Your Spirit


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

Your Spirit

Your spirit is the non-physical level of consciousness from which you chose to enter into the human experience of individuality. Spiritual awakening is the path of becoming as familiar with your spirit as you are with your physical self. This is most easily understood as the path of learning to live through the guidance of your feelings—instead of through the fear-based wounds within your mind.

You have the ability to be aware of the reality of your spiritwhether you choose to use it or not—through opening yourself to a more allowing experience of consciousness. Contrary to many of the teachings of religion, the purpose of human existence is not to awaken to your spirit and ascend to the non-physical state. We—from the inherent freedom of our eternal spiritcreated the human form because it is precisely what we wanted to experience.

We did not create the human experience as a prison to be escaped or a hardship to be endured. The idea that reality is a test we must pass—or a punishment we must submit to—arose through religion because of its use of fear as a tool of control. Anyone who lives a joyful life which flows from their heart—regardless of their spiritual beliefs—is doing what they birthed here to do (even if they die with no belief in an afterlife and a dislike for spirituality).

You are under no obligation or pressure to recognize your spiritual nature—the innate freedom of your consciousnessthrough any particular way or name. Being spiritual does not require you to call it spirituality or dress it up in religious sounding words or rituals. You could call it ‘authenticity’ or living consciously with love for example.

You are not here to awaken to your spiritalthough you can choose to—you are here to live your spirit’s dream. And, our dreams are about joy—not some idea of an external God. They are about love—not sacrificing who we are. They are about the beauty of feeling—not mental construction based on the accumulation and refinement of knowledge.

The dream in your heart can never be met through the idea that you ‘should’ be spiritual. Joy is met through the realization that we ALL intend—and deserve—to live in joy. So do not believe in the ideas within this book because you want to be more spiritual. believe in ANY idea—no matter where you find it—that aids you in living your life through a state of joy and appreciation.

Integrate Your Spirit

“I choose to meet, know, and be ‘all that I am’ through no longer perceptually dividing my experience, and thereby myself.”

Your spirit is a creative force within consciousness that exists eternally in a state of infinite potential / freedom. Spirit is the unconstrained experience of consciousness that we each birth from.

Your embodied self is your infinite, eternal spirit within a mask of fear and forgetting through which it willingly chooses to have an experience of being mortal and limited. It does this by cloaking itself in the illusions of fear that underpin our experience of individuality—such as feeling separation to alienation, attachment to possessiveness, loss to grief, competition to superiority, stuck to imprisoned, and pain to suffering. These feelings are underpinned by forgetting we are eternal and focusing on our mortality—usually through a lens of fearing death.

While embodied we experience the infinite potential of our spirit as our imagination—an inner experience through which we taste the reality of our spirit. Because our spirit does not experience itself as separate from anything, it is not capable of feeling loss, wounding, fear, or the pain of struggling to survive. Our spirit is in love with the vibrancy of physical life and is excited and eager to meet the challenges of being human.

many spiritual teachings idealize our spirit, while denigrating our human experience. This polarizing action is a denial of how it is our spirit that births our mortal self from its state of infinite freedom. To judge your human self to be inferior—because it is neither entirely free nor constantly joyful—is to create a division within your perception of reality and thereby within your experience of self.

As the allowing, loving, and inclusive nature of your spirit becomes clear, it is most easily identifiable as the aspect of you that does not know / experience fear. In this you will see how your fearswhich you birth with and then continue to accumulate across your life—have come to adorn your human self and form an intricate, perceptual cloak.

This mask of mortality focuses the unique intention through which your immortal spirit joyfully created your mortal life. Your embodiment is an extension of your spirit and cannot therefore be said to be inferior to it. Your mortal self is your spirit looking at itself within a mirror that focuses and reflects its infinite nature as a highly focused individual.

These texts are not only an invitation to consciously integrate your spirit, they are an invitation to better appreciate the remarkable cloak of individuality you are currently wearing. You cannot fully know your spirit while you are rejecting your human self because—through that rejectionyou deny the freedom of your spirit to experience limitation and mortality.

integrate your spirit by no longer dividing yourself into what is loved (freedom) and what is not loved (limitation). This is to see through the illusion of separation and discover the shared, eternal, undivided state of consciousness behind the many faces of our individuality.

Conceiving of Your Spirit

“I choose to open myself to new and exciting experiences of self.”

realize the way in which you both are your spirit and are not your spirit. Imagine your spirit as an expression of all possibility. In human form we are not all possibility in that we are a chosen focus of self, but that focus is created from the state of all possibility. What is more, the potential for all possibility continues to exist within us, but in an encoded form—meaning physicality, reality, and our embodied self are each expressions of the state of all possibility.

As you explore and develop the expression of yourself, so you decode your chosen focus within all possibility into all that you choose to express yourself to be in each moment. In this way, all that you perceive, which is an expression of all possibility—regardless of whether you perceive it as external or internalis like a menu that aids you in your selection / creation of your mortal self.

imagine your spiritThe-One-Selfas an open rose. You are the seed of that rose. You contain the complete awareness to transform yourself into the rose. There are an infinite number of ways in which you can do this—ways which, in this moment, you are creating with your freedom of perception. As you discover new and exciting ways of becoming the rose, so you enhance the rose—you enhance The-One-Self.

You are The-One-Self in a state of expressing and exploring the freedom of consciousness to be. To be in a state of freedom is not the same as being all that The-One-Self is, and yet there is no state within The-One-Self that you are not free to explore. There is nothing you cannot be and no quality you cannot embody. Your choice is unlimited. Your potential is infinite.

This is how you are both simultaneously limited and unlimited—singular, yet infinite. This is how you both are and are not your spirit. This is how your spirit both is and is not The-One-Self. This is how you are. This is what allows you to be in the experience of an individuated self.

To see this is to see why you should not seek to be all—you should seek to be yourself. The All already exists as All-That-Is / The-One-Self. You, however, are the only state of being that exists as you. You are unique in your expression of The-One-Self. Your potential is that of a birthing God in human form. Do not destroy yourself to become what already exists. Be bold, be what you came to be, and that is to say, ‘be something new’.

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