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Your Dream Starts Here

recognize your dream in what you love to feel.

The power and grace of emotions.

We each have a personal dream; it is our fantasy about what life could be. I am not talking about a mental ideal that represents some outward pinnacle of achievement—I am talking about our hope of experiencing a reality that consistently feels good to us.

Although we enjoy fantasizing about the details of what would feel wonderful, the outward details do not matter as long as they generate the feeling that you are living your dream. At the heart of your dream are the emotions you feel most drawn to. Opening the door to live your dream requires you to have a strong belief in your ability to feel these powerful emotions.

What flavor of wonderful do you want to feel?

Maybe you want to feel loved, supported, validated, respected, peaceful, excited, nurtured, nurturing or part of a cooperative group? Our dream is constantly evolving as we learn about ourselves and the experiences that most satisfy us. Our dreams change because we change. A dream that never changes is a prison.

Let go of any belief (and ignore any person) that tells you that your dream is not for today. There are no obstacles except those which you create by carrying negative beliefs about the inevitability of struggle. All that appears to separate you from your dream is a perceptual-illusiona lie—you can release as soon as you recognize it. The face of that illusion is seen in the many names that we give our fears.

All that stands between you and your dream is your fears. Face and transform your fears to be free. This reality is a mirror that reflects your energy back to you, cloaked in the sensations of time and space. Your physical body is not a cage; it is an expression that births from the non-physical—from your spirit.

release your wounds and you will experience the freedom of your spirit in ever clearer ways. We are much more than the physically incarnate aspect of our being. In human form we are one face of an eternal-consciousness choosing to experience another mortal life. If you will allow yourself to know this wider experience of your own consciousness (through the transformation of your fears) then you will find whatever it is that you may be seeking.

All that you seek is already within you. It is time to remember that you are already whole.

The face of your dream is the outward manifestation of seeing and knowing yourself clearly. This is to see your dream and yourself as one—you are not separate things. Being yourself is the living of your dream because you are the dream of your spirit. Being yourself without restriction is the living of your dream. To know your spirit is to know thyself. This is to awaken to the freedom of your consciousness.

awakening is the realization that your consciousness is free and infinite, even though you are embodied within a mortal life. It is to know your spirit through your consciousness. However, to live your dream, you must ground the freedom of your spirit into your human experience. This is the realization of All-That-You-Are. A reality of joyous freedom is but a realization away. This is the life. The time is now. Your dream starts here.

The spiritual path is the path of becoming as familiar with your non-physical self as you are with your physical self. This is experienced through your consciousness which, along with its capacity to think and reason, is the place of feeling and imagination. It is also where (whether you recognize it or not) you have awareness of your connection with your spirit. Your spirit is the non-physical level of consciousness from which you chose to enter into the human experience. Your spirit is in a state of unrestricted freedom which allows it to create from the unlimited possibility of whatever it can imagine.

Despite the teachings of religion, the purpose of human existence is not to awaken to our spirit and ascend to the non-physical state. We, from the freedom inherent in eternal-consciousness created the mortal experience because it is precisely what we wanted to experience.

All ideas that this reality is either a test we must pass or a punishment we must endure, come from the use of fear as a tool of control.

Any person who lives a joy-based life that flows from their heartno matter what their spiritual beliefs are—is doing exactly what they birthed to do even if they die with no belief in life-after-death and a dislike of spirituality. You are under no obligation or pressure to recognize your spiritual nature in any particular way or name. This means you do not even need to call it spirituality; you could call it “authenticity” or living consciously with love for example.

learning to live from the feeling in your heart, rather than the fear within your mind, is everything that the spiritual path is. Spirituality does not require that you call it by that name or dress it up in religious sounding words or rituals.

“I choose to start living my most exciting dream today.”

The dream that flows through your heart is that which arises from the meeting of your intention, the human experience, and the limitless imagination of your spirit.

being a feeling-based intention, your dream does not birth from any specific ‘this’ or ‘that’ but from the desire for the overall feeling of an experience. We may, for example, dream of being an effective leader, but without defining a specific position of leadership within the world. Our dreams are therefore always fluid and adaptable to any circumstance.

Your spirit, its dream for this life, and your embodied self, all meet within the realization of your infinite freedom to create experience. Your dream is a feeling that unfolds from within you. Or, if you have not yet ventured through the doorway of freely allowing the flow of your feelings, it is experienced as the unfolding of your life in the mirror of external reality.

The face of your dream is the outward manifestation of coming to see and know yourself clearly. This is to realize that the living of your dream, and the experience of yourself, cannot be divided. This is because you are the living of your spirit’s dream. You came here to be yourself—just as you are—in this and every moment. Your dream is to be yourself and that carries no obligation to learn or evolve—although we always do.

spiritual awakening is the realization that you are free and infinite even though you are embodied within a mortal life. This is to meet the experience of your spirit through meeting the freedom of your consciousness. It is felt as the grounding of your spiritual freedom into your human experience. Let go of any belief which says your dream is not for today. This is to know there are no obstacles except those which you create for yourself through carrying beliefs that pain and struggle are inevitable.

All that appears to separate you from your dream is a perceptual illusion—a lie—that you will transform and release as soon as you see it. The mask of this illusion is recognized through the many names we have given our fears. Face and transform your fears to be free.

Your physical body is not a cage—it is your spirit expressing its desire to experience this life. We are each much more than the physically incarnate aspect of our being. Release your wounds to experience the freedom of your spirit in ever clearer ways. Our human form is but one face of our infinite state of consciousness. If you will allow yourself to enter a wider experience of self—through the transformation of your fearsthen you will walk into your dreams. A free consciousness naturally inhabits its most passionate idea of life.

A reality of joyous freedom—the reality of your creatorshipis but a realization away. To be free is to live your dream because that is the nature of consciousness when within freedom. You are free.

This is the life. The time is now. Your dream starts here.

You Are Worthy Of Your Dream

“I choose to take the conscious awareness and appreciation of my own worth into all situations.”

To allow your dream will take but one thing, and that is to deem yourself worthy of it. Through our lives we are told again and again, and in many ways, that we are not worthy of our dream. That undermining statement—regardless of its sourceis a lie that separates us from the knowing of our spirit.

Are you willing to allow yourself the realization that you are absolutely and uniquely special? Are you willing to proactively live your dream, instead of just hoping for it? Are you willing to give yourself what you want? Are you ready to admit to yourself exactly what it is that you really want?

Whatever your dream is, realize that to live it you must accept it as being your dream. Feel the ways in which you resist the acceptance of your dream. Feel the ways in which you have judged your dream. Accept your dream to accept yourself.

All that you value in others, but not in yourself, is an aspect of your own worth that you have externalized. A part of coming to fully discover your incredible value is to draw back into yourself the power you have given away. To believe you still need to prove your worth is to believe that your worth lies in some act—an act you deem you must perform in order to be worthy.

Worthiness is a feeling, not an action. To allow that feeling into yourself is but a choice, and that is the choice to see yourself through eyes of love and acceptance. To know, feel, and determine your own worth is to put down the emotional baggage you have accumulated. If you believe any other person has damaged your feeling of self-worth, then know you have the power to take that worth back. See whatever they said or did as the fear-based distortion it is and realize how you gave your power away by believing in it (because of how it reflected fears within you).

The dream in your heart is there for only one reason—for you to live it. know that it is possible to live the dream in your heart. To do so, you must step out of your own way. The only thing that separates you from your dream is the belief that it is not possible. Know with a unity of heart and mind that your dream is possible and you will instantaneously start to experience its unfolding. Allow this knowing. Allow yourself the experience of your dream unfolding. You are worthy and always have been. You are a valuable being. The best time to feel your worth is—and will always be—NOW.

Live Your Dream

“I choose to share the dream that flows through my heart.”

You are uniquely special. The paradox (the circular question and answer) that you contain is uniquely yours. The path to its resolution is the living of the dream in your heart. To fully know your dream, you must first open your heart. To fully open your heart is to come to love yourself without reservation.

To unconditionally love yourself, you must love All-That-You-Are. There is a paradoxical circularity here as you must love your flaws—which are not commonly seen as beautifulto fully see your beauty. The appreciation of your own beauty is a part of coming to value yourself. This is necessary to embrace and live your dream.

Honor your feelings by being the self they lead you to. To love and accept your human self is for you to deem yourself worthy of experiencing your spirit.

There is a God / an All-That-Is / a Tao / a state of unified consciousness and it is the source of all beings (which is to say all realities). There is one-consciousness and you are it experiencing itself in a state of limitation. So, from that perspective, you are more limited than it, but you cannot be less than it, because you are it—The-One-Selfchoosing to be in a state of perceived limitation.

Your choice to live this human life was made with infinite wisdom and clear intention. Within the realization of that intention lies your joy, for the fulfillment of that intention is joy. The expression of joy is the expression of love. The expression of love is the acceptance of the moment. The acceptance of the moment is the acceptance of the self.

To deeply understand anything is courageous and shows your willingness to expand. Beyond understanding is the joy of being. Beyond realizing the shape of your dream, is the taking of the step—both inwardly and outwardly—to live that dream. If you only keep your dream within the reality within your mind, then that is the only place it will exist.

There is no facet of your mind that you cannot express out into reality and live through the vitality of the human experience. You only need to believe that you can. Start by verbalizing your dream. Words are a spell. When you speak them, so you create. speak your dream and you will begin its manifestation. Begin to walk that path with confidence and you will be in your joy.

joy is the realization of your dream, from the moment when you first conceive of it, to the moment when you are living it. Joy is not for the future. Joy is for now.

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