Why We created This


“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”

Why Did We Create This?

The realization that we are one-consciousness requires accepting that we chose to leave the unchanging bliss of the undivided state in order to enter a reality that includes the potential for cruelty, loneliness, pain, and suffering (along with new experiences of joy and bliss). As much as humanity is the exploration of a profound form of individuality, it could equally be described as the choice of consciousness to explore the experience of polarization that fear creates. Why would we do this?

many people on the spiritual path seek to explore consciousness, but not physicality. This is to approach awakening from the vantage point of separation. The journey of enlightenment is not only a metaphysical journey. In being a response to our state of polarization, it is a journey through both faces of the human self. It is the path to fully experience that which unites them—the heart.

In this endeavor you are asked to not only love your human self, but all of creation. You cannot awaken from the human experience without coming to understand why we created this world. This is because knowing why we created this world is integral to knowing yourselves as the world’s creator. To unconditionally love humanity is to return to the love that has been forgotten—the love where you can look at the world and say, ‘I created this. It was a beautiful choice’.

Words cannot fully encapsulate why we chose to leave unity to explore separation. Knowledge alone cannot possibly resolve a person’s emotional response to being told that they are the creator of their own pain. This book contains concepts to enable a better understanding of the human experience, but only you can choose to walk through the emotional resistance that these ideas activate.

The answer to the question, ‘Why would we create this pain, this difficulty, this obstacle?’ is the journey that it creates. Awakening is the ultimate human puzzle—an incredibly complex challenge. It is an unbelievable thing that is to be believed. It is the unlovable face that asks you to find love within yourself—the love which is then discovered to be the face of everything you have ever sought.

You are not obligated to love yourself or this world, but if you do, you will discover why The-One-Self became human. Who you will become in loving yourself, is why you became human.

All journeys are the one journey infinitely expressed—the many faces are the one face. The physical and spiritual journey are one. To look in a physical mirror and see your face with complete love and acceptance is a journey that contains exactly the same feelings to resolve as the journey to look in the mirror of this world and see humanity with love. The down-to-Earth, gritty, messy, frustrating, uncomfortable journey of coming to love the human experience is a journey that will take you on all the profound, metaphysical experiences of consciousness you could ever wish for.


awakening is coming to love. It is not about learning hidden knowledge or practices. The journey of coming to love is the journey of coming to knowthrough direct experience rather than faith—that you are not separate from anything in existence.

The choice to experience fear was the choice for the joyful to experience sadness, for the beautiful to explore ugliness, for the intelligent to explore ignorance, and for the lover to experience grief.

To be able to answer the question, ‘With its experiences of separation, pain and suffering, why did consciousness create humanity?’ is to have resolved the human experience. The human journey is ultimately to come to understand why it was created, as this is to discover the love with which it was created. Suffering is an invitation to the full realization of the love that you are.

being a circular journey, humanity was created in order to answer the question of its own creation. The resolution of the question that humanity represents will be experienced as we come full circle and return to the starting point (the place where the choice was made). This is to understand that all realities are questions, and that questions are intentions for the exploration of being.

The most profound human experience is seeingwith unconditional love—the perfection of all life on Earth. This is to know yourself as The-One-Self. This is the awakening of love.

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