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The Energy of Escape

physicality is a translation of our spirit. You can’t transcend it. Stop trying to escape.

When I released my book You Are God. Get Over It! in 2005, I thought my life would be about explaining how we are each consciousness in human form. My intention was to communicate this free of the control, dogma and fear of religion. This is NOT what I have spent the last fifteen years doing. Instead I have been teaching—You Are human. Get Over It!

It turns out that people who are interested in what I write about usually already understand they are eternal-consciousness. My surprising discovery has been seeing that the main focus of most spiritual people is not waking up to the illusion of separation; it is wanting to know how to stop incarnating as human (AKA get me the #@$K out of here). This was not what I expected and has always felt to be entirely missing the point of the spiritual path which, to me, is about seeing through the illusions of our fear (which are expressed as separation) in order to see that we are one eternal-consciousness unfolding.

From my perspective, despite how it presents itself, most New Age spirituality is not about love and acceptance of what we are; it is about escaping what we are. The basis of ascension in New Age spirituality is not the desire to attain some ultimate wisdom; it is the desire to not be who you are—the self you are right now in this present moment.

The reason for this is simple. Because of the pain and suffering we have experienced we find it extremely difficult to believe we willingly chose to enter physical existence (let alone that we do this with a great passion and excitement). Spiritual ascension has become about people that wish to ascend away from this physical plane in order to exist as pure spirit on the spiritual plane. This is a plan to escape here to get there. There is no here and there—that is the illusion of separation. So do not worry when I tell you that… there is no separate spiritual plane.

The spiritual plane is here and now. It is within us.

This challenges how we have put spirituality (our understanding of the spiritual plane—the state of existence of our eternal-consciousness) on a pedestal. We have set our spirit up as being different from both what and where we are in human form but… we are the spiritual, expressed in the physical. We are the spiritual plane expressed as the physical plane. There is no difference except our choice of the angle of perception that we experience ourselves through. It is this choice of vantage point that creates the illusion of reality.

This world is eternal-consciousness expressed through our space-time perception. Physicality does not create our problems; it is a powerful lens that translates consciousness into time and space. We, as eternal-consciousness, are using this lens / mirror to explore what it is to be. We are an awakening state of consciousness and, if you are open to what I am saying, then I invite you to stop blaming physicality (which is our free choice of expression) as the cause of your difficulties. Blaming is a denial of self-responsibility—a denial of our creatorship. Physicality only ever makes manifest what is already spiritually present.

To blame physicality for our suffering is to blame a mirror for what it reflects.

The love, peace, and harmony that we project onto our non-physical existence is available for you here and now in human form. What you seek in your deepest heart is not beyond this life. ascension will not liberate you. That liberation is here and now… if you so choose it.

To wake up is not to ascend away” or transcend. To wake up is to see through the illusion of separation. Separation is the illusion. Our reality has been created from the illusion that we are separate. The divide of life and death does not separate you from anything. Death will not solve anything. Death will not free you. If you need death to free you, then you are trappedtrapped in life.

life and death are not different. The physical plane and the spiritual plane are not different. Death is an illusion. Life is an illusion. Our eternal-consciousness both encompasses and creates this illusion. You cannot escape the beingness that you are. There is no escape. This realization taps into the deepest fear, I am eternally trapped in suffering, but it is also the greatest gift. Within it is the realization that there is nothing you need to escape from.

contained in what you fear is the realization that there is nothing to fear.

There is nothing you desire that cannot be experienced here. You need not shed your body; it separates you from nothing. Being alive in physical form separates you from nothing. All life is here—as above so below. Physical reality is not a cage. There is no separation to ascend across. Release this duality. There is no boundary.

The idea of ascension is the manifestation of separation from living your life fully in the here and now. Physicality is not separate from your spiritual being; physicality is the expression of your spiritual being. There is no separation in All-That-You-Are. As long as the idea of ascension contains the energy of escape then it will be experienced as the feeling of being trapped.

escape is the creator—not liberator—of all cages.

See the paradox. Release the journey of ascension to be free. In ascension you do not go anywhere. To ascend is to open your eyes and see that you are already exactly where you want to be. We are spirit exploring itself within physical matter. Physical matter is nothing but an altered perception of our spiritual selves.

The choice is yours as to whether you want to be separate from your spiritual self (through the idea of some lack within you to be ascended), or whether you wish to release that, and unite your physical self with your spirit. This is to unite the planes of existence within you.

death is no escape.
ascension is no escape.
There is nothing to escape from.

All ideas of escape are trying to escape what you are seeking. All that you have ever sought to escape has been your own reflection. The more you seek to not be here, the more here you are. Embrace the paradox. Here is spiritual. Here is now. Here is physical. Here is where everything happens.

wake up and enjoy what you are right now—not what you hope to become.

Do Not Fear the Future

“Through inner trust for my life and the knowing that I am the one creating my experience with love, I choose to embrace the unfolding of my future from an empowered standpoint.”

Do not give your power to the future by fearing it. Each moment is a product of your energy, belief-system, motivation, intent, and inner feeling for All-That-You-Are. You have spent this lifeand indeed every lifecreating yourself. Therefore, if you are to have faith, have faith in yourself.

know that whatever happens to you, it was created by you to be the highest experience for your journey to know yourself. Even if an experience is perceived as negative, know that you desired it and that it is only your current perception of the experience that is limited. Within you is the power to see the reason behind every choice.

Your spirit sculpts every moment of experience from a state of awareness beyond your own (due to your self-chosen limits). Every moment is a perfect expression of your intention for this life. Your human experience is therefore a message to you from your spirit. This message is heard through the choice to consciously perceive your life as a message.

Through this knowing, free yourself from anxiety by holding a deep faith in all events that unfold, as this is to have a deep faith in what your spirit has created for your mortal self to experience. You do not need to fear the future as what will be and that will be a perfection reflection.

This does not mean your future is predetermined. It means that nothing is a mistake, all is with purpose, all is with meaning, and all is of value. Through the understanding that you are the one creating your reality, do not fear the future. The future is the unfolding of the infinite-potential of all creation. It is the unfolding of your mortal self.

If you fear the future then you do not fully trust yourself or your life. Every person can list many circumstances that ‘went wrongto support a lack of trust in their life. Any belief you hold that the negative things you have experienced will unavoidably reoccur, creates a fear-based energy that feeds into the creation of your future. This is what creates self-perpetuating beliefs.

accept and integrate your past. Realize its purpose, integrate its lessons, and you will free your future from being your past relived. When you do not fear your future, you will consciously create your present with love and not subconsciously with your fear. This will collapse the past and future into the present moment and you will be without regret for the past or fear for the future.

know that to live anywhere but in the-Now moment is to live outside of yourself. Have the courage to live fearlessly in the reality that is present.

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