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Knowing Only What You Need

“I choose to allow myself to know what I want to know, without needing to know how I came to know it.”

within mortal form we use physical manifestation to give our minds a describable path of how we travel from not knowing something to knowing something. However, through the allowance of knowing to arise from sources other than observation and deduction, knowing can be experienced directly without the need for physical manifestation.

For example, you have physically manifested this book into your life, thereby giving yourself a physically translated path that describes how you have come to know the ideas you have read within it. Because of this your logical mind is kept happy in knowing how it came to know these ideas. However, the ideas written in this book were arrived at through an internal experience of simply ‘coming to know that utilizes the imagination (and is often called Gnosis or channeling).

Despite being more direct, Gnosis is not superior in its way of coming to know than knowing through outward perception—they are just two different paths to the territory of knowing. Each will therefore produce a knowing with slightly different qualitiesall of which contain their own distinct valuesuch as the direct—but intangiblenature of Gnosticism versus the more circuitous and effortful—but tangiblenature of external-observation and its logical extrapolation. To be fully aware of your reality is to be open to both of these paths to knowing.

No particular physical experience is required in order to know the answers to the questions within you. Therefore, to begin to allow yourself to know things without the physically manifest path is to allow a more direct and spontaneous experience of creation. This is the art / skill / suspension of disbelief which enables you to allow yourself to know something, without knowing how you came to know it. Can you allow yourself to ‘just know through opening your imagination to the reality of your spirit?

In this understanding is the realization of what omnipotence in mortal form is. It is not to know the definition of all things simultaneously—which would be disabling within an individualized form. It is to realize that you have the ability to know anything, in any moment, without any restriction, by stepping out of the logic of cause and effect and by allowing yourself to know without knowing how you came to know. This is to understand omnipotence as being able to know whatever you need to know, whenever you need to know it. And it is to know all the knowing you will ever need.

Knowing vs. Knowledge

The possession of knowledge does not necessarily correlate with awareness. For example, the possession of knowledge that is predominantly selected from a fear-based perspective leads to a lack of awareness through an imbalance in what you know / believe (usually in the direction of a pessimistic / cynical / jaded viewpoint).

knowing is not about the acquisition and accumulation of as much knowledge as possible. The person with the largest amount of knowledge is not necessarily the most knowing person. knowingin being a quality of self—does not refer to a state of outward definition—it refers to a state of awareness.

knowing is a level of awareness characterized by an openness of being to let in and be changed by whatever it is you focus on through your wish to know it. This means that if you will not accept the change that comes with a knowing then you cannot know it. To come to know something you didn’t know before is to allow in an experience of change. The allowance of yourself to change as at the heart of allowing yourself to know.

However, knowing is not only about embracing awareness (as if it is a superior state). It is also about embracing the existence not-knowing (because that is a part of allowing who you are in human form). Realize the perspective from which you always know precisely what you need to know in order to create the experience you want.

This is the understanding that your perspectivewhich creates the uniqueness of your experience—is created from the juxtaposition of what you both do and do not know about what it is you are experiencing (because it is created from your ever-shifting state of consciousness versus unconsciousness).

To reject your level of ‘not knowing is to choose to experience a denial of your freedom to be (which includes the freedom to not know). It is a denial of the choice to create the individuated form which is built through an unconsciousness of connection. In a similar way, to focus on knowing something you do not need to know is often done to distract yourself from following your inner guidance.

focus on knowing only what arises through your passion, and you will know everything you ‘need to know to experience your passion. To focus on knowing something else—that is not based on following your heart—is the choice to experience yourself in limitation. Allow yourself to not know that which you do not need to know in order to fully experience all the knowing you need.

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