You Are Not Your Past


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

You Are Not Your Past

“I choose to experience myself as who I am in the present—rather than through the idea of who I am based upon my past.”

The potential of your dream exists in every moment. Your past is something with which you can either empower or disempower yourself. Do not be afraid of the idea that in each moment you are just beginning, for in this understanding lies a great freedom.

The universe was not created billions of years ago; it is being created right now. In each moment the universe is created anew. This is to realize that you are free and not constrained by what came before.

In each moment there is the potential for everything to change. In each moment, that potential is fulfilled and everything changes. In every moment you recreate the universe and do so in new and exciting ways.

It is not the past that determines your present—it is you. The degree to which your present moment comes to reflect and adhere to your past is purely a representation of the level of belief you are carrying that your past dictates your present and future. It is a common rut to perpetually recreate the pain of your past by holding a belief in its power over you and focusing upon it.

Until you stop the pain in your past from creating fear for your future, you will be stuck in a loop of reliving it. To break the repetition of this cycle you must take your power back from the pain. Do this by allowing yourself to completely feel it. Allow it to make you stronger by taking back your power from it.

If you choose to carry pain from your past, then realize that on some level you must believe that you need it. Know that you do not need this pain. You do not need any pain. You no longer need its limits.

Just because your past was one way does not mean your future will be the same (unless you resign yourself to that belief). Do not get lost in the pain in your history. Take back your power from your past. Realize that your self-doubt is powerfully reflected in your reality. Only you have the power to go out and prove your doubt wrong.

You are not your past. However, if you mentally and emotionally live in your past, then you will continually recreate it in your present moment. If you are mentally stuck dwelling in the past, open yourself back up to it so that you can fully feel, experience, and release it. All things cease to perpetuate once fully experienced because they no longer hold any message for you.

empower yourself by consciously evolving an empowered perception of your past.

An Empowered Relationship with Time

In addition to the traditional, outward meanings of past and future, there is the way in which they each exist within us as a feeling-based idea that we have a relationship with. To become conscious of the story of our past and the belief in what our future will be is to acknowledge what powerful symbols they have become within us.

You have the power over how you choose to not only perceive and express these symbols, but the way in which you allow them to shape the choices that you make in your experience of the present moment. To be conscious of this choice is to have an empowered relationship with the quality of time. This is to discover that linear-time is not inherently limiting. There is no need to experience yourself as a victim in relation to time (through feelings such as regret and anxiety, or by carrying stressful beliefs in the jeopardy of running out of time).

Once you are empowered in your feeling for your past and future, then you will also be within an empowered relationship with the passing of time. In this state, with your past and future not being used as symbols of disempowerment, you will find that the idea of your past and future becomes less and less relevant. This is because, when you allow your complete self to be expressed into the-Now moment, your past and future are no longer necessary as extensions to your vessel of self.

This is to step into ever-shallower experiences of linear-time, just as you are stepping into ever-shallower experiences of individuality and are thereby moving closer to the experience of your spirit (which is not contained within linear-time).

transforming the past

“I choose to transform any negative perception of my past by creating an empowered experience of it in my present.”

As you walk further into freedom you will naturally come to release any emotional baggage you are still carrying. This is because a state of wounded consciousness is not compatible with the state of freedom-consciousness—the knowing of yourself as the creator of your reality. As a result, the unfolding of freedom is, to begin with, predominantly a process of releasing stuck negative emotionsconnected to the past—and their associated beliefs (beliefs that no longer have a role to play in your free-flowing present).

awakening is therefore initially experienced as a transformation of your perception of your present self through the transformation of your perception of your past experience. This is often a feeling of your past experience collapsing into a empowered present understanding.

Without an awareness of this process—which unearths all your emotional wounds for release—it is easy to believe that you are doing something wrong or have made a mistake when yet another painful feeling emerges. This can lead to the wounded feelings once again being repressed—instead of being transformed—and thereby continuing to affect / limit / focus your present experience in ways of which you are not conscious.

To release a difficult wound from the past—even though it can be painful to re-experience—is pleasing when we meet it though the understanding that an emotional weight we have been carrying is finally being laid to rest (the joy of releasing a heavy burden). This level of self-awareness can only arise when you stop judging what you are experiencing and instead treat it purely as an experience to learn from in a positive way.

No feeling within you requires your judgmentsimply allow yourself to feel your experience without applying a mental charge, and you will hear and integrate its message far more easily. This is will lead you to understand the reason you created whatever it is you are resisting.

When the past comes up within you, meet it through the clarity of your present state of awareness. Know that there is nothing you need to do except allow yourself to feel whatever you feel, whenever you feel it. Allow your feelings to hear their message. Allow your experience to see the wisdom of its creation. The less you resist your pain—by not falling into judgment, shame, guilt, or regret—the easier its release will be. The past is like a piece of subjective art that you carry around and only you can choose to elevate and empower your perception of it.

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