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diversity is the expression of difference within unity. It does not end that unity as the knowing of connection—and thereby equalitypersists. E.g. the colors in a rainbow are the diverse expression of white light but they are all seen as equal, and their connection is apparent. Diversity is experienced in many ways and is reflected on all levels of experience. External diversity is always reflected internally and experienced as a quality of self.

Where quality = facet = aspect = dimension of self.
e.g. Love, linear-time, suffering, hue, embarrassment, memory, the feeling of family, length, pain, temperature, belonging, opacity, separation, weight, and alienation are all qualities of our existence / self.

separation is a perceptual extension of diversification. It is created when a repulsive forcesuch as fear—is introduced into the experience of diversity. Fear allows diverse aspects to place knowing / consciousness of their connection into unconsciousness through the creation of a fear-based meaning. In doing this these aspects choose to end their experience of being fully unified with their shared source. You are the only aspect of The-One-Self having the full experience of you. You and your perspective are unique.

separation creates the potential for the experience of confinement as it creates limits within the self that can be bumped against. Just as all separation is an illusion, so too are all experiences of confinement. You are not limited by barriers unless you believe you must go through them. There are infinite paths to the other side of any barrier.

Diversification Versus Separation

diversification is the process through which a unified self experiences being internally diverse by coming to possess a wide array of aspects or qualities. These emerge equally in all directions to form a balanced dimensional structure that expresses internal diversity. The many aspects can then experience themselves outwardly, in relation to each other, across this perceptual structure.

fear was created as a polarizingand thereby repulsiveforce to transform diversification into separation. Separation is where two aspects of a single self no longer identify themselves as being of the same self. They do this by using fear to become unconscious of the collective level of experience that unites them.

For example: imagine light as consciousness. If you pass white light through a prism it becomes a rainbow. This is an experience of diversification and not separation because the rainbow continues to experience itself as a connected, blended unity. White does not perceive yellow or orange as separate because it experiences them as aspects of itself. However, if yellow comes to fear orange, then a line of separation (which is perceived as a fear-based meaning) would appear between them and their unified experience would become unconscious within them. As such, yellow and orange would perceive themselves as separate not only from each other, but also from the full collective-experience of white. White continues to experience yellow and orange as aspects of itself, but aspects in a state of partial-consciousness. However, even though white is conscious of their partial-consciousness, it is cannot be conscious of what the separation created through their unconsciousness directly feels like (because it cannot be unconscious of itself).

This demonstrates the purpose and validity of the individuated state as it experiences something that the collective state cannot. White may know that yellow has a fear-based meaning attached to orange, but it cannot know what that fear and judgment feels like as it remains conscious of their connection.

Reflective Beliefs

Introducing fear into the perception of diversity transforms it into an experience of separation.

Through separation, diverse aspects can choose to enter into individuality and no longer experience themselves as unified with the whole.

The choice of The-One-Self (which is to say our choice) to explore of diversity and separation is at the heart of the human experience. The creation of fear was meaningful and purposeful. Neither fear nor individuality is a mistake.

being a perceptual illusion there is no end to the ways (aspects, dimensions or qualities) in which The-One-Self can explore itself through diversification.

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