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Who Am I?

There are many ways in which the primal question within us can be approached—whether that be who am I?’, ‘What is this?’, ‘Where do I come from?’, ‘Where did this all begin?’, or ‘Is there more than what I perceive through my biological senses?’.

Because of its concern with what is currently present, who am I?’ tends to be the most approachable, and often becomes a central focus for those on the spiritual path. While it is a powerful question worthy of attention, it carries the presumption that what you are—despite your ever-changing facecarries within it some transcendent level of definition that can be accurately described when the correct knowledge is discoveredwhich you may regard as ‘the truth of you’.

In this is the seeking of I am this—not that’ when the deepest truth is that—from the widest perspectiveyou are all things. This realization that you are connected to all things does not subsume the value of each of the infinite experiences of connection that can be had with each and every individual.

As you step into the realization that you are the creator of your reality, the question,who am I?’ becomes who do I want to be?’ In this, you will noticed a shift from wondering about your spiritual heritage—which you will fully remember upon the deathto fantasizing about who you can be and what you can do in this present lifetime.

It is disempowering to your present self to predominantly focus your spiritual journey on the past and futurethe remembering of and return to your spiritual heritage—rather than on the present moment. When your mortal self dies—and returns to the knowing of its infinite nature—what will be most exciting is not the return to that which you have eternally known and been, but the full knowing and assimilation of the mortal life you are currently present within.

Seek to discover yourself through the creation of yourself in this lifetime. Seek to unshamedly be yourself—both inwardly and outwardly. You will find that you make the most profound discoveries about yourself and the nature of reality by expressively / creatively being yourself—rather than by thinking aboutwho am I?’.

You Are A Vessel Of Reality

how you possess infinite potential.

Our experience of reality dominates us to the degree that we think it is what we are. We believe we are the sum of our experience but we are so much more.

What Am I?

What does this mean?
Our consciousness is far more than our memories, the beliefs that have arisen from them, and the application of our will based upon those beliefs. We are not an accumulation of experience. Your reality is not what your consciousness is.

Your consciousness is a vessel of reality.

Your consciousness is a vessel of reality and you are capable of experiencing an infinite number of forms / realities. This is not saying what you are, it is saying what you are capable of. That capability is a part of what you are (meaning you cannot be separated from it) but it is not all that you are.

This infinite potential / capability is a part of what we all are. It is that which is common to all. It is that which expresses the equality of all in how it renders all equal (in that everyone has the same potential because everyone has infinite potential). The infinite capability is life / is being / is to be. You are that which implements the one infinite capability. If this capability is seen as a vehicle then you are the driver. You are that which is utilizing the infinite capability of life through your choice of how to focus it.

To understand yourself as an infinite vessel for reality is to know yourself to be the chooser of the reality you are experiencing. What is more, with that choice being infinite in scope, for all intents and purposes, you are the creator of your reality.

This is because you are capable of choosing to experience anything you can imagine.

We are each eternal-consciousness and it is the nature of that consciousness to create realities for itself to experience (realities of selves). We are each the choice of eternal-consciousness to experience itself in human form. We are each the choice to experience ourselves. This is what it means to say…

You are not just this life. You are the potential of life itself.

You are the creator of the reality you are experiencing through your choice of focus within infinite possibility.

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