Unleash Your Self


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Unleash Your Self

Part 1 - Introduction

The path of spiritual awakening is about connecting with spirit, such that we meet the divine within ourselves. As we step into conscious creatorship through this awakening process, there is an opportunity for us to re-meet the physical world. A world that many of us—in being so focused on our spiritual awakeninghave turned away from.

many spiritual teachings carry a message of evolving away from physicality. The idea that this world—this lifeis a sin that we need to renounce, a trap we need to escape, or a lesson we need to learn in order to get to ‘a better place’. With ideas like ‘original sin’, some spiritual teachings even go so far as to describe this life as a kind of hell that we are trying to wake up out of.

This kind of spiritual framework introduces a negative problemsuch as the idea that you are a sinner—which it then offers a seemingly positive or hopeful solution to. People who accept the core negative premise are then sold a route—such as praying, attending church, tithing, and confession—out of the negative condition.

spiritual awakening does not need to be packaged with seeing the human condition as a problem to be corrected.

With so many people feeling lost or just unsure how to cope with modern life, seeing ourselves in such a negative way can—in a twisted way—become attractive because of how it then gives a clear sense of spiritual purpose and direction. This is because when we feel uneasy—but don’t know why—it can feel good to find what we think is the cause of the problem (even if it feels negative).

However, what if all these negative ideas about humanity and what leads us to incarnate here aren’t true? What if they arose out of a combination of our desire for control meeting our desire to be told what to do (a twist of polarization)? What if this ‘fall from grace’ never happened? What if the idea of it in a unified consciousness doesn’t even make any sense? You would think people would want to let go these negative ideas, but it is surprising how reluctant people are to embrace the notion nothing has gone wrong and we are here to enjoy the experience of life.

spiritual awakening is the choice to awaken and connect with our spirit, but our collective idea of ‘what spirit is’ has largely become defined as ‘the opposite of what it is to be human’. As a result of this, for those who carry these kinds of beliefs, one of the stages of spiritual awakening has therefore become about releasing / transforming these negative self-beliefs. This is to reconnect with the physical world in a way that honors—rather than laments—our choice to be human.

To become whole you must embrace ALL that you are. This includes not only your humanity but also the states of consciousness you may see as ‘unevolved’ or ‘in your past.

Are you ready to embrace the idea that we aren’t here on Earth because of anything other than our free—and excitedchoice to be here? Are you ready to embrace love and joy in the here and now—rather than seeing joy as some reward you receive when you die (if you have behaved properly)? As wonderful as this sounds in terms of viewing ourselves in a more positive way, it also comes with the challenge of learning to see humanity in a more positive way.

awakening is the remembering of All-That-You-Are and that is the unification of All-That-You-Are (which includes the unification of the human and the divine). The realization that your spirit is not some separate thing that is different from your human self is, for those with a negative view of humanity, about stopping trying to ascend away—as in ‘get away’—from their embodied self, the physicality of this world, and the challenges of being human.

This message seeks to express the energy of the choice to spiritually awaken through embracing your humanity—rather than rejecting it—and through celebrating life—rather than lamenting it. 

The rejection of humanity and this worldwhich is a part of most spiritual ideas of ascensionis a reflection of our struggle to love ourselves (AKA the battle to love that which we often find unlovable). The spiritual journey of coming to love yourself—which is another term for the spiritual journey of coming to know thyselfis not about loving yourself as something that exists separately from the world. It is about loving your wholeness. And, when you open yourself to spirit, that becomes about loving the whole (because of how everything is understood to be unified / connected).

You are your spirit expressed / translated into human form. A novel translated into another language may have different words, but the heart of the story is the same. A story does not become bad, wrong, or a mistake, just because it is translated into a different language. We are each a translation of source consciousness / God). You—from the level of spirit—are the creator of the world you exist in. Coming to love yourself, must therefore eventually come to include coming to love this world.

loving yourself comes through meeting the world because the world is spirit translated into physicality

This message is an invitation to see the choice to unleash yourself from the fear-based beliefs, limits, and controls that you will have naturally accumulated through actively exploring the polarized state of existence that we call the human experience. This happens because as we seek ‘the way to be’ we tend to create opposing and resistive ideas of ‘the ways NOT to be’. These ideas—which may have been initially helpful—are found to be unnecessary once you have let go of your fear and are flowing with your joy and passion.

To unleash yourself is the choice to release fear-based controls that you placed yourself under.

What you will discover about the limiting ideas that you shed through the awakening process is that they aren’t just about fearing ‘the wrong way of being’, but are in fact routed in fearing your own power—the power of your own effect if you act without the limitations of fear. At a primal level we fear what would happen if we were to be free / to be uncontained / to be unashamed / to be without fear / to be unlimited.

What would happen if you truly tried to reach out and touch the world without any limitation created by fear?

So, take a breath… and let us imagine this freedom. Let us enter the energy of freedom consciousness—our infinite nature. Let us meet the self that is not afraid of this world and is willing to meet it as a reflection—rather than as an obstacle to be gotten passed. Let us open ourselves to a deeper experience of freedom. Let us do this through the creational energy of I am.

Part 2 - unleash yourself

I am. I am that I am. Which is to say, ‘I am all things’. I am the unleashing. I am the great unfolding. I am the feared uncontrolled change. I am chaos. I am anarchy. I am harmony—the inherent harmony that arises when control is released.

We can crave a feeling of control because of how we feel safe within its boundaries. Safe when we are ‘in control. Safe when we are controlled and feel free from responsibility. Safe when we limit ourselves to what is known, comfortable, and under control. Safe when we are leashed.

There is an order to life created by control and that level of order has many beautiful qualities which we tend to admire or hold up as being ideal. This order could even be seen as a description of what our ‘civilization’ is. As such, it is an order to life that is deeply entrenched and—because of how it is seen as the sign of our civilization—to seek to transform or somehow change it is often met with fear.

The release of ‘the order of civilization’ is feared because we do not trust in our own nature. Instead we see it as something we need to protect ourselves from. We cling to the constructs of civilization through a belief we are not civilized. Therefore, instead of seeing human civilization as an expression of what we innately are, we have come to see it as a necessary web of external controls that keep us in check. We fear what will happen without our controls.

This is the leash we have put upon ourselves—and it is a leash of negative fear-based beliefs about who and what we are.

But now—if you so choose—it is time to remove this leash, such that you can unleash yourself upon the world. Which is—at the same time—to unleash the world upon yourself. If you will allow yourself to shine brightly upon the world, so the world will shine brightly upon you (because there is only one meeting / relationship between you and the world).

This is why—despite how the world’s fear, hatred, and pain may make you want to—you cannot fully evolve in isolation. To shine is to meet the world in ever clearer ways. To allow yourself to meet the world is to touch the world, and that is to allow the world to touch you. This is the shine of love that lights, guides, and connects us all. What most keeps us from seeing how we are all connectedhow we are all one—is that we do not allow ourselves to shine.

If we all unleashed ourselves and shone, our unity would be immediately apparent.

Through the shadows created by the denial of our light, we have created what we perceive to be horrors in this world. These are the elements of reality that have been the fuel for ideas of how we are sinners or fallen. So what are the horrors of the world if they aren’t evidence that we are here as a result of having done something wrong?

The darkness of this world has only ever been reflections of what we have feared in ourselves (that which we believe we need ‘civilization’ to counter). Suffering and lack are not some separate, external force of darkness, they are a reflection of our belief in the necessity of suffering and lack. Being reflections they are not obstacles to be conquered—they are repetitive patterns that can be changed through transforming your beliefs about yourself.

The only power a shadow has is the power you give it through your beliefs

Part 3 - seeing Through duality

many people in the world are contained by the limits of the world because this physical plane is all they believe exists. They believe in logic, matter, distance, and time. They believe that what is immediately apparent is all there is. They do not see beyond their biology and, as such, they predominantly live only within the experience of that which is physical (i.e. the physical world).

physically focused people still of course experience non-physical levels of reality—such as emotion, intuition, and inspiration—but these sensations are ascribed little value (and are therefore assigned little meaning). So a scientist may have a near-death experience or drug-induced revelation but, because they see it as a chemical side-effect, they do not perceive the experience to have value.

This is an aspect of the polarizing effect of the human experience. Just as you have traveled into the non-physical through your exploration of consciousness, so to have many others gone in the opposite direction through the scientific mindset. For those that are the most physically focused, this usually involves beliefs around the necessity of hard work and the inevitability of the struggle to survive. By only seeing what is in front of themby only connecting with the physicalso they believe in that which is finite and limited.

Because of the harshness of the scientific mindset—which is often worn as a badge of honor when viewed against the love and light of the spiritual mindset—for many people who seek to connect with their spirit, there is often an element of escaping into their spirituality. In such cases, the person’s spirituality isn’t all about the love of spirit, it is also about the rejection of the physical (which therefore includes a rejection of their own embodiment).

In order to no longer identify with the purely physical view of life, you do not have to reject or dissociate yourself from it—a joyful focus does not require a rejection of its opposite

To come to recognize your spirit and the wider state of existence is a glorious journey of awakening, but so often this embracing of spirit comes at the expense of the rejection of whatever is identified as being the opposing qualities of spirit. Although this is not a mistakebecause we wanted to live within a world where we experienced opposing qualities—our dualistic nature is an illusion and, as such, all qualities are ultimately seen to be the expression of spirit. Within the understanding of unity, it is seen that there is nothing else to be expressed (as one consciousness is the basis of all creation).

Until spirit is fully met and the mask of duality is seen through, the rejection of qualities that are believed to oppose spirit leads many spiritual seekers to become either prejudiced against unspiritual people, or competitive amongst themselves as to who is the most awakened. What this prejudice does not grasp is that all that are spiritually minded were once—when you first entered into the containment of physicality—NOT spiritually minded. Meaning, to be prejudiced against the non-spiritual is to be prejudiced against your prior state of consciousness (your own past self).

For the open minded to reject the closed-minded is for the flower to reject that seed from which it grew. And that is to not love yourself as a whole

how can your past self be less than what you are, if it is that which gave birth to what you are? It is integral to what you are because you would not exist without it. If you want to truly love yourself, then you must love All-That-You-Are, and that includes all that you have been.

Most spiritual ideas of ascension have become entrenched in hierarchy. Evolution does not have to be about becoming superior or trying to replace what has come before. It can simply be about the allowance of yourself to change in order to experience something new. Rejecting our past states is something we overlay on our feeling of evolution due to how we have adopted a hierarchical mindset.

within the diversity of human form we are exploring the colors of the rainbow from a point of equality—not climbing some ladder of achievement. 

It is easy to see how this hierarchical view of ascension has arisen because, when we see so much struggle and pain in the world, it makes sense that we would want to push against that in order to no longer experience it. So it is understandable that there is this rejection of ‘what was’ as we seek to further unfold our divinity. However, what is being suggested here is that there then comes a time within the awakening process where it is necessary to let go of that rejection because that resistant, judgmental state of perception is not how spirit feels about the human form.

In connecting with your spirit it is important to not turn your back on your physical nature and the human world because it was your spirit that chose to enter into the physicality of the human experience in the first place.

Part 4 - embodying Your spirit

Ourreturn to spirit was always intended—meaning it is inevitable—as all journeys into definition are circular by design. It is however important to understand that the return to spirit is resisted—rather than aided—by the rejection of the physical (the kind of rejection that leads people to walk around in a bubble of spirituality that insulates them from the world).

There is nothing wrong in choosing to spend the rest of your life in a bubble of spirituality—keeping the world at an arm’s length. It is a perfectly valid choice and is something you will not regret when awakening to the wider reality and seeing the bigger picture at death.

This message is never saying you need to connect with the world in your current life. So, even though what we are looking are ideas as to why you may want to connect with your physical nature just as much as your spiritual nature, never forget that you are free—the choice is not a test. We are always free to connect or disconnect. This is at the heart of all choices. Disconnection cannot be wrong, because without it you couldn’t experience the individuality and diversity that even allows the experience of wrongness’. The duality of connection versus disconnection creates / allows the human experience.

This idea of reconnecting with the world—after having consciously connected with your spirit—is all about the unification of the human and divine (as opposed to living within a feeling of escaping the human to get to the divine).

You will fully bridge the human and the divine eventually, but you do not have to do it in this lifetime. It is simply a choice within any embodiment. It is not a goal. It is a choice of how to be within the moment. Choosing to awaken in this life does not mean all your future lives will then be awakened. Although awakening to our wider nature is something we are all collectively heading toward, there is no rush or mission to get there because our spirit knows it to be inevitable.

being embodied is your spirit’s choice, and it chose the human form with great wisdom. Your spirit chose a blueprint for this life—of which your DNA is a physical manifestation—that has led you to reconnect with your wider nature. These are not conflicting choices. It is not that your spirit dived into physicality and then wanted to get out as fast as possible. The choice to embodywhich is to fall asleep and dream—and then awaken from that dream is the choice of wider consciousness to bridge the human and the divine. All that you have opened inside of yourself through your spiritual journey can be unleashed upon this world.

The reason your spirit wants you to connect with it is not to pull you out of your embodiment, it is so that it can enter further into your embodiment.

Do you see? Even though we are each an embodiment of spirit, much of our wider nature is unconscious while we are within human form. To spiritually awaken while not rejecting your physical nature is to allow your spirit to more consciously operate within your embodied self. This is what your spirit wants. This is why your spirit put you on the path of awakening—not to ascend you out of here, but because it wants to more consciously inhabit your embodied form.

This is the deepest meeting that this world affords you. This is the meeting that you are ready for. This is why you are reading these words. 

So many people in the world are now opening their eyes and engaging the journey of spiritual awakening. The global chaos we see is not because we are ‘falling further’. It is because we are transitioning to a new way of perceiving reality. Many are ceasing to look to religion and are instead finding the divine within. We are learning to trust in the wonder of spiritthe wonder of what we are—such that we are leaving behind old ideas of sin, punishment, and the need for redemption or forgiveness.

You have walked that journey, and it was logical to think this path would just continue—that you would just continue your unfolding of spirit. And indeed that is the case. But now, for those of you that choose, the direction of the unfolding of your spirit changes in orientation. Most of you have been what could be considered unfolding vertically inside of yourselves. Now it is time to add the horizontal—the 3D that expansion—and integrate your past states of consciousness with the realization of your divinity / creatorship.

You have seen through the illusion / the veil. You have seen that you are within a game and that game is a reality you are creating—not a physical reality you are contained within. You are not caged by what you are. You are not caged by your body, by your life, or by your birth. These things are expressions of your freedom to create—not prisons you must endure. You are in the process of realizing how this reality can be met as a wondrous playground, and that what we call heaven is in fact a state of consciousness met within embodiment.

In coming to this realization it has been appropriate that you focused away from your physical nature such that you could focus on the inner-senses that are your connection with spirit. The inner-senses through which you have discovered the vastness of the inner, energetic landscape.

You opened your third eye and saw a new reality. Now you operate within that reality. You communicate on so many levels—through intuition, through channeling, through synchronicity, through love, through the release of competition, and through the embracing of co-creation. You have birthed so many skills through the opening of your wider senses—skills that connect you with the power of your creatorship.

Now imagine taking all this and applying it to the physical level of reality—bringing All-That-You-Are and focusing it on creating the most joyful human life possible. This is what embodiment is. This is what it is to fully embody your spirit within your physical bodywithin that which is connected to the world.

Part 5 - Grounding Your life

many of us have experienced illness because we have neglected our bodies while we have been so focused on our spiritual nature. As you step into the realization of spirit, so you step into the love that you are, and that is to know that the physical is to be loved just as your spirit is to be loved—for you are creating it, it is your choice to embody. As you embody your divine nature and unite these dimensions, so the loving energy of home will integrate into your body, and illness caused by self-neglect will leave you.

As you integrate your physical nature so you will find ease within the world—instead of toil, struggle, and pain. You will ground the love that you are and, in doing so, you will bring that love to your physical expression. To further embody is to bring the energy of home further into this world. This is to embody the choice to connect with spirit and shine it out like a beacon for all who are seeking that connection.

This is why, even though awakening is essentially a personal journey while in human form, there is a mass acceleration occurring at this time. You are under no obligation—or even pressure—but, if you wish to be a part of the collective awakening, then know that—as someone who is already in clear connection with their spirityour greatest contribution lies in bridging back to the physical (rather than in going further and further out into spirit such that you are living within a bubble of spirituality that others cannot understand). There is no right or wrong in this. You are free.

What is being highlighted is only the choice to connect with, and be a part of, the awakening of this world

In so many lives—and probably within this lifeit has felt like the world has hurt you when you have tried to engage with it. In its fear it may have turned on you and attacked what it could not understand. This has created a strong feeling of resistance within many spiritual seekers—the resistance that forms the bubble of disconnection from the physical. It is a glorious bubble o spirituality. It has not been wrong to disconnect.

being in a spiritual bubble has allowed us to connect with our spirit in a deeper way than ever before. We have achieved so much and we are free to stay in our bubble. But that bubble—that bubble of loveis also a gift that you can give to the world. It is a profound statement of love that you can unleash—that you can ground into Gaia. Do not do this from a place of sacrifice or martyrdom. Do it because of the joy it makes you feel.

To ground the gift of yourself and give it to the world is to equally give the gift of the world to yourself

many that have followed the diverse paths of spirituality carry a belief in evolving away from this planet, that this reality is some form of hell, that you are on a wheel of karma, that you are trying to escape the cycle of reincarnation, that you are somehow unwillingly bound to it. This has all been a part of the motion to connect with spirit. It was appropriate in creating that energy, but within it was an element of fear and a rejection of the world. That rejection has served a purpose, but in that fear-based rejection lies a wound. The healing of that wound is the reconnection of the wholeness that we came here to be—the realization of the divine within the physical, and now the physical within the divine.

For some this is a natural step, and you have felt the desire to reconnect with the joy of physical life. For others this is going to be a harder turn, for you have renounced your human form for so long that the process of turning that around and loving the physical will take some time. There is no rush. There is no mission here. You are not out to save anyone. There is no urgency. This is the ease. This is the harmony. And the only reason to reconnect is because you want to.

Part 6 - The wound of Addiction

When you turn and face your body, many of you will be faced with the addictions with which you have sought to numb yourself. Addiction is one of the strongest experiences which can lead to the rejection of the physical—for to be addicted, after the initial numbing effect wears off, become a focusing of pain (an expression of wounding that houses great suffering). It is to experience yourself as trapped inside a physical rut.

We have all had lives of this kind and that pain is carried as a collective wound. This wound can hinder us in reconnecting with the physical because of how we can fear becoming addicted again and falling back into that pain-filled rut. In this you must look to your heart and see clearly how much connecting with your spirit has transformed you.

It is for you to trust in the clarity of guidance you now feel and know that you will not fall back into old patterns. The facing of old wounds is a part of awakening.

This is to trust in yourself such that you can go back into a territory that once hurt you and not enter those cycles because you are now whole, where you were once wounded. You have transformed the longing, the craving, the emptiness that you once tried to fill with an addiction. Now you have connected with your spirit you can re-enter into the physical territory and not engage it through the lens of rejecting yourself.

Through connecting with your spirit you have learnt to draw on what resonates and you will no longer choose experiences that create pain and suffering. For you are conscious—a conscious creator. And, in going back to that once painful territory, in going back to that space where addiction once lived, you will receive the gift of discovering how you have healed the wound of your prior addiction.

To re-unify with what you once rejected is to step further into the knowing of your wholeness.

There is nothing to fear within the physical, for you are the conscious creator of your dreams—not the unconscious creator of your fears. You are ready to engage and unleash your creatorship into the world. Know that you can affect the world. Know there is the potential for great effect within you. You are significant. You are ready to be seen.

feel the wonder of creatorship but understand that this re-engagement with life will require you to connect back into the mass construct (society), but with the knowing that you will not be drawn back into old patterns—the knowing you will not fall back into the illusion of lack, separation, and competition. You will bring all that you have learnt—all that you have unfolded within yourselfand gift it to the mass construct.

And so you will ground your energy and transform all that are drawn to your message and your demonstration of wholeness. You do not need to preach—that is old, fear-based energy. Just be yourself and let your self-expression naturally unfold from your heart as you ground All-That-You-Are. This is how the planet will be transformed.

Part 7 - Popping your spiritual Bubble

So how do you do this? how do you make this change? It is as simple as coming to see the possibility for it within yourself. And this is coming to see yourself in all your glory—which is your wholeness.

For many, a part of this is realizing that the freedom you have birthed through your awakening is still contained within a bubble. It may be the most expansive reality you have experienced within embodiment, but it is still contained—it is still in a bubble that protects you from what you fear within the world. So the first step in the unfolding of the choice to connect with the world is to see your energy clearly. This is to see how you are successfully using your powers of creation, as well as seeing how you are limiting them.

A useful analogy here is a pebble fountain—a large pebble with a hole drilled through it and water comes up through that hole and flows out over the pebble. This is how many of you have been using your creational energy—it flows out from you. Always flowing away—with an outward current of energy.

In outpouring this way you may have felt you were connecting with the world. And yes, this energy does go out and touch the world. But the reason you have chosen this outward flow—without influx—was in a desire to only touch the world, but not be touched by it. This is a conditional, fear-based touch because of how you have feared being touched—how you have feared letting the world in.

This example is like a hospital surgery having what is called positive airflow. Clean air is pumped into the room such that the air always flows outwards (so that no disease can come in). This is akin to pulling in your divinity from spirit and flowing it out into the world. It is a beautiful thing in so many ways, but we wish you to see how there is also fear and separation within it.

So, although flowing your divinity out into the world may have given you a form a peace, it has also come with a kind of sterile purity (which is a lack of wholeness). And, although there is certainly a joy within that taste of spirit, it is to live within a bubble and feel disconnected from the world around you. It is to experience life at an arm’s length.

To live within a bubble of spirituality is not wrong. It is not something you will regret at death. But it is not to engage with the full potential of the human experience. It is not to experience the joy of being All-That-You-Are.

A monk meditating on a mountain top can ground much love into this world. If that is what you wish to be then be it and know you are of great service. But, if that separation / isolation starts to become painful (because of how it is felt to be a limited version of your full potential), then we invite you to pop your spiritual bubble with the knowing that you are strong enough to traverse the potent energetic currents within the world.

Why come to Earth to live within a spiritual bubble? Why come from home to Earth in order to create a bubble of home? how about allowing Earth to be your home while embodied.

Part 8 - Co-Creation & Connecting with Gaia

The power of creation is amplified many times when you consciously connect with other people through acts of co-creation. This is a potent form of joining / co-operation / spiritual meeting that can occur within embodiment. Allow your dream to be tangible. Reaching for joy alone is powerful because of how it avoids attachment to outcome, but you can learn to dream of physical outcomes without becoming attached. Dreaming of many potentialsinstead of focusing on just one—can be helpful. Do not fear seeking to create tangible abundance and physical structure—whether that be buildings, books, artworks, or a business. The meeting place for these things is in the world of physicality—not in a spiritual bubble.

When you meet these kind of tangible ideas / desires within the world, you will unify with other people seeking to co-create as you do, and you will unleash the greatest unfolding of energy. Instead of only creating from your divine flow that you ground through your crown chakra, you will also be harnessing all the energy ‘out there’ that is flowing through this planet—the energy that is flowing through Gaia.

The world is flourishing. It is only from a limited perspective that we become mesmerized by the layer of pollution and destruction. If you stand back and look at Gaia as a whole then you will see how there is so much birthing. Life is teaming. Plants are feeding from the soil, from the water, from the sun. Seeds are flying through the air. Animals are breeding. Gaia may be working hard to process human pollution, but do not doubt that the strength, beauty, and magnificence of her life is still as present as ever.

Gaia is an explosion of birth and, when you will allow yourself to reconnect into the world, so you will connect with her energy. And so you will connect with other healers. And so you will connect with the desire for a better planet, better physical circumstances, abundance rather than starvation, joy rather than pain, and effortlessness rather than effort.

This is the invitation. This is the meeting within form. This is what connecting with the world affords you. This is why you came—to unite the two, to unite the physical with the divine, to bring the love that is home here. This is the unleashing, when these two meet. This is where the fullness is.

To be within a bubble within physicality may be of service, but it is also a choice to endure a pain / an emptiness / an aloneness. For within a spiritual bubble there is a rejection of the choice to birth as human. This is the same pain of disconnection that is felt by the scientist who only believes they are physical. To birth your divinity into physicality is to live your dream. It is the realization of heaven on Earth.

You did not come to exist only in a bubble of spirituality or only in a bubble of physicality—bring the two together and unify them.

So don’t just be a beacon flowing energy into the world. Allow the world to flow into you. Energy is a spiral that runs through you—with energy flowing both out from you, and into you. This is to enter the greatest river, the greatest flowing, the full potential of the-Now moment.

Part 9 - The Unleashing.

The unleashing of the self is the unleashing of a tempest. Within it is everything—the greatest potentials, those of love and joy, and those of fear and pain. It is all there and to embrace it is to embrace wholeness. It is the realization that you can allow All-That-Is to flow through your being because you are awakened and conscious of your creatorship.

You have developed within you the tool of resonance because you have come to know who you are. This is why you are ready. It is why you are reading these words—because when you know who you are, you are ready. For when you know who you are, you can know All-That-Is.

And by only putting your attention upon that with which your heart resonates, all else will simply flow through you untouched. This is why to know God is to know yourself. To know yourself is to know the divine. When you know yourself, then that which you do not find joy co-creating with is not drawn to you.

It is only when you do not know yourself that you can see conflict or pain and wonder if it could be you. Now that you know who you are—now that you are in the resonance of loveyou can reenter the flow without drawing suffering and addiction to you.

This is not something to rush at before you feel you are ready. The measure is the measure of trust in yourself and if you do not feel ready, then do not step forward yet. For you must step with confidence. You must step with knowingness—the knowingness of yourself.

To re-enter the world is to touch all energies, knowing that through resonance you will only draw to you that which you wish to experience.

These are the tools you have been developing. These are the tools of freedom. These are the tools that will allow you to connect with a world is still in a deep state of illusion—the tools that allow you to not be caught in that illusion, to not be drawn back into the competition, the war, the fear.

This is how you can reenter through knowing yourselfthrough the resonance of your heartand you can stand within the world and draw all that it has to offer without being drained by its traps of fear and addiction. This is the divine unfolding. This is the unification of All-That-Is which is All-That-You-Are.

This is the healing of the wound that led you to separate from that which you birthed into.

Part 10 - unleash the world

Are you ready to meet the world? Are you ready to meet the world out there in the physical? Are you ready to meet the world inside yourself? Are you clear in your creatorship / your divinity? Have you released the doubts that are manifest as fearfear of the physical, fear of the profane? There is nowhere you cannot go.

There is nowhere that you are not safe when you know yourself.

When you go back into the world, if you desire to shine All-That-You-Are, if you desire to radiate and have an effect, then understand that you will meet many energies. You will meet those that will put you on a pedestal. You will meet those that will fear and attack you. And you will meet those that love you and meet you as you are.

This is the unleashing of self. This is the un-censoring. This is when you cease trying to control what you meet because you know all is appropriate, all is with meaning, all is of value. This is to know that if you stand centered and balanced within yourself, then you are safe.

You are safe when nothing external can shake your knowing of yourself.

Those that attack you, the things they say, they will not touch you because you will not resonate—you will not believe their words to be true. Words that attack you can only harm you if you believe in them, if you believe they contain truth, if you allow them to evoke doubt in you. When you know who you are, then neither the praise nor the condemnation of others will harm you, nor limit you, nor cause you to stumble.

When people attack you, do not believe it. When people praise you, do not believe it. This is the freedom from looking for the external world to validate you.

allow your validation to come from within. You do not need people saying good things to feel good about yourself. And, at this point, people saying bad things will no longer affect you. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot have the good things bolster you and then not expect the bad things to not touch you. It is about not needing any of them. You can acknowledge them / observe them / experience them, but have your knowingness come from within of what you are, what you are doing, and the choice you are making.

This is what it is to reenter the world. It is the most courageous step, but also the most rewarding. And if, as you step into the world, you feel that you are not ready—if you find that you are not yet knowing of yourselfthen trust that you will simply be knocked back out into your bubble and you can continue to exist there while you continue on your journey to know thyself.

To re-engage with the world is the next step but, like all steps, it is not necessary to engage it before you feel ready. It cannot work in terms of necessity or mission. It cannot come from that kind of pressured, mental place. To meet the world, you must love the world as you have come to love yourself (just as you have come to see that you are love).

To meet the world is to come to love the world. It is to see it with clarity that the fear, the war, the terrorism, the famine, the disasters of this world are a choice to see ourselves, not a mistake—for all are on the path to know themselves in the mirror of reality. It is to see where all that pain and suffering is coming from. It is to see the great unfolding of consciousness for it is to be within it. It is to allow yourself to be a part of it.

It is to know that all is appropriate as all is the reflection of the energy of the mass construct. And in that reflection lies the opportunity to see clearly—and within that is the freedom of self that we seek.

Part 11 - one freedom

nothing is to be inhibited. Nothing it to be resisted or constrained. There is no mission to fix the world. You are here to meet the world and love it. You are here to be yourself within the world. That is the transformation point within the now moment / within you.

The unleashing of yourself is the unleashing of the world.

This is the creation of the greatest harmony—the unconstrained harmony, the harmony that arises from love. You can only meet the world through compassion—through love. You cannot meet it through pity or superiority. If those are what you are carrying, then you are not ready.

You have not evolved beyond the world. You are the world.

This is the discovery of fully meeting the world. This is the freedom of the meeting. There is only one freedom—your freedom is the world’s freedom. The world’s freedom is your freedom. If you are pitying the world, then you are pitying yourself. If you look down on the world, then you are looking down on yourself.

free yourself to free the world. Freedom is. All are free. Open your eyes and see without restriction to know it.

discover the freedom of meeting the world—for you are here in this world. That is the-Now moment of you. You are in this world and it is of your creation. You are creating the world. This is your playground. It is of you. It reflects you. You birthed it as you birthed yourself. You chose to be here.

To meet this world and love it is the next step of loving yourself. See how the world is not separate from you. Burst the bubble you are in and meet the world. Meet it with love. Meet All-That-You-Are. meet the many faces of yourself. Unleash yourself. Unleash All-That-You-Are.

Be reckless. Be free. Be free in the expression of yourself. Have fun. Have fun with the world. Show the world joy. Show the world love. This is the most amazing reality system. And the potential of the unleashing—the potential of the meeting of the divine and physicalis where the joy is.

You are a physical expression of the divine. You are the creation of a nirvana—the living of your dream. And that is only contained by what you can imagine. The world is your imagining. Meet your imagining. Meet your imagination and make it real. Make it physical. Live your dream here and now. Meet the world to meet yourself.

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