“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”

The Individual & the Collective

“I choose to experience the full spectrum of my being—from my individuated-definition to the infinite state of unity-consciousness.”

Despite how chaotic it may outwardly appear, humanity is collectively moving towards a joy-based Unified-Diversityrather than a fear-based, conflicting state of diversity. This is to not only know yourself through the singularity of your mortal self, but also to know yourself through the plurality of the collective.

You are ‘the one in the many and ‘the many in the one. There is a ‘we’a sense of collective-consciousness—that you can meet within the singularity of the ‘I’ of you. You are the blending of a unified expressionbecause you are the expression of ‘the one which is all’—with individual conviction. While embodied you are conquering both the fear of collective-consciousnessfeared as being a homogeneous state of ‘hive mind’—and the fear of individualitywhich is feared as standing alone in what you are.

fear of the power of any individual is fear of your own power. The conflict created by this paradox is manifested at a collective level as war. In war, the fear of sharing a unified level of consciousness with everyone is expressed as territoriality, possessiveness, and ownership. This is the fear your sense of self can be invaded, being reflected as an external fear of invasion.

No individual can have power over you, unless it is you who grants it. A person can only appear to have external power when they have convinced other people to give over their power to them. Love peace—rather than hating, fearing, or trying to control war. Honor the right of others to engage in war—do not give them your power / energy by trying to prevent it. Accept the right of others to have war in order to come to live in a reality without war. Warring against war is to feed war.

accept that you are an individual. Know this as your power, as it means you are the ultimate authority of your life because you are the one that makes your own choices. Accept that you are a part of a collective-consciousness. Know and feel that you are unified with all within your reality. As we awaken into the state of Unified-Diversity together, know that you will experience everyone, and all that they are directly—just as they will experience All-That-You-Are directly.

love and accept yourself to experience being loved and accepted. Do not fear that there are no secrets in this state of transparency. In this knowing, love and accept your whole self (because soon there will be no element of it that you can hide). Love yourself in order to be All-That-You-Are, and that is to know and feel your unity with All-That-Is.

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