Unconditional Love


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Unconditional / Universal Love

“I choose to experience myself as being both worthy and complete such that I may experience love without need.”

Do not fear allowing yourself to love. Being in love has not hurt you. To fear the hurt you will experience if you lose something you love, is to fear the effects of attachment and not love. Learn to distinguish between the feeling of love and the possessive feeling of attachment. See how easy it can be to blend these feelings together, as it can feel that being possessive is a sign of caring. Unconditional love cannot be expressed through attachment. To love someone with conditions is ultimately to disempower them—because it is to impose your values and judgments onto that person.

attachment is one of the most prevalent ways in which we give our power away. This is because to become attached to something is to believe you would somehow be less than you are without it. Know that neither the presence, nor the absence, of anything can make you more or less than All-That-You-Are. If a person makes you feel closer to All-That-You-Are, then it is only because they are expressing an aspect within you that you do not currently perceive as being of you. To open yourself to love them unconditionally is to open yourself to recognize this aspect in yourself. However, if you try to possess that person, you will only further cage that aspect outside of yourself.

Through attachment we enter an endless chase to feel complete. This stems from a feeling that we are inadequate, damaged, or missing something. To be in a state of attachment is to be in a distorted view of yourself. Whatever it is in life that you want or desire, the answer is to love it without limitation.

Every self-created limitation of your love is expressed as a barrier between you and what you love. This reflection is to aid you in removing those barriers such that you may experience the love that you are in freedom—rather than limitation.

You can never fully touch anything that you are attached to, for you will always be experiencing it through the filter and barrier of your need—which is your feeling of incompleteness or unworthiness. To truly touch something is to love it without limitation. To love without limitation, come to know with all your heart that you are complete unto yourself.

To love without limitation is to love without need. To love someone without needing them to be any particular way is to empower them to be All-That-You-Are. Universal love is universal empowerment.

Unconditional Love is Not Dualistic

Because of the way in which human language has evolved to reflect our polarized perception, it seems logical to think of unconditional love as being one end of a dualistic polarity (with the opposite end being conditional love). While this could understandably be said to be the meaning of unconditional love, to open to the potential of its full meaning is to realize that—beyond this dualistic understandingunconditional love is the non-polarized state of connection experienced by your spirit.

In order to help distinguish unconditional love from its more traditional polarized understanding, it can also be referred to as universal love—which is a state of equal and unrestricted love for all. Using this term instead can help depolarize our understanding of it such that universal love is understood to not be superior to, or in opposition to, conditional love—it is just different.

universal love is felt within the conscious awareness of connection. Conditional love is felt within the experience of unconsciousnessor partial consciousness—of connection. And, in just the same way that our mortal self is not inferior to our spirit, the form that love takes in human form cannot be said to be inferior to the love of our spirit.

Our desire to perceive universal love as being superior is not because it is how we intrinsically are when we are self-aware—it is a result of our personal judgment of conditional love in relation to it. This is the same as the way in which we can fall into perceiving our spirit as an ideal and our embodied form as something that needs to be fixed or corrected (even though it is our spirit that creates our embodied form).

To enter human form is a choice to experience everythingincluding lovefrom an individualized perspective. From the spirit’s perspective ‘soul-mates’ do not exist—because that is a possessive form of love. Even if you are not traditionally possessive, to call someone your soul-mate is to instantly label all others as NOT your soul-mate. And that is a value-judgment that separates—rather than unifies.

universal love connects you with all, for it is to love all equally.

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