Your Birth-Choice


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Your Birth-Choice

Your birth-choice is your spirit’s decision to create your human self. Within this intention, what we call our imperfections are gifts of focus we have each sculpted for ourselves—with love—in the timelessness before our physical birth in order to shape our human experience.

Although your spirit determines your aspects and qualities, it does not predetermine the events you will experience in life (it does however point to a general territory of experience). Your birth-choice includes predetermined aspects such as your genetics and birth circumstances (such as the choice of your family which is made with the full knowing of their mortal and spiritual intentions, characteristics, and probable paths in life).

Even after accepting our human form is a choice, we still tend to resist what we are—our birth-choicethrough the idea that we could or should have made a better choice. This resistance changes as you awaken because, as you recognize and embrace the experience of your spirit, you will find you are simultaneously embracing your human self (and thereby your birth-choice). This is because to perceive from the level of your spirit is to step into the breadth of understanding from which it created the focus of consciousness that is YOU.

As you integrate your spirit, you will come to agree with all of its choices, including the decision to create you—exactly as you are—including your so-called imperfections. This is inevitable because you are your spirit in mortal-form. There is no separation between you and the choice to be you. The separation between what you perceive as your spirit and your human self is the perceptual illusion that the human experience of individuality is founded upon.

Having confidence in yourself and being fearless in your self-expression is not about achieving some state of perfection. It is about accepting yourself as you are in each and every moment.

You will not find the freedom of self-confidence through tolerating or reluctantly not hiding what you see as your imperfections. You do it by re-evaluating what you dislike about yourself so you can see the value those qualities bring to your life. Through this wider acceptance of All-That-You-Are, see how your greatest potential lies in what makes you unique—and not necessarily in the qualities society tells us to most value.

The Intention of Your Life

While your spirit exists in a state of unconstrained freedom, your human self was birthed through an intention which expresses a strong degree of focus. You are not contained by the focus of this intention because the unconstrained experience of your spirit remains available while you are embodied.

Although your intention for your life does not predefine its events, it does create the sense of direction and guidance you feel through the resonance of your heart.

The intention through which you birth can be felt across all levels of your being. Within your mind it is felt as a question that seeks an answer. The journey that answering this question creates is best understood as a continual refinement of your mental understanding of the question (as opposed to the finding of a definitive answer). This is because when you refine the understanding of your question, you will naturally evolve the definitions it is based upon (which then shifts your relative position of belief within human definition).

For example, a part of answering the question “Am I a good or bad person?” is coming to realize that the answer is not to an ‘either-or’ question because there are ways in which ALL people reflect BOTH positive and negative qualities. The question therefore continues to refine through evolutions such as “What is it to see people as good or bad if all people are both?” or “Are the terms good and bad describing something real, or are they just a human construct?”

These refinements of the question represent a continuing path of answering it which then changes your experience of life in how it shifts your personal definitions—and thereby meanings—through which you perceive reality.

It feels joyful to share of yourself with the people in your life and yet that joy is lost if we become attached to how what we share is perceived. When you share without attachment it is amazing how quickly you attract like-minded people. This is because to share without attachment is to be free and unashamed as opposed to acting from a mental strategy of what may create connection or a particular effect.

In this reflection see the difference between freely sharing of yourself, and the energy of wanting to affect people in a certain way—such as being liked. Not only will other people best meet you when you share of yourself freely, but this is how you will best meet the most joyful experience of yourself.

Birth Intention vs. Freedom

The understanding of how consciousness is free, and yet each mortal life carries within it anintention to be in human form’, can be a stumbling block for many on the path of coming to understand the wider nature of reality. This comes from a mental place of wanting to see the human experience as being either free or predetermined—rather than being open to a wider understanding that allows both qualities to be present.

one way to think of this is that our intention for this life tends to predetermine a certain emotional territory to be explored, but we are then free in how we explore it. For example, we may choose to explore the experience of addiction, but what form the addiction takes is chosen from within the life. Or we may choose to explore becoming deeply identified with a rigid mindset, but what belief-system that will be—whether religious or scientific—is chosen from within the life.

With this understanding of our intention for our embodiment, the logical mind can argue that if we are predisposed to explore a certain territory then we are not truly free. However, this fails to recognize that the choice for the territory was still made by you—because you are your spiritfrom within a state of freedom.

The next argument is that we are not free if we are limited in this life by the choices we made before birth (which is perceived as ‘in the past’). However, even though your spirit creates the intention for your embodiment, it is not a choice made ‘in the past’—it is a choice made from a timeless state. While in human form we perceive ‘before our birth as the past, but that is an illusion. What we call ‘the pastis the present to our spirit, and any disparity between its decision and what you believe you would prefer, can only ever be caused by perspectives you are unconscious of (which your spirit is aware of).

This is the realization that, no matter how much you may rage at the ways in which your life feels negatively predetermined, you are only ever raging from a point of fear-based unconsciousness—rather than from the wider awareness of love. This does not make your feelings invalid or not valuable. It is an invitation to dive deeper into them to come to a wider understanding through which new realization arises.

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