Unfolding Your Story


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Unfolding Your Story

within the illusion we cloak our limitlessness in a self-limited identity—our story. Our infinite source, that contains all possibility, is expressed outwardly through each of us into definition. You are an expression of this possibility and are free to express yourself as you choose. Whereas some choose a tightly defined expression, others choose a broader, more fluid expression. Neither way is better than the other. Each carries its own unique flavor of being.

To express yourself in a tightly defined story is a form of focusing your being. Examples of this type of life would be someone married to their work, the devoted housewife who lives for her family at the expense of her dreams, or someone who lives within a rigid military structure. This can be seen as a specialization of being through focus, where the idea of a role is strictly adhered to and produces its own unique experience. To see such life roles clearly is to see them without judgment of their limits.

All stories carry their own unique exploration and gifts whether they are characterized by restriction or freedom. We have all lived many lives, many within highly confined stories, and when we did it was a perfect choice to focus in on those particular qualities. The journey of a life spent traveling can be as expansive as the journey of a life spent in prison.

Your story can be seen as a circle of beingness extending around you. Inside of the circle are the types of experience that fit within your story—your idea of who and what you are. Experiences that do not fit your story lie outside the circle. The more identified with your story you are, the more rigidly you live within its limits, with the boundary of your story being both clearly defined and enforced. Having tightly defined limits brings a sense of reliability through consistency and predictability. By not challenging us, the experience within the circle comes to feel safe—a comfort zone. For a person resistant to change, experiences that are inside the circle are allowed, and those that are outside are resisted.

currently the pervasive state of being in this reality is one of not feeling safe. This has led to people trying to create a sense of safety by establishing a clearly defined, strong identity with firm boundaries. We naturally feel safer when we feel we know exactly what we are and what we are not. Through insecurity we feel the need to assert our self-identity not just to the world, but also to ourselves.

Our stories have their own consciousness and that consciousness acts to preserve and protect itself. It is the consciousness equivalent of the physical survival-instinct, which is the consciousness of our bodies to protect themselves. This self-reinforcement of our identity is greatly increased when we identify only with our embodied story (rather than with our spirit as well). To become so self-identified with your story that you see it as your absolute truth is to turn its definitionthe boundary of the circle—into a cage. This is said with the understanding that the limits of a cage, despite being confining, can also be experienced as comforting (a comfort zone).

In early human history our self-preservation instinct was a wonderful tool to guide us while we were unconscious of our wider-nature / spirit. It acted as an automated mechanism, giving a sense of solidity to our blossoming sense of self. It allowed our self-identity to maintain a sense of consistency within the flow of the unfolding. The self-preservation instinct is neither for, nor against, the flow of the unfolding, sometimes being in alignment with it and sometimes not. It only resists the unfolding when the natural flow threatens to change our story in a way that triggers our fears. Though this does create resistance, it is not a negative thing.

The survival-instinct is an embodiment of our desire to be alive in a reality of individuality; it is the embodiment of our desire to experience a sense of self and has been integral to our exploration of separation. However, if you are now choosing to consciously connect with your spirit, it is appropriate to change your relationship with this instinct, such that you can enter into your spiritual unfolding / awakening with ease rather than resistance.

To free this instinct is not to destroy the ego or the mind; it is to see your identity (the circle) as an expression of your spirit, rather than as being what you are. This is to let go of identifying yourself with your story and to instead begin to identify your incarnate self with your infinite-self. Beyond the created, you are the creator.

The effect of the unfolding is seen in both the expansion and the fading of the circle that defines your story. Instead of the circle of self-definition being a fortress you are inside defending, it becomes your choice of expression in the moment—a choice that you do not feel bound to. In this state of allowancewhen the flow of the unfolding will bring new experience into your being—the softening of your circle of self-definition is welcomed rather than resisted. To be in allowance is to be open to the experience of change.

To be open to change means to be open to change in both your inner–self and your outer-reality. All change, whether it is inner or outer, is a change in your story. To be in allowance of the unfolding is to be open to your story changing. To the self, the unfolding is the never-ending unfolding of your story. Allowance is therefore to allow your story to be experienced as a state of change, rather than a set, defined singular state. As long as you identify your story as being who you fundamentally are, then the amount of change that you can consciously assimilate is minimal.

When you are identified with your spiritwhich knows your story to be but an expression—then you can assimilate change with ease. Your allowance of change is a reflection of your freedom to be. When you are in a rigid identification with your story then you are in resistance to your unfolding. This is because the energy you put into your story feeds the self-preservation instinct that seeks to limit change so that you can feel secure and stable in what you are. To release your self-identification with your story is to take back your energy from that survival-instinct and free your being to be whatever it chooses. It is to allow your experience to become more fluid and creative.

The boundary of the circle of your story can also be seen as the illusion of separation—what is often called “the veil (the fabric of duality). The fainter you allow the boundary of your story to become, the more you will see through the illusion of duality back to the unified level of consciousness that our spirit experiences. The line does not entirely disappear because you are choosing to embody your spirit (as opposed to returning to the unity). It does however become more permeable and transparent, such that you can simultaneously experience your unity with all things and your sense of individuality. The line also becomes entirely free flowing such that whatever you wish to experience can easily be embraced by your being, and that which you have finished experiencing can go on its way.

Your story is the vessel that shapes the feeling of your experience of life / self / reality. You are a sculptor, sculpting the experience of you. Instead of being the whole block of marble, you are the ever-changing sculpture revealed from within its potential. Within every block of marble are an infinite number of potential sculptures waiting to be revealed. In this analogy the block of marble is your infinite-self / spirit / God and your story is the sculpture that you choose to reveal from within that state of infinite probability.

The limitation of your story is not felt as a restriction when you realize the freedom from which you are creating yourself, and the freedom with which you can change. This is the beauty of beingness. To not see your beauty is a denial of this freedom. Realize the freedom of your choice to be, by realizing how beautiful and perfect your current choice is. You are beautiful. You are sculpted from infinity.

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