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Your Imagination

one of the qualities that has made the human experience so particular in its extreme expression of diversity is not just its ability for us to feel so deeply, but its ability for us to get lost in our imagination. The imagination is the clearest bridge between the heart and mind due to the way it draws from both.

The imagination is best thought of as beingof the heart’—rather than the mind—due to its instinctive, non-linear nature. It represents your access to the infinite potential to change—for in order to become something, you must first imagine it. The imagination is your greatest resource because it is the part of you that is least limited by your beliefs (because its nature is part of the human experience that cannot be quantified).

The fusion of your heart and imagination is where you retain the potential for the most intimate experience with your immortal, non-physical nature (your spirit). It is the place where these words are emerging into this physical reality through the direction of perception within consciousness.

people who do not utilize their imaginations have the greatest difficulty in understanding how the heart and mindfeeling and thoughtare a polarity of the quality of self. Fantasize and daydream as you did as a young child to become reacquainted with this aspect of yourself—an aspect that implicitly understands your thoughts and feelings to be unified.

To reach the heights of separationwhich create depth of individualitythat we experience required us to become detached from our feelings and identified with fear-based thoughts. As we awaken, there is a shift back towards the heart and away from the dominance of mind. This is why so many spiritual teachings tend to demonize the mind and idealize the heart. They do this by expressing the merits of the heartwhich we have forgotten—and the short-comings of the mind—which we have denied—thereby pointing those who are mentally-focused—which is the majority of people—in the direction of awakening.

However, although this does make a person more aware of their feelings, it does so at the expense of further entrenching the idea that thought and feeling are separate. We do not need to reject, demonize, or denigrate that which we are choosing to become less identified with. Instead of believing ‘the mind is bad—I must feel more’, you can believe ‘I choose to feel more such that my heart and mind are both in balance and fully operational’.

Most people’s spiritual path is focused on opening their heart because we humanity has become so mental. However, once your emotions are flowing, the next challenge is to feel good about your mind and the unwanted thoughts that sometimes go through it. If you are not feeling good about your thoughts, you are not feeling good about yourself. For those with wounded thinking, one of the heart’s greatest challenges is to love the mind. It is only through that love that your mind be at peace. Love your heart and mind as one. Love yourself as a whole.

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