Loving Yourself


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Loving Yourself

The Now is full of potentials that you can unfold. These are reflected to you through your reality. The world, elongated across time, is a representation of all the potentials that we have so far explored; its continued unfolding is our playground for exploring the experience of being within differentiation. You are in a shared mass reality that gives form and context to your current lifetime.

Your choice to birth (where, when, and as whom) has given certain parameters to your life. From within incarnation you could view these parameters as limitations, but to feel them through your heart is to know that you chose them with complete freedom and wisdom. This original birth choice is far less limiting than many suppose. A part of embracing and loving your being, is to accept and love that moment of birth choice. It is to experience utter affirmation for the choice you made to be born as you—to experience this lifetime.

You chose to be here to explore being you—to create what you experience yourself to be. If you are choosing to awaken then you are here to be you remembering that you are God, and to explore your unfolding from that realization. As much as you may come to connect with the unity of all life, you are not here to shed your individuality.

Even though you are awakening from being contained within a singular story, to being any story you can imagine, you will remain expressed in some form of definition. To believe that you are here to evolve out of your individuality, is to deny the perfection of your choice to birth here. Ultimately, from the widest perspective, you are the world. You are God, and are connected to all the experience that has ever been. To awaken is to connect with this realization of unity with all being. It is not however to leave being you to become all, it is to awaken the all within you. You chose to be here to have the experience of being you.

To awaken is to awaken into life, not from it. To connect with the unity of all life is not to let go of continuing to create your own personal experience. Awakening is not to become without definition; but it is to change your relationship with definition. Instead of experiencing yourself as confined by boundaries that appear to be of external origin, it is to consciously choose your own boundaries. In awakening, even though you maintain definition, you no longer experience the boundaries of that definition as limitations, because you are unified with your creation of them. This is to experience your limitlessness within definition. It is the realization of the freedom of definition. In this state, boundaries are a choice, instead of a fear or limit; their definition gives rise to a form of experience that excites you. That is why you chose to be here as you.

This realization of what it is to awaken from within embodiment is to connect with the perfection of your birth choice. It is to realize that the boundaries of your being can be joyful if you cease to define them from fear, and instead create them with the love and freedom of your sovereign will. To awaken is to see that elements of your birth choice, that you may have previously perceived as limits, are in fact gifts of definition that shape your experience in a way that has brought you to this moment of awakening.

Before we awaken, the boundaries of our being are experienced as external limits. They are associated with wounds, fears, and resistance. They are the ideas that we have used to feel separate from each other, from the world, and even from our own reality—our beingness. They are the energy that contains and limits us; the medium upon which our fear, pain, and separation are reflected back to us. It is this experience of limitation that can lead people to see the idea of awakening as being to escape from, or transcend, this reality—to see physicality as profane, inferior, or simply not evolved. There is no doubt that the experience of separation within duality is intense. It can be intensely joyful and intensely miserable. What makes it wonderful is the intensity. No other reality system is experienced as being this ‘real’. This is the game where you forget you are playing a game. This reality expresses the base level of separation; separation from knowing what you are.

To step into your divinity is to step out of the painful aspects of separation by seeing that separation is an illusion. Separation is the basis of duality. Just as duality contains the potential to live in misery, so it also contains the potential to live within joy. Joy and suffering (heaven and hell) are both places on Earth. Neither has any definition beyond love and not love—you and not you. Joy is the expression of your heart. Joy is what you are. Suffering is to completely separate yourself from what you are. Joy is the complete allowance of your being. Suffering is to completely resist your being, and thereby your reality. Joy is acceptance. Suffering is rejection.

Love-fear, joy-suffering, heaven-hell, and unity-separation all reflectseeing yourself’ and ‘not seeing yourself’—seeing that you are the creator versus seeing yourself as a biological system in a battle to survive. We have built in a lifespan such that we continually return to our remembrance of our divinity. To awaken is to remember while you are alive. In a sense it is to die while you are alive because it is to let go of your individuality as you once knew it, but at the same time it is to discover individuality in a whole new way. How you define your being comes to be from love instead of fear.

awakening to yourself is the realization of the freedom of your being. It is to let go of trying to define your reality with thoughts that flow from your fears and attachments. It is to step into creating yourself from the feeling in your heart—to feel your being and live in the expression of that feeling. Thinking is founded in definition (separating one thing from another) and can only take you so far. You cannot think the realization of your Godhood, you can only feel it. Do not fear your being: feel your being.

awakening is not to reject your mind, but it is to let go of associating your primary identity with it. To awaken is to expand your consciousness to that of your heart—your infinite-self. It is to drop deeper into your embodiment, deeper into the allowance and acceptance of yourself and the reality that you are in. You cannot see that you are God by rejecting this realitylove it, for it is you, it is God. The realization of God is love. It is to see and create yourself from love. Love is in your heart. Your infinite-self is in your heart. You are in your heart. To see your being clearly is to see yourself as love. To see your being as love is to feel love. To feel love is to unfold it, the un-definition of your being, into the definition of your reality. You are your own realization of freedom.

embracing your decision to birth here is not just about accepting the conditions you chose for your entry into this shared reality. It is about embracing the very essence of the choice to be here. Here is not inferior or profane. Here is the Now. Here is where your experience of the Now is. Here is where you are, and you are God. Here is where you realize you are God. Here is the most wonderful place you could possibly be. How can I know that about you? Because I see that here is where you are choosing to be. Here is where you are reading this book, and with these words you are being welcomed into your divinity. This reality is wonderful because you are here. Here is Now, and Now is where everything you have ever wanted happens.

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