The embodiment of Spirit


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The Embodiment of Spirit

Your mortal self is an embodied form of your eternal spirit. Because our physical bodies have a finite lifespan, we perceive ourselves to be mortal with a beginning and end point in linear-time. As such, our mortal self is experienced as being both contained and defined within linear-time and physical-space.

Your spirit is the founding aspect of your human experiences of self and consciousness. It exists outside the confines and definitions of linear-time and physical mattermeaning it exists eternally in a state of infinite freedomand remains accessible to you even though you are currently embodied. Because your spirit does not experience fear or separation, it knows itself to be directly connected to everything in existence. It directly experiences itself as a part of a single, unified state of consciousness—the source of all creation.

While embodied, we are largely unconscious of our spirit, despite it being the origin and foundation of our experience. To spiritually-awaken is to become aware of this wider state of consciousness. This is to know All-That-You-Are (which includes your outward experience, your inner emotions and thoughts, and the unconstrained freedom of your spirit / imagination).

within most organized religions this unified state of consciousness is worshiped as God. However, instead of teaching us how we are an extension of this infinite consciousness, God is portrayed as a separate, superior, patriarchal state of consciousness against which we are each judged and found to be lacking. To awaken is to remember that YOU ARE God and the only judgment you face is your own.

You were not forced to incarnate against your will because you have sinned or because something within you needs to be fixed. Your mortal self is your spirit incarnate, so embrace the realization that you want to have this mortal experience—no matter how challenging it may be. Feel empowered by viewing your life as a choice you are making—rather than as something difficult you must endure or overcome.

When you divide the world into ‘what I love and ‘what I hate you create a division in your experience of self and reality—a perceptual divide through which you can feel separate and alone. Let go of the idea that your embodied self is inferior and see yourself as the choice of your infinite spirit to exist as a focused individual.

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