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The Unfolding

All consciousness is unfolding. God is unfolding. You are in a state of unfolding. All realities are constantly unfolding. This is a state of continual birth—an ever-evolving state of perfection. There is no hierarchy in this idea of evolution. What was is perfect. What is is perfect. What will be is perfect.

You are not becoming superior to what you were. You are remembering more of what you have always been. What you are is freedom, and you are realizing the wider nature of that freedom in ever blossoming ways. You are not becoming more free; you are, have always been, and will always be, infinitely free. You are God realizing the freedom of your chosen state of being­—the beauty of your choice to be.

The creation of differentiation—which is the illusion of separationcould be seen as a folding. Each fold we created was a part of the journey into division—the journey into individuality. Each fold was a creation of polarity—a way of dividing one thing from another. In this state of folding we moved away from the experience of our unity into the experience of being separate from each other.

Through the illusion, we have explored differentiation. Through differentiation we have explored choice—the freedom of will to choose one thing from another by differentiating between them. Our will has been limitless in this exploration, meaning that all choices are possible, even choices such as the choice to see ourselves as wretched and sinful, the choice to hate ourselves and each other, the choice to be lonely, and the choice to suffer. Nothing is denied. There are no limits to the polarities we can traverse such as joy to misery, love to fear, and unity to alienation. We created these polarities and dived into them to taste the unique experiences they create.

To some it has seemed that we became lost in duality which is the disempowering idea that on some level we made a mistake and became trapped in suffering through our self-identification with our minds and bodies. This is a denial of the freedom of our will to be. There is no force in the universe which causes you to incarnate here, other than your free-will choice.

You are here because you chose to be. The idea of some karmic wheel that we are bound to is no more than a reconception of hell (which is based on the idea of enslavement). To believe that life is some kind of punishment or test is a choice and to choose to believe in it is—to a large extent—to live by it. We each live within the experience of our beliefs. Look at how your beliefs serve you to see why you are choosing them.

We pushed against the natural state of unfolding in order to explore profound depths of separation, both from each other and from the state of unified consciousness. This effort against the unfolding illustrates how we did not somehow get lost; it took conscious effort to achieve the depth of individuality that we now experience. It was a choice. Through our individuality we are each uniquely experiencing a mass level of intention.

The unfolding could be seen as a mechanism that we built into reality such that if we are not creating division (folding) then there is a natural flow back to the realization of unity (unfolding). The natural flow is not forgetting, it is remembering. It is however important to recognize that it is not a mistake to forget. The unfolding is not falling asleep, it is awakening but, in just the same way, it is not a mistake or wrongness to fall asleep. Without effort, you unfold, but it is not a mistake to fold; it is a creative intention to experience more of what individuality has to offer.

To see through duality is to embrace paradox. Just because the natural effortless state is unfolding does not mean that unfolding is superior to folding. You could not be here now experiencing unfolding if you had not entered into the folding of definition. Folding and unfolding are as yin and yang. Sometimes the natural state of unfolding is to fold, and sometimes in what feels to be the action of folding we unfold. Both are motion, both are life. Whatever you do you are expanding. What you do you are exploring being. You cannot unevolve. You are like an ever-unfolding fractal. There is no end to what you are. There is no end to what you can be.

To be in the motion of the unfolding is to be in the Now. It is to have stopped resisting reality and become fully present in the moment. As such, it can be seen as a state of allowance. The unfolding is experienced through the allowance of your entire being, including the present manifestation of your reality. To be in the allowance of your realityinstead of resisting or fighting it—is to enter the experience of its unfolding; it is to enter the flow of life. What is so beautiful is that this flow will always carry you harmoniously towards the realization of your wholeness. The natural state of unfolding unifies what has been separated, heals what has been wounded, and frees what has been contained.

To enter the unfolding is to confront the traditional belief that life is a struggle. Within the unfolding of what you are it is possible to experience life as being effortless. You do not have to struggle for what you desire if you let go of your resistance to change and enter the natural unfolding of your being. This is to realize that ease is best met through the letting go of struggle. As long as you see reality / “what is” as an obstacle to be pushed against you hold yourself outside of the effortless state of unfolding.

The very belief that you need to struggle causes struggle. The belief in the need for effort has become ingrained in us over so many lifetimes that being without it can initially seem inconceivable. At some level we still want to have to toil and overcome hardships. At some level we want to know that if we work harder than other people we will get more. We have become attached to a level of competition that is shattered by the realization that everything you want can be obtained joyfully and with ease. Effortlessness threatens to undermine many of the ways we use to feel of worth and superior.

Our essential core state is the ease of the unfolding. It is “what is” when we allow ourselves to simply be—the state of being that arises when we let go of trying to control reality. It is the feeling that flows from the realization that there is nothing wrong, there is no problem, and nothing needs to be fixed. There is nothing you need to do. There is no need, effort, or struggle in the unfolding. This does not mean there is no action; it is that all action in the unfolding is effortless. The unfolding is the state of complete allowance of your being—the allowance of your personal reality to be as it is and unfold as it will.

To enter the unfolding is to let go of judgment of yourself and your reality. To judge an aspect of your being comes from an attachment to your perception of a polarity, such as or male is superior to female or beautiful is superior to ugly. When you judge a part of yourself as ugly or “less than” you are in resistance to your being—in rejection of yourself. Such judgments of yourself or others as needing to be changed are non-allowance, and hold you outside of the unfolding. When you release judgment and expectation for what reality “should be” and instead allow “what is” then you release your being into its natural state of unfolding unity.

At its core all resistance is resistance to your infinite-self / spirit as opposed to living through the allowance of yourself to naturally keep unfolding into more of All-That-You-Are. You are the unfolding of your own being and that is a state of motion / a journey of change. To resist change is to resist the unfolding. It is to resist what you are. It is only through fear (which includes attachment / the fear of loss) that you create pain. Allowance is a state of trust in your infinite / good / divine nature and arises through the knowing that you are safe because you are within the experience of your own choice. Allowance is freedom from fear. To allow your being just as it is is to love All-That-You-Are. What births from this is wonderful, is healing, is joy, is that which you seek.

If you so choose, it is time to allow­. And that means it is time to allow your being, time to love your being, and time to unfold the love that you are.

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