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Transforming Resistance Into Clarity

Having your internal resistance manifest in your external reality is simply to live in an experience of your chosen definition. We are here learning about beingness by being. Reality is our greatest teacher; not because it somehow concocts clever lessons for us, but because it shows us our beingness. All lessons are only ever a mirror. Reality does nothing but reflect to us what we are choosing to be.

There is no external force that sets up lessons for you with an expectation that you will learn what you are doing wrong. You are not living in a reward and punishment system. There is no right and wrong; what we feel as right and wrong is but our realization of, or separation from, the love that we are. You are living within the choice of yourself. If through your choice of beliefs you choose a definition that is painful, then you will experience pain; that is the only reason you ever experience pain. It is not wrong to experience pain. It does not mean that you have made a mistake. To accept what is being said here is to let go of the idea that there is a force other than yourself shaping your reality. This is to take complete responsibility for what you are and stand fully in your own power of creation.

There are many forces in the world; every person is a creative force, and though other people may inspire or catalyze you, you are the ultimate creator of your personal reality. Other people can only affect your reality if you choose to let them. We came here to not only experience ourselves but to experience being with each other—to catalyze and diversify (but not create) each other’s unfolding. The choice of who you allow into your life greatly shapes your reality. To awaken is to realize that you are the determinant of which energies you wish to interact with. If the experience of another person is hurting you, then reality is reflecting that you have given away an aspect of your self-determination to them. Choose with love for yourself who you share your life with. All beings are to be respected, all beings are teachers, but to have them in your life is a choice. There is nothing that necessitates any specific person being in your life.

Coming to see that external reality is a reflection of you is not necessary for the unfolding of your being. We originally came here to forget that we are God and experience living in a world of external forces, conditions, and limits. We wished to explore our beingness in the guise of an external reality. To unfold your being through the use of effort, force, and struggle is not only a completely valid way to explore existence, it also births realizations that are unique to this way of being. This is the beauty of reality; it allows us to explore our own beingness under the illusion that we are exploring something separate and distinct from us. The world grants us infinite perspectives.

To move into the recognition of reality being an illusion is not to transcend or graduate. It is to choose to awaken to the illusion and thereby come to interact with it in a new way. To awaken to the illusion is to become more conscious of what you are, but ‘more conscious’ is not superior to ‘less conscious’. It is amazing to awaken, as it transforms your perception, but your level of awareness is simply a choice; it is not a prize that makes you superior. Superior is a dualistic separation; to awaken is to release this belief in hierarchy.

Once you become aware of yourself as an energetic being, living within the reflection of your choice to be, then you can redefine your relationship with struggle; understanding that if you wish to resolve an issue with external effort that option will always remain a valid choice. For many however, the release of struggle and effort is a welcome change as it is experienced as freedom.

To transform the struggle in your life is to learn how to see those struggles with clarity. You cannot release struggle by either rejecting or resisting it, because that in itself is struggle. This is why the understanding that it is not inferior to struggle is important. As long as you are judging something you are struggling against to be negative, then you are resisting it. This barrier of resistance stops you seeing what you are resisting clearly. This is because the only thing you are ever resisting is yourself and resistance is a denial of that.

The very idea of struggle is one of experiencing a separation between yourself and what you are struggling against. It is a medium of separation. The more you struggle the more you are denying that what you are struggling against is you. To release struggle is to see that your struggle is an aspect of your being that you are resistant to experiencing. The more you resist something the less clearly you see it. This lack of clarity, this clouding, is what allows the resistance to exist.

resistance is manifest in the belief in the need for effort. The resistance in yourself and the resistance that you feel in reality are one. By coming to see the beliefs you have in the necessity of struggle, you will discover your internal resistance. Sometimes we can blind ourselves to something internally, but when we look externally it becomes obvious. This is to come to experience reality as a teacher instead of an obstacle. When you allow in the idea that all struggle is simply the manifestation of your own resistance, then your struggle becomes your clarity, because it tells you about your being.

The obstacles that you meet in reality are the manifestation of walls within your own being. To come across an external obstacle is then to gain insight into a boundary within your story. Develop your inner sense of resistance so that you can recognize when you are struggle in your life. The more sensitive you become to being resistant, the quicker you can stop feeding that resistance with your energy. To become aware of your resistance is to disperse it, and allow in the change that it was blocking.

The very effort that you put into pushing against an obstacle is the exact energy that creates the obstacle. As this becomes clearer it is seen that the actual obstacle which you are struggling against is the effort that you are expending. You are only ever pushing against yourself. Reality is the reflection of the energy you are putting out. When you resist, reality resists you. When you push, reality pushes against you. When you allow your being, reality allows your unfolding; this is felt as being supported in your choices.

To see your reality clearly is to see it without the distortion of resistance. To allow your reality is to see your reflection in it clearly. Allow your reality by accepting that it is you that creates it. If you cease to resist reality you will come to see that you are choosing it with love, for it is with love that you are exploring being. The experience of suffering flows from the rejection of your reality, which is the rejection of your choice to be. To reject reality is to stand outside of your power of choice, the essence of what you are. That which hurts, enslaves, or limits you externally, is a reflection of how you are doing this to yourself through your beliefs about, and feeling for, your own being.

To see an obstacle as a symbol of your resistance is to release that resistance. What was an obstacle becomes a teacher. It is to see that all obstacles are reflections of your being; by seeing them as such you are better coming to see yourself. When you realize that the only force that is pushing against you is you, then you are empowered to release the limitation it represents. You can only let go of what you acknowledge you are creating. To reject something is to resist it. To acknowledge your unity with something is to allow it. That which you allow unfolds. To acknowledge that you are the creator of your own barriers, is to experience them dispersing in the motion of their own unfolding; their unfolding is your unfolding. Your reality is the energy of the love that you are cloaked inside of your resistance.

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