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“I choose to feel my being through the expression of unconditional love which I express through sharing my appreciation of those I love—rather than sacrificing or compromising myself for them.”

Love is not an action that you do to someone—it is a feeling that arises when you perceive them without fear or judgment. When you love someone as they are, you do not seek to change them. Love is a state of appreciation that—in being so encompassing—allows no room for any thought of trying to improve or change what you are appreciating. It is wonderful to feel loved in this way because it is to feel valued without agenda—and that is to feel loved unconditionally.

recognizing love as a feeling—rather than an action—is the same as understanding that you cannot heal someone else—because to heal is to love and love is not an action. However, you can aid someone in their own healing by unconditionally loving them. Loving someone as they are naturally opens them to an inner state of self-acceptance where they can heal themselves by reconnecting an aspect of their love of self—an aspect which feels damaged through an emotionally wounding experience.

To believe you can “fix” or save someone is to try to use love as an action. Despite the intention, this comes from a place of judgment and control—rather than from the empowerment of love. This is to explore conflicted qualitiesfeelings that are being resisted—which are projected out through a judgment of someone else as being “in need of saving” from those qualities.

None of us birthed in order “to be saved by” or “to save anyone else—although we are free to explore those ideas as realities. If there is someone you want to help, then love them. This is not to love them despite what they are—as in the “love the sinner, hate the sin”—but is to appreciate everything about them.

To love someone for who they are, is to love them as they are now and in every moment. Through the allowance of unconditional love, it is realized that every self contains everything in existence. This is to know self-as-all, self-as-unified, and all-are-one. The understanding that all are love is the realization that everything has been created with love, which means everything can be met within / through the experience of love.

To love someone is to desire and act to make them more their self—and not more your self. It is to fuel and empower them, but not direct them. You are love. You are free. Free your love. To love is to free. Recognize and know the power of your love by how it frees. To know yourself as love is to know your freedom.

Meeting the World through Love

To judge someone is to believe that if you were stood in their shoes you would have made a superior decision. To judge other people is to deny that we are each equal expressions of consciousness who birth from a state of reality where everything is known to be connected / unified. In just the same way that you will ultimately agree with your spirit’s choice to birth just as you are, so too you will also agree—when you embrace the perspective of your spiritwith the choice of every other human being to birth just as they are.

Love is not a challenge to love the unlovable. Love is to see as your spirit sees. To unconditionally love someone who does not love themselves aids them in experiencing their conflicted qualities as undivided and lovable. This supports them in embracing themselves as being whole and as being perfect in their chosen imperfections. Unconditional love is infectious.

To awaken is to integrate with your spirit through the realization that separation is an illusion. As grand as this sounds, it is simply saying that to awaken is to discover that you are love. So, if the dream in your heart is to be a great spiritual master, know this is no more and no less than being someone who loves ALL unconditionally. To feel love in this way is to discover that not only are you love, but ALL are love and ALL are connected through that love. When you feel “as one with ALL” then there is nothing but love for everything.

everything in existence can be met through love. This is because unconditional love is the state of joy for and attraction to everything. It is a unifying force because it is felt equally for all things and qualities. Through feeling unconditional love, you become a potential point of unification between any two aspects of consciousness—in this, see how love bridges consciousness.

spirituality isn’t some complex mystery—it is about the realization and living of love. If your mind must name a goal then let it be to love. You are love. All you need is love. Be love, and the reality you seek will be yours.

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