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Spiritual Awakening is Unpolarizing Your Perception

spiritual awakening has many facets, but, at its heart it is about unpolarizing your perception.

human thinking and behavior has become increasingly polarized. This encompasses everything from people feeling righteous about their bigotry, to the deepening of the divide between conservatives and liberals, to the all-or-nothing nature of cancel culture. It is as if there is an emotional contrast setting on reality that is progressively being turned up such that we are either for or against things with no shades of grey.

As much as this high level of polarization may seem to be undesirable, our journey into duality is not a misstep. It is a part of the intelligent design of reality. Everything in creation is cyclical. This means our dualistic extremes are not some bottomless pit we are falling into. Just as we left the non-polarized state and became polarized, so we will naturally leave our state of duality and return to the state of unity we birthed from.

At the core of human polarization is the idea ofthemdiffering from ‘us’. It is only an idea because, when you stop thinking dualistically, them differing from us is revealed to be an illusion created by polarized perception — a denial that we are all connected. In seeing through the illusion of duality, you become aware of how everything in existence is the creation of a single, all-encompassing consciousness that is best referred to as source-consciousness. This is the equivalent of ‘God’ (with the main difference from the common religious understanding being that there is nothing that is not God — so there is no devil or force of darkness).

The realization of oneness that results from exiting duality is called spiritual-awakening or enlightenment. Although these terms are often dressed up in religion and mysticism, what they most essentially describe is seeing through the illusion of dualistic thinking — like the labeling of things as good or evil — such that the underlying unity of all things is revealed. Because we tend to express our duality through division, this is to dissolve the illusion of separation and ‘know all as one’.

awakening is to know wholeness. This is experienced as the perfection, harmony, and balance of all things.

What you witness in this state is a profoundly rewarding, spiritual experience that is impossible to capture in words. However, although this is an on-going process that will radically alter your life, describing the three steps to experiencing it are surprisingly straightforward:

  1. Learn to recognize the difference between polarized, divisive perception and seeing wholeness, unity, and connection.
  2. As this level of recognition evolves, become aware of the subconscious choices you are making in how you are perceiving and interpreting the world. This allows you to interpret your experience from a knowing of wholeness, rather than fear and divisiveness.
  3. Make a conscious choice to focus primarily on wholeness and that which connects (instead of division and that which separates). This is not about avoiding, demonizing, or escaping duality. It is about loving wholeness.

Mastering these three steps takes time because we all have to undo a significant amount of socially conditioned beliefs about how reality works. The core of this is shifting to the realization that consciousness creates the experience of physicality (as opposed to physicality / biology creating the experience of consciousness). This not only turns the central tenet of science on its head, but explains how the manifestation of consciousness stands alone as being completely unexplained by science. It is the elephant in the room that scientists are taught to ignore.

The radical shift of perspective to realizing that all realities are the perceptual creation of consciousness becomes a process of unraveling the complexity of your polarized thinking to reveal the simplicity of the design behind it. This process is challenging at times because of how it requires you to embrace change. However, it becomes immensely satisfying when you start to resolve the fears you have been subconsciously carrying. It is to discover that you have been carrying an unnecessary burden through the psychological weight of your fear.

The idea that consciousness precedes the experience of physicality — which essentially means that consciousness creates physicality— is not something you are being asked to believe as a matter of faith. When you approach your life with the recognition of what polarization is, you will — with some practice — be able to take any dualistic polarity and begin to see what connects its two seemingly opposing qualities. This reveals how the separation that the polarity describes is an illusion, e.g. how imperfection is perfect, how the many are the one, how our imaginations are real, and the relationship between right versus wrong, pure versus impure, and light versus dark.

When these continual realizations are taken as a whole, you will clearly see — with perceptual clarity rather than faith— how our experience of reality is better explained through a lens of consciousness creates physicality rather than our current scientific perspective of ‘biology creates consciousness’. This then paves the way for seeing how all forms of division / separation are an illusion.

one thing that is good to know in the awakening process is that as wonderful as the experience of oneness may sound to you, there is a way in which the journey to it from our state of duality is more delicious than purely existing within it. This is because the state of unity we are returning to is our eternal state (which could be thought of as our most common state). It is the experience of travelling back to it from a state of duality that is so exciting. Source-Consciousness created the human experience in order to explore duality, which includes both traveling into it and back from it (in a circular journey).What this means is that you do not need to fully awaken in order to experience the joy of unity.

This is not about getting to the destination of awakening. It is about enjoying the journey of awakening.

You can engage the joy of awakening here and now. To purposefully focus on the state of oneness that exists within your consciousness is to begin to engage with the state of consciousness that religion calls your spirit. This is an eternal state within you that knows itself to be connected to everything in existence. At the deepest level, the full realization of your spirit is the realization that you are source-consciousness itself. So savor your awakening. It is not a race. If there must be a winner in your mind, then the winners are those who most savor the unfolding journey of their spirit revealing itself.

To know thyself is to know God.

religions are dualistic — and thereby hierarchical and decisive — translations of the reality of oneness. To become spiritual, you do not need to become religious. It could even be said that becoming spiritual requires seeing through the controlling, fear-based lies of religion. You can live as a spiritual being who believes we are all the manifestation of a single, eternal, source of consciousness without believing in any religion.

There is no right or wrong way to live a human life. That said, I hope you will consider the grand adventure in consciousness that exists within you called spiritual-awakening. It is not about praying, blind-faith, or ignoring logic or rational thought. It is about exploring the experience of your consciousness such that you become aware of your own wider nature — the reality of your spirit — that exists eternally within you in a state of simplicity / oneness.

Your life is a gift, not a test. To awaken is to learn to love yourself, which is to learn to love life, which is to learn to love this world. We are one.

Chill Out—Spiritual Awakening Is Inevitable

But how you navigate your experience of awakening is a choice.

There is a perceptual doorway within your consciousness that leads to a completely new experience of reality. When you step through this doorway, if it wasn’t for the fact that you continue to exist in a physical body, you would think you were dead. This is because the doorway represents the same perceptual shift we go through at death—but experienced from within a life.

opening this doorway in your perception will allow you to begin to perceive the non-physical reality we each birth from. The state of awakening consciousness you experience when approaching the doorway represents the experience of consciousness that arises when we begin to directly perceive how we are all connected.

The awakening of humanity to its shared non-physical origin is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow.

everyone is inevitably moving towards the realization of our unity (no matter how it may seem outwardly) because we are each faced with our fears in such a way that we will always eventually choose to recognize and resolve them (though this experience takes many lives).

However, due to how we are taught to think, we have such a compulsion to compete and be the best that people who are waking up are usually resistant to the idea that their hard-fought awakening was inevitable. What is not seen is that the inevitability of our awakening does not mean that our awakening experience is any less hard-fought, valuable or meaningful.

awakening is like building your own space capsule to sling-shot your way around the sun. Due to the forces of motion and gravity, once that capsule launches, you will inevitably follow your planned trajectory. However, this inevitability says nothing about what you will experience, how you will experience it, and how awakening will change you—and THAT is where the value is.

So, everyone can chill out about whether or not everyone will wake up and start living consciously, and instead focus on…

how can I personally navigate my path of awakening to be the most meaningful and fulfilling experience possible.”

In this, there is no notion of what needs to happen and there is no pressure to wake other people up. This is not suggesting that you do not aid others (when you feel drawn to), but it is saying, “Do not act from the idea that if people do not wake up quickly enough, then something bad will happen.”

The “missionary” and the “martyr” both act from fear-based action that can never lead to the desired outcome because of how the effect of the action is distorted by the fear within its intention.

There is no timetable for the state of dawning consciousness we are entering. But I can tell you with complete certainty that everyone on this planet now will come to know, without doubt or the need for faith, that all forms of physical life are cycles of experience we choose to enter, and that we are all fundamentally connected in such a way that it makes no sense to harm or oppress anyone.

To understand what I am saying is to let go of any idea that awakening is about “someone or something winning”, whether that is perceived as light versus dark, liberal versus conservative, poor versus rich, female versus male, black versus white, gay versus straight, good versus evil, or the heart versus the mind.

awakening can never be about any quality winning over its opposing quality. That is the height of dualistic-separation—not the unity of awakening.

The cycles of science versus religion and conservative versus liberal will never end. They are just the eternally repeating cycle of creation making another half-turn of our self-chosen dualistic perception.

awakening is about the inclusion of all.

It is to cease to reject parts of yourself through fear. It is to “win” by surrendering to the overarching realization that …

I am not separate from anything.” 

awakening is not achieved by evolving what you may see as your most ideal qualities (such as being loving, inclusive, patient, kind, and self-aware).

awakening is not about becoming some perfected human or even the best version of yourself. It is about stepping into a whole new experience of self.

awakening is going beyond normal belief because the perceptual-shift is achieved by completely redefining your concept of what being human is, not just in terms of humanity as an intention, but in terms of what it is to experience any physical form within a linear-time stream.

This will occur in such a way as to elevate your perception of your physical form and linear-time such that you no longer feel contained by either.

This path of realization / remembering is what those on the spiritual path call awakening or enlightenment. The reason those who follow traditional paths rarely find the doorway to awakening within their perception is because they are in a cycle of escape and believe that to awaken is to ascend away from being human.

This hides the doorway, because even though it is true there is a doorway we step through at death (and therefore away from our physical form), it is a revolving door where, following a time for assimilation, you will re-enter the human experience for another mortal life.

To step through the doorway while still embodied is to step into the next phase of human consciousness. It is to step further into what is felt as our future.

This is to step further into the evolution of what we are / further into ourselves / further into being human. But, for most spiritual seekers, “further into human”, due to the negative meaning assigned to being human, is to say, “further into pain / suffering / separation / a mistake. However, it is the door we seek, for anyone who wants to awaken is seeking deeper experiences of what they are / of creation / of freedom.

many people simply cannot imagine that becoming more human could be going in the right direction, so they continue to look for the more like spirit / less like human doorway.

This is all the exploration of self-judgment which includes a judgment of being human—a judgment that will, by design, make a person ignore the more human door, even though it is what their heart seeks. This blindness continues until the judgment is resolved.

awakening is about the release of judgment (as it is about the release of fear) and therefore cannot be met by coming to judge your own judgment. There is not some lacking or deficiency in those who judge which means they need to be “kept from awakening”; it is that we designed this current phase of our existence to be a path of resolving self-judgment.

The origin of this judgment that exists within us all during this phase of our evolution is not some failing in humanity or proof of its unworthiness. It results from a state of fear we entered into, the processing of which is the creation of the next phase of human consciousness which awakening leads to. Walking through this fear (which is projected outwards as judgment) is the path that every one of us has chosen.

The fear and judgment within you is not a wrongness, a failure, or a sign of any unworthiness.

There is no need for any guilt or shame for having been in fear or for having been wounded. However, it is yours and yours alone to process the fear you have chosen to carry so that you could experience its transformation.

The path of awakening is the path of authentically living your life from your heart. This is the choice you made from the wider level of reality—which is the experience of self (your spirit) that you will return to when you die.

Even though there is no force in existence that opposes you, contains you, or forces choices upon you, and even though there is no rule or law that says you must complete the human journey of walking through this fear, you will choose to complete this journey—no matter how many lifetimes it takes.

I say this with certainty because, to be in a reality where you are reading these words (even if you are rejecting them as nonsense), it means you are fully engaged in the process. This means you have already begun leaving the mass, fear-based state of mind behind. You have been on this journey for many lifetimes, so to walk away now would be like a marathon runner jogging off down a side street when in sight of the finish line.

There is no mental understanding that allows you to sidestep the path of walking through your fear and its expression as judgment. Only completing the journey you freely undertook, or making the choice to stop being human, will end the journey. And that choice is one that can only be made at the wider level of reality, in non-physical form, where you are free of the fear that drives our desire to escape.

facing your fears does not mean there is some great effort for you to go through. Awakening is about letting go of the illusion of effort.

Through understanding reality from a wider, more inclusive level, you will find your fear and judgments easier to identify and resolve than ever before. This is because when you consciously walk towards awakening, as a part of transitioning to meet what it is, all the emotional baggage and wounding for which you thought required hard work to release, will—through ever more synchronous experiences—start to naturally resolve.

To experience this for yourself is to understand that your emotional baggage has not been a mistake, nor have you failed somehow in taking so long to release it—the very notion of “so long” shows self-judgment. As you step through the doorway, you experience yourself awakening, not out of your human physical form, but as awakening out of your fear.

You have not been within an experience of fear and judgment against your will, let alone as the result of a mistake or some form of punishment. You have been within an experience of fear and judgment because you have wanted to experience them as a part of the human experience.

At the moment you awaken out of your fear, you will have the startling realization that you were in fear and self-judgment for precisely as long as you wanted to be. This is the understanding that your fear and self-judgment weren’t a problem that was holding you within a judgmental (polarized / dualistic / separatist) human existence against your will; they were the very thing creating it because that is what you wanted to experience. Fear and judgment are tools with which we shape our experience of reality.

To step through this doorway of awakening is to step out of polarized perception (which creates the experience ofself versus otherand “us versus them) and recognize yourself as the creator of your reality. This realization of creatorship is hidden behind our fears. Our self-judgments tell us we are not grand enough to be the creator of our reality.

To step out of fear is to realize reality is not a test that is only passed by the best. Being human is a journey that will be successfully completed by any being that walks for long enough within human form.

You are awakening, right now and in every moment.

Just keep fearlessly being yourself.

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