now) where the world ceases to feel like an obstacle you are contained within. Instead it is experienced as an extension of self where you are actively exploring the nature of your own being. Within the marriage of the inner and outer, which can only be experienced through the release of fear that fuels survival, lays the evolution of the human experience of self, as well as a return to the kind of reality we experienced before this world became so charged by fear.

The evolution of consciousness that many seek lies in a space where the difference in experience of inner and outer is far less because you have transformed the fears within your outer experience—thereby allowing you to be far more present in the outer world. In this state, your focus becomes free to roam both the inner and outer—making them a unified experience (instead of a contrasting one). This state also gives you far greater access to the full creative power of the present moment.

Although living within the-Now moment is a wonderful thing, it is important to understand that you should not expect to permanently remain there. There is a blueprint for your life within you. This was created by you to be filled with the kinds of experiences you wanted to focus on during this life. As well as being a goodie bag full of gifts and treats for you to meet, this blueprint is also designed to be a multi-layered puzzle that gradually reveals itself.

Entering the-Now moment is experienced as clarity arising from something that was not clear before. This can be seen to be the resolving of a single layer of the puzzle.

resolving the entire puzzle across a lifetime is therefore a process of entering and leaving the-Now moment.

What is being pointed at here is having your inner-senses alive and aware (in the way they are during your personal spiritual practice), but while your focus is active, open, and free within the outer world. This arises from coming back into balance and presence across both your inner and outer experiences of self.

It is not about turning the inner-senses on the outer; it is about bringing those senses out from within you to play in the world.

Bringing this kind of balance into your life creates an energetic environment where your inner-senses will thrive. You will experience your ability to engage life consciously with your full multidimensional abilities (inner-senses) available.

Seeking to escape this world through the inner-senses is a malady because it is a denial of your choice to be here in this life. At its worst, those afflicted feel like a slice of heaven trapped within a hell. In this you have effectively ended up using what should be a gift as a weapon against yourself by entering an experience of contrast that is painful. It does not have to be difficult, your inner-senses can connect you to this world and enrich your entire experience of being—both inner and outer.

You cannot truly meet your inner-senses until you are ready to meet the world through them. Furthermore, you can only truly meet yourself through meeting the world, because that is the deeper meeting of your choice to live this life.

embrace your inner-senses. Embrace the world. The inner is not separate from the outer—that is the illusion of our individuality.

Healing Division

The spiritual teaching to “go inside” is a reaction to most people being predominantly focused on outer survival—rather than inner harmony. Our inner and outer experiences of realitydespite being so different in sensation—are far more connected than we realize. It is their temporal disconnection—created through the self being translated into linear-timethat most disguises how the inner and outer are actually reflections of each other. To move within your own consciousnessthe inneris to create movement in both time and space—the outer.

When the whole self is seen in clarity, it is understood that all challenges you created for your mortal self can be approached through either the inner or the outer because both are reflectionsand thereby interfaces for transformationof the same thing. However, even if the focus is predominantly on one, at the moment of resolution the parity between inner and outer is always seen clearly. This effectively means that although the approach to any challenge can be focused through either your inner or outer reality, it will always resolve in an experience that represents their meeting (which is the healing of a division—or denial—between inner and outer).

Stop seeing your outer reality as an obstacle to overcome, but instead see it as designed to aid your in knowing yourself. Through this process of coming to a less adversarial relationship with the world, you will become increasingly aware of the beliefs within you that are resistant to this more peaceful stance. In particular, you will become conscious of a web of fear-based beliefs about your financial survival.

If you struggle with finance then you will probably meet an aspect of yourself that, though happy for the financial success of your friends, still experiences their successes as a painful reminder of your own continued struggle—rather than an opportunity to feel and share in that joy. In doing no more than consciously opening yourself to share in their feeling of joyrather than letting it make you feel bad by comparison—you will quickly become a happier person with a brighter outlook despite your finances remaining unchanged.

Unifying the Inner & Outer

“I choose to share my success with others and to also feel the success of others inside myself.”

Each struggle in your life is a representation of not feeling ‘as onewithin yourself. Just as loving yourself is the same as loving the world, love is also the path to feeling unified inside. Breaking down the division in both the external-world and your internal-self occurs through love. When you come to love a part of yourself that you previously did not, it becomes unified in your manifestation of the world.

It is our nature to separate off, within our self, that with which we are uncomfortable. Loving yourself is about dissolving these internal divisions. In parallel, we label and segregate elements in the external world that make us uncomfortable. These elements then become symbols for the parts of yourself with which you are uncomfortable. Through this understanding see again how the world is a mirror.

When you break down a division in your view of the world, you will have broken it down inside yourself. Similarly, if you resolve a prejudice internally, you will find you no longer see its reflected counterpart in your immediate reality. You are a mirror of the whole and when you act to resolve a division in yourself, you aid all others to resolve it inside of themselves.

Every personal breakthrough is a breakthrough for the whole. Every success in the world is to be celebrated. When you come to feel the success of others as your own, so you will discover the feeling of your own success. To deeply feel any success is to be within your own success. It can be no other way.

From a perspective we are already unified—both individually and collectivelyit is just that we must bring this unification into our state of realization (our conscious reality). When all beings come to love, then all existence will become a Unified-Diversity. In this, because physical matter is primarily manifest as a symbol of division, the medium of physicality will become increasingly permeable / traversable as we approach this point of Unified-Diversity. This will mostly be manifest through technology in how reflects the integration of our spirit’s reality (which is not limited by physical barriers).

Through this permeability, we will come to transform and manipulate matter in new and exciting ways. Just because this may look like technology does not make this increasing permeability any less magical. Technologies that connect us, no matter where we are on the planet, are magic. There can be no struggle in coming to love. There is no unity that we must work together to forge. It already exists. We must merely open our eyes to it.

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