You cause What affects You


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

You Cause What Affects You

The perception of time being linear has become as integral to our experience of reality as the solidity of matter. The fluidity of reality that you are awakening to not only includes synchronicity, but also coming to perceive time in a more fluid way. Past and future are powerful ideas that we use to separate our experience. We have determined that the past is unalterable from the present, and that the present cannot be affected by the future. In this way we perceive the unfolding of our experience in a linear fashion from the belief that what is ahead on the timeline cannot affect what is behind it. This creates the arrow of time and, like the whole of our reality system, it is a product of our perception.

To organize experience in this way has been incredibly helpful. Just as to awaken to the illusion is not to dissolve physicality, after awakening we remain in a form of linear-time; however, our experience of time does become more fluid. This fluidity is reflected in the loosening of its linearity. A good example of this comes from examining the assumption of cause and effect, as this is the basis for the way in which we apply linearity to our thinking.

Typically we see our emotional state as being the result of what we are experiencing in our reality. If situations we perceive as negative are happening we feel depressed, or maybe angry. If good things are happening we feel happy and positive. Through the idea of cause and effect, reality is seen as being the cause of our mood. This is to believe that reality is not only separate from us, but also determines our state of beingness—an expression of being a slave to reality.

To see through the illusion that reality is separate from you is to see through the idea of cause and effect. If you are one with reality then it cannot cause you to feel—it is your feeling. To integrate this idea is to see reality as the expression, rather than the cause, of what you are feeling. This is to remove time from the equation. For example, if something happens that makes you feel angry, rather than seeing your anger as the result of the event, see the event as being the expression of anger that you were already feeling. You brought yourself to the event in order to feel the anger, thereby releasing it. You freely participated in the event because it was a vehicle to outwardly express something you were feeling.

Without a belief in cause and effect you can no longer deny responsibility by blaming external events or people for your emotional state. No person or thing makes you feel anything. You choose to allow the experience of all that affects you emotionally. The idea of cause and effect is a symbol of the separation of our being over time. It is a way in which we simplify and make sense of the world. To let go of linearity is to bring great clarity into your life. It is to see that all experiences that you participate in are a choice. This brings into focus how you are responsible for your own life because it is you that chooses it.

Letting go of the idea of cause and effect will trigger many resistances. These will be walls that you created through blaming external forces for both your emotional state and the condition of your reality. To take complete responsibility for your creatorship is to release the idea of blame, and stand in the acknowledgement that nothing is limiting you but yourself. All the limits in your reality are but a reflection of ways in which you believe you are limited.

In seeing that we cause what affects us, we are also stripped of the feeling of being justified in retaliation. Imagine that I decide to hit you, and you decide to hit me back. This energetic event is two people hitting each other—that is the exchange. However the tendency is to use cause and effect to feel justified in your retaliation. This is a denial that you are the creator of your own reality and thereby, on some level, you gave permission to be hit. If your response was to hit me back then that would be a part of the reason you gave permission. In clarity, the exchange would simply be to acknowledge that we wanted to hit each other and get on with it without the blame. To apply this to your life is to take any situation as a complete energetic exchange with no regard for its sequence. This is to see the exchange as being agreed upon by your infinite-self before it was played out into reality.

Our belief in linear-time creates a wall of resistance to our perception of the future. We each have a host of what are felt as intuitive senses which have the ability to perceive across time. This is not magic. Our infinite-self, the unified awareness of All That We Are, is not contained within the illusion of duality, of which time is an aspect. To awaken out of the illusion of duality is therefore to allow yourself to acknowledge the constant stream of information that comes to you from these inner-senses—from your infinite-self. This is experienced as coming to validate your intuition as a credible source of guidance.

We are surrounded by an ocean of unfolding potentials. As we interact with these potentials we are unfolding our co-created experience with them. By focusing on a potential we begin to integrate with it and it emerges into our reality—the realization of our consciousness. At this point it becomes externally visible, sometimes on the distant horizon, such as a choice of a trip we could take in the future, or immediately, such as bumping into a friend. This is when we have allowed ourselves to become conscious of the potential, leading it to tangibly unfold before us. We have however been interacting with the event, from the level of our infinite-self, prior to its manifestation. How conscious we are of this is determined through our beliefs as to whether or not this is possible. If you do not believe in foresight then you will not experience it. In the above examples, someone open to feeling their infinite-self may have started to pick up synchronicities about the destination for the trip, or may have had a feeling they were going to see their friend that day.

The more you are willing to loosen your beliefs about the limits of time, most notably in regards to the ability to feel potential events unfolding before they occur, the more expanded the horizon of your perception will become. The future is not written; it is potential. It is a landscape that is unfolding before you; with every choice that you make, it changes. You choose which energetic events are brought into your reality through your interaction with this landscape of potentials. Your beliefs determine how you traverse the terrain and what enters into your reality—is actualized. Once something becomes visible in your reality you then start interacting with it consciously. Therefore, by coming to expand the limits of your perception, by giving validity to your intuition, you will be able to give your conscious choice to potential energetic events when they are further away from your immediate reality. This is experienced as reality becoming more aligned with what you are consciously desiring—the experience of being more unified with your reality.

intuition is a direct experience and not something mystical. It is to be open to perceiving feelings from your heart as directly as you perceive light through your eyes. Only you can choose to give validity to your intuition. The more you let your feelings be a factor in your choices, the more you will see the power of their guidance. The more validity you give them, the stronger and clearer they will become. The strength of your intuitions is a reflection of your belief in them. Allow yourself the freedom of feeling the potentials of your unfolding. Allow yourself the freedom inherent in living through your heart.

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