“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered please email: support@limitlessness.org

What is Consciousness.Wiki?

For information about the author and these teachings (including where they came from), please read the aboutpage.

How do I navigate Consciousness.Wiki?

There are multiple ways to navigate the 200+ texts on this website (which range from 3 to 60 minute reads). At the top of each page you find an extensive list of related pages in case the current topic isn’t quite what you are looking for. At the bottom of each page are recommended pages which are a focused list of our suggestion of what to read next if you wish to continue with the current topic.  You can also use the search feature. 

beyond this there are WikiLinks throughout each text created from over 1200 link words. Clicking on them will take you deeper into the subjects that most intrigue you. Reveal the WikiLinks by using the Theme bar (at the top and bottom of each page) to change their color from grass theme (the default setting which hides them) to one of the middle three themes which will turn the links either white, yellow, or blue.

There is also an Earth theme for those that like dark text on a light background. Please note the WikiLinks still work in the grass and Earth themes, but they are the same color as the body text. 

Suggestion: Use the WikiLinks to intuitively explore the wiki. When finished with a text, select one of the middle three themes to reveal the WikiLinks. Take a deep breath to pause and open yourself. Then, without mental interruption, click on whatever WikiLink spontaneously attracts your focus. If nothing instantly pops out, scroll the page and try again.

Why are there missing capital letters?

Missing capital letters and the frequent use of hyphens are a product of the software which creates the WikiLinks in the text. 

How is this free and without advertising?

In order to bring these ideas to as many people as possible, through this Wiki I offer my complete, growing library of written materials free of charge. I am only able to do this because of people who resonate with these teachings becoming members of my audio and video library which contains over 700 hours of channeled recordings (which these texts are based on).

I am working to put the key concepts in this vast library of recordings into written form within this Wiki, but the recordings (delivered over a 15 year period) cover huge range of topics as well as offering more experiential and energetic journeys into the ideas. It will therefore take me years to put it all into written form, and even then the recordings offer an experiential experience beyond the text. Access to the recording libraries starts from just $8/mth for access to over 235 hours of core materials. Full library membership ($25/mth for over 700 hours of advanced materials) also includes a newly recorded monthly message.

How can I contribute / donate?

The simplest way to contribute is to BECOME A MEMBER of the audio and video library. There is also a facility to make a one-off or re-occurring DONATION. All support is deeply appreciated.


If your question isn’t answered please email: support@limitlessness.org

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This text-based Wiki is offered completely free of charge. StorySun also offers a free podcast at https://Consciousness.FM. Many of StorySun’s recordings are also available from rent or purchase through the SoundWise app. Supporting this work through the purchase or rental of audio recordings makes this free website and the free podcast possible. Thank you.