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The Unknown Self

“I choose to meet myself through spontaneity and inconsistency.”

The answer that your heart seeks cannot be contained in some definition or outward thing alone—it is a feeling, and feelings are something that words can only point to. What you seek is beyond definition, but beyond definition is not beyond experience.

The experience you seek will be yours whenever you are ready to pull back the curtain that currently stops you seeing your spirit. This is to look beyond the comfort zone of who you have been and what you have known. This is to open yourself more deeply than ever before as to the potential of your consciousness.

To meet your spirit you must step beyond the limits that have defined your human self. This is to step beyond its patterns of behavior, thinking, emotionally-reacting, and polarized-perception. To do this is to realize how these patterns are more fundamentally and descriptively what you are as a human-being than even the solidity of your physical body.

Do not fear seeing the repeating patterns that underlie your human self. By doing this you will discover the freedom of no longer conforming to the patterns you have known. You will discover the freedom of being inconsistent and thereby meet the unknown self that arises beyond the experience of the self that is known.

Surprise yourself. Allow yourself to be surprised. Discover the experience of surprise in yourself. Leave prior conceptions of yourself through the allowance of spontaneity. The comfort of a consistent self-chosen definition is a limitation of the past. The present is consistently inconsistent. To be in ‘the-Now’ is to be something differentsomething fresh—every day.

being this inconsistent, spontaneous version of yourself will tell you more about what you essentially are than any mentally constructed pinnacle of truth arrived at through the refinement of mental patterns / knowledge. Idealism blinds people from seeing beyond the mental.

The intention of your spirit is pre-definition. What you essentially are is pre-Earth / pre-mortality. Your human self is not what you are, it is you exploring what you are. Your spirit is that which created the curtain of definition—the veil of forgetting that leaves a focus—that you experience your human self through. Look through this curtain and you will meet yourself as the architect of your reality’s definitions and cyclical patterns.

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