Know Thyself


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If you think of an intention as the asking of a question, then looking in the mirror of yourself is the answer to everything you want to know. Coming to fully know thyselfwhich is met through loving your human reflectionis the path to everything you seek.

Know Thyself

We are each The-One-Self. Your human self is the level of consciousness that remains following the application of a selective pattern of unconsciousness on to The-One-Self. That which is to be perceived as other non-physical layers of reality is made deeply unconscious and is barely perceived. That which is to be your outer reality is made partially-conscious such that it is perceived, but not as being a part of you (but as something you are contained within). That which is your personal self remains conscious. This results in the inner self and outer world differentiation of your experience.

unconsciousness represents an inability to perceive something and is the basis of self-limitation. Although we tend to perceive limitations as negative, they can equally be perceived as something that creates a positive focus (through defining what remains conscious). The limitations created by unconsciousness are therefore best understood as being polarizing in that they contain the equal potential to be seen as positive or negative. This polarization is the basis of the human experience of duality.

You are here to come to better know what you are. You do this by being who you feel yourself to be. Being human is a heart-led journey. You are not here to either create or solve something. You are not here to become something else. Those are both mental journeys. This is the realization that the personal intention of every human being is the same. It is to know thyself. Each and every human being is always doing this to the best of their ability.

know thyself is ultimately the journey to knowing yourself as The-One-Self, which is to know yourself as all selves. However, in the context of human life, it is not a challenge to overcome your limitations by seeing through your unconsciousness. It is an invitation to experience the self that arises through that unconsciousness.

You are here TO BE. You are here to be yourself, not to overcome or defeat your own nature. The overcoming of obstacles unfolds naturally from the feeling-based path of being yourself. To actively pursue it as your purpose is to be reacting from a mental fear-based need. Do not seek to conquer what you are, but seek to know yourself through loving yourself.

Being Yourself

being yourself is akin to focusing on a particular hue within the rainbow such as a particular green hue (with the rainbow being The-One-Self seen through the lens of diversity). This is like wearing green-tinted spectacles which make every other color appear shifted towards green. In this state perception of all colors are distorted by your focus on green except for the particular hue of green that you are.

Not only is that green hue the only color in the world you see with utter clarity, but you are the one and only person who sees it that clearly. No one can better be you than you. You are uniquely special in this regard.

You and other people with greenish tints tend to see each other clearly, and you have some clarity on those with yellow and blue tints. However, you and people with red tints tend to not see each other clearly, causing them to feel unknown and separate from you. This is what causes people to project their fears onto each other.

To know thyself is not to remove the tint that is forming your human self. It is to know that your perception is being focused by a tint such that you are conscious of how it distorts your perception (rather than believing you see everything clearly i.e. being a righteous know-it-all). It is about knowing your limitations as opposed to overcoming them. To know your limitations is to focus on your strengths. If you know you are blind to a color, then you are less blind than if you are unaware of your color-blindness. This is to understand the nature of your unique perception which is to better see your intention for this life.


To be yourself / to be human is the challenge. The challenge is not to achieve some predefined goal while being human. You are not testing yourself. You are a gift of experience for you to unwrap.

know your limitations and how they affect your feeling of self instead of seeking to remove them as if they were mistakes. Being human is not a mistake. Love all that you have chosen to be in this life.

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