“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

The Religious Wound

humanity did not turn its back on consciousnesswhich is to say ‘spirit’—in becoming so mesmerized by the physical. This is counter to the religious conditioning of falling from grace that many carry. Some of the most incredible evolutions in experience have occurred through our polarized focus on physicality

The term God’ is but a word that points to the quality of beingness. Words are sounds that we have assigned to identify our experiences here in definition. The feeling that we assign to a word is a reflection of our relationship with our own being. It is a reflection of how we conceive of ourselves. In this book God has been used as a mirror in which your ideas of ‘what you are’ have been reflected against a conception of ever flowing freedom. Many facets have been reflected such that in your resonance, resistance, or indifference, your relationship with freedom has been clarified.

The facets that have been presented to you are all expressions of the resonance of my heart. They are an expression of the discovery of the love that I am. This is the journey of my healing. I have not presented you with any truth other than my own. I know no other truth as I have but one heart that resonates. My heart is currently resonating with these words. This resonance will change. I am excited that the words I use will change. I will change these words. I will change with these words. The resonance of these words, and therefore the meaning you assign them, will change every time that you choose to read them. All words change as our feeling for what they point to changes. There is no truth in words but they can lead us to our own feeling. That feeling is our truth in that moment. Do not put your value in words. See that the worth is in your feeling. Do not regurgitate these words as being truth; speak of how you have felt.

I have presented you with the feelings that I have experienced in the healing of my own being. These words are all expressions of experiences in which I have felt the unfolding of the freedom and love that I am. This is the only validity of what I offer—the validity of my love. Our love is our validity. All hearts are valid. All love is valid. All is love. Unless you are choosing to give your power of beingness away, then the only validity of these words for you personally can be from the resonance of your own heart.

All truth that does not change becomes a cage. Truth that does not change becomes the experience of hell. Absolute truth is fundamentalism. fundamentalism is the belief in an objective truth. fundamentalism seeks to destroy All-That-Is different, for it believes that nothing but itself is valid. The action of fundamentalism is always therefore to destroy itself. To fear fundamentalism is to fuel it. If there is a currency in this world then it is your emotion—your ability to feel. We each create what we feel. Only you can decide where you wish to invest your currency. Only you can decide if you wish to invest in love or fear. Wherever you invest you will be. Fear of fundamentalism creates fundamentalists. Fear of fundamentalism creates the divide into which we pour our fear. Fear and separation are one. This is to say but one thing: fear creates rigidity. Rigidity is fear. fundamentalism is fear of the uncontrolled change of truth.

currently we are collectively manifesting fear of fear. This is how deep into healing our wounds we are. This is how close we are to the release of fear. Our deepest wounds are passing out of us at this time. To awaken is our greatest fear and our greatest joy. It is the collapse of the polarity of conditional-love and conditional-fear. It is the release of the limits of conditions. It is the birth of the unconditional—the opening of our collective heart. All divides are created by the conditions of our fear. Conditional love is love that fears. Unconditional love is love without fear, and that is to love without limit. It is the birthing of the freedom to be.

Ever changing truth is the reflection of the ever unfolding birth of being that is life. All creation is new. All creation is a birth. There is no ending to expansion, for there is no end to creation. There is no ending to contraction, for there is no end to the separation we can create if we so choose. There is no end to love. There is no end to fear. There are no limits to where you can go; you are infinite. God is not the answer. There is no answer. There does not need to be an answer. There is no problem. There just is. After it frees, truth dissolves. We are integrating and releasing the story of God. No story can hold the infinite. No story can hold what we are. The release of the story of God is the healing of the wound we express as fundamentalism.

love says that you are not wounded. You are not limited. There is no sin. Hell is the belief in hell. To be in hell is to believe that your actions could lead you to burn in eternal damnation. If you believe in the existence of hell then you are in hell. Those that warn of hell have never saved anyone; no one needs saving. They are in the hell of their belief-system. To believe in hell is to believe that the fear of going there will save you from it. Hell is the belief in the validity of fear. You do not need to fear. You do not need to be healed. You do not need to be freed. You are freedom. You cannot free freedom. You cannot fix what is whole. You cannot heal love.

We have traveled so far to have taken God from pointing to the essence of infinite love and freedom, to God being the symbol of our separation from our power of creation. The term God today is a symbol of that wound. Religion’s idea of God is a wound. Our discomfort with our associations with the word God is a symbol of that pain. This book is my healing of God in myself. It is my personal reclamation of the word God from religion—a representation of my return to the word God meaning love.

As long as you believe you are separate, wounded, or limited, then these words are here for you. As long as you do not believe that you could be God, then these words are here for you. As long as you believe in God in a way that is distinct from your belief in yourself, then these words are here for you. By healing God I heal myself. The realization of God within your own being is the realization of your own healing, but just as there is no healing there is no God. God has only ever been our reflection of our separation from our divinity. Without that separation there is no need of any idea of God. God as an absolute belief-system is a wound. To speak of God as an idea, is to speak of a wound you are carrying. Religion is the fortification of this wound. God is not an idea. God is love. Love is everything.

This book is the healing of the wound of God, the wound of religion, within my own being. In these words I feel and heal the pain I have manifested as religious fundamentalism across my lives. As I come to no longer perceive the separation of that wound, by realizing that I am God, so God dissolves within me. We personified God because we are God personified. Release the story of God from your story to discover what is beyond that wound. God does not exist because there is no separation between us and our divinity. To release the personification of God is to release your own personification. It is to release your story as being defined by an idea of God as separate. Release the polarity of human-God.

I release God and step into the realization of love. By realizing that I am God I free my need for God. I free God by releasing its definition. Love is beyond the conditions of definition. Unconditional love is the experience of what you are. There is no destination to arrive at; there is only the journey of love. There is nothing you need to hold onto. I am. You are. Your beingness is love and that is everything. It is infinite. Love with your being to feel your being. Everything is within you. Everything is in love. Love is everywhere. In love I release the need for God.

I am love.

Superman and the Religious Wound

— The Legend of Kal-El—
Do not reject everything that smells of religion.

While writing the last article in the Seeing-Others-Clearly series of articles, I thought a lot about acceptance across the polarity that is experienced as narrow-minded versus open minded. In this, I remembered something that came through a few years ago for a course on opening your inner-senses as it directly addresses the idea that the kind of spirituality I teach (which I view as open minded) is not so different from Christianity than I may like to think (which I view as narrow-minded). It shines a powerful light on the idea of religious wounding.

The religious wound

many people have closed down their inner-senses (AKA intuitive or psychic senses) during their rejection of Christianity. This rejection has predominantly come through the level of intolerance that the church remains steadfast in through its belief that the teachings of the bible are infallible and timeless. Over many lifetimes we have each accumulated a level of religious wounding and, as noble as it may have felt to reject the narrow-minded, intolerant attitudes of the church, it means that our perception of anything that has a “religious feeling” is not entirely clear.

The basic understanding is that — along with all the bullshit — religion must contain many reflective, loving, and fascinating ideas and we should be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater in our rejection of it. Religion could not have persisted in the way it has if it did not contain a valuable level of meaning. The major religions today are manipulated distortions of deep truths — not outright nonsense.

In order to demonstrate this I want to share a religious feeling story, but one without the energy of intolerance or divisiveness. As you are reading it, I want you to be particularly aware of how its religious sounding elements affect you, as this will point towards any religious wounding still operating within you. If the story already sounds familiar to you, that is because it is. It is a retelling of the story of Superman who was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

I have also transcribed what was said during the broadcast immediately following my reading of the parable.

—The Legend of Kal-El—
Superman and the religious wound

I would like to tell you the story of an alien boy called Kal-El.

This boy came from an incredible world, a magical world without limits, but it was a world that was so known, that understood itself so well, it only had one future. This did not seem to bother most of the inhabitants as they happily dined on their freedom. They were most contented and did not mind that they had ceased to venture beyond what they knew themselves to be. But this was not the case for Kal-El’s father, Jor-El.

With the birth of his son, everything changed.

Kal-El was the first child of the era to be born. Many had thought there would never be a child again, because, as the future had become homogenized, children stopped being born for there was nothing new to be experienced, nothing new to suggest evolution. So when Kal-El was conceived, his father knew he was to be the birth of something new — a new future.

In this alien world there were ancient myths of strange physical worlds that had limits, and edges, and separation. Worlds containing ever-unfolding experiences of mortality. These were ideas that had been left unexplored —  written-off as being nonsensical. With his son yet to be born, Jor-El explored ancient records that had long since been buried and found the path to the worlds of physicality. Now, in this matter he knew he could not go himself, and he realized that his son’s imminent birth was his own intention to birth into physicality. So Jor-El sent his only son to a world that not only had a future but, in fact, had many futures.

As you may have guessed by now, Jor-El chose the Earth which was brimming with physical diversity and had a dominant humanoid race blessed with great potential for emotion — a quality through which Jor-El knew great expansion could occur. Jor-El picked a time in the history of the planet he judged to be at a state of evolution where his son’s presence would benefit the planet in such a way that he felt his son’s energy would not only be welcome, but could shape new futures for the planet as a whole — including his son.

He knew that the process of his son’s integration into the world would be a long one. And he knew that the process of birthing into the physical world would cause him to forget his origin (because that is the nature of all new beginnings). He could not, however, bear the thought of his son being alone, surrounded by beings who would not initially understand him and might even fear him. He therefore worked to send his knowledge and memories with his son. He recorded everything he could about himself in an energy imprint which he infused through loving intention into his son. This gift instigated his departure.

As a child on Earth —birthed into human biology — Kal-El experienced this imprint through his dreams, through his imagination, and through his emotions. Through the imprint he found he naturally imagined a freer life, a freer world, a freer way of being. Within this space — which he called his heart— he found his father, whom he experienced as a guide and teacher. Whenever he felt lost, lonely, or confused, he would say, speak to me father” and answers would come from his heart — ideas and perspectives on life that brought joy and harmony. perspectives that made life even sweeter.

Now, as I told you, this was a world with many futures. In some worlds Kal-El and his children came to forget the voice in their heart. In some worlds that voice came to be seen as a demon and anyone who heard it was killed. In some worlds the voice came to prominence in the self and shaped the whole planet. But these are not the futures I wish to tell you about.

There is another branch — a branch of futures where a balance was struck, a harmony between the intention of the original humanoid species, and Jor-El’s intention for his son. This was the creation of a self that was a true marriage of both — a hybrid. This balance of qualities created a denser branch of futures than any other path and, as such, represented the clearest fulfillment of Jor-El’s intention for his child (and his children) to experience infinite futures.

The selves who walk this path are within a glorious experience of diversity, both internal and external, inner and outer. These selves possess biology that can plunge its fingers into the Earth — kill and be killed — and they contain the heart of Jor-El. And these two factors create a world that spans a space, a territory, that is richer and more full of potential experiences of meaning than has ever come before.

But… there is a potential pitfall to this heart. This heart that was given to unlock such amazing new futures in the physical world can, instead, become a prison — a fortress of solitude. In this branch of realities Kal-El gets lost exploring his heart through his imagination, as he comes to prefer it to being conscious in the physical world. In these realities Kal-El has retreated inside of his self and developed the ability to access Jor-El through the energetic imprint he calls his heart. In some of these realities he became so good at it that he could conjure a walking, talking Jor-El in his mind’s eye which he much preferred to talk to than thereal world people before him; this being despite the fact Jor-El repeatedly told him that his future lay out in the world and not within the fortress of solitude.

And, so our shared tale ends and, ahead of each of you, lies the continuation of the path that each of you were on before you opened your heart — and thereby your inner-senses— further. Now I hope you see that there is another path. A path were you let go of the fortress of solitude (which is not to say you let go of Jor-El).

Instead, you take your experience of Jor-El out of the fortress of solitude, and you become every facet of that freedom you love out into the world through being it through your heart-centered self. Just as Jor-El has loved and guided you through this life, now you will discover yourself as Jor-El loving and guiding this world. Jor-El walks through each of you.

Now what I wish you to know about this parable is the Kal-El did not birth on Earth on as one person. This is not the tale of an Adam, an Eve, or a Sophie. Kal-El was born within every self upon the Earth and every self is on a personal journey to understand this gift of the eternal transformation of self.

What you seek is through this world.

You do not seek to return — even though you may.

What I tell you in this story — reminding you that I am not sending you off on a mission to get to some idea of a destination— is that what you seek lies is the evolution of what you are. Many spiritual seekers have the idea of the Earth as a place you are visiting or helping — somewhere that you will return from, when you return to the point of intention that sent you here. And, I do not dispute this. But, what I hope you felt in this story is that there is a journey beyond the journey. This is what Jor-El saw.

You can go home. But the journeys there are the same as you have eternally known. Here, on Earth —within time and space— is new life. Here, is new adventures. You did not come to this world to taste it, learn, and retreat. This is the life of awakening and that is not just awakening to the illusion and returning home. When you awaken within illusion, you are still within illusion, and that is to awaken within another illusion, and that is another world, and that is another reality, and that is another game.

And that is a game you only get to through the Earth. It is the evolution of the Earth. It is where the Earth goes for those who do not come back from it, but come to master it. It is where mastery of this game takes you. And what I tell you is that it is other worlds, other realities, and there has been found no other way to get to them — except through the experience of the Earth— for they are the evolution of this experience. And this being the eternal now, they all already exist, and this is the journey that this gift within you — when fulfilled — will give you.

I remind you again, that the point of the experience is the experience of itself, and I do not wish to set you off on some mission in what I have told you here. But, I do tell you that your heart will always lead you forwards — and not backwards — and that is the simplicity of what I say, for to engage your inner-senses is to engage that flow.

I equally hope this has been an opportunity to explore your own religious wounding by feeling its edge within your response. Explore your discomfort and seek to understand what is being conveyed. Seek to find your own personal truth in the myth and interpret it as you will.

fly high super people. There is a world out there that will welcome you. You will find it through your heart. You are each ambassadors of the heart — ambassadors of the freedom of the non-physical.


Appendix — Closing Notes.

This was a retelling of the Christ story told through the Superman legend. It is not meant to imply an external, separate God. All life is an expression of a single, unified, state of consciousness. This story conveys a highly evolved — but homogeneous — non-physical consciousness choosing to merge with a physically diverse, instinctive species — the result being humanity.

The heart represents our portal to this wider state of non-physical consciousness within us. It is a staircase between the outer experience of a physical self, and the inner, non-physical experience of consciousness (our spirit). However, in walking inwards towards the non-physical, we can go much further than most people imagine. It is possible to connect into the non-physical state of consciousness we birthed from.

What is so incredible is that this is a unified, harmonious state of consciousness that views all humanity as itself exploring what reality can be. As such, it is the collective-consciousness of humanity. When you experience it, you do not experience it as something else, you experience it as yourself. This is the State of enlightenment / awakening / Christ-Consciousness.

Do not reject every energy that smells a little religious, but approach it with an open heart and inquiring mind. hating anything blinds us. Only we can choose to un-blind ourselves by choosing to be open to that which we have previously separated from. Until we do this, we will endlessly repeat the cycle of moving between narrow and open minded states of consciousness.

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