Truth is Relative


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Truth As Relative Awareness

truth is a feeling of knowing what is. It is experienced relative to the vantage point of an individual. Being a projection of diversity within oneness, all definitions (which are potential experiences of truth) are perceived in relation to each other.

truth is a fluid sensation that moves in relation to your vantage point. This is a completely different understanding than the scientific model which sees truth as absolute facts concerning the outward world. The logical, scientific mind can only find the consistency and reliability it desires in the physical. Through this focus it experiences truth as external and absolute with the same sense of outward solidly as physicality.

human reality is a perceptual projection created through the differentiation of a single consciousness into multiple dimensions. Every definition within that array of potential exists relative to every other point. The perception of all qualitiesincluding truthis therefore always relative to where you are standing. Human individuality is an expression of many interconnected qualities, all of which affect the perception of each other. These qualities are always connected because they are all projections of self.

The perception of true-false cannot be absolute or binary because it is always relative to your ever-changing point of perception. All definitions produced through diversity contain both truth and deceit (valuable information and denial). Everything you perceive contains false information as it presents itself as diverse when all is one. However, it also contains truth because even when we lie to ourselves—by projecting illusions of separationthe lie that we choose to tell conveys valuable information about who and what we are choosing to be.

The perception of truth changes fluidly according to where you stand in relation to it. Just as feeling tall only exists in relation to feeling short, so physical man experiences existence in relation to physical woman and, in this perception, dimensions of infinite variation in gender emerge into consciousness.

Through the realization of truth as relative awareness the potential of its discovery is infinite, fluid, and never-ending. Belief in the absolute is limited, fixed, and defended through a fundamentalist belief in the validity of one or more points of separation / exclusion.

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