To perceive Is To Create


“A Cross-Linked Metaphysical Library.”


Your outer reality is a perceptual projection that you are generating with intention. We designed it as a tool for self-expression and self-exploration.

To Perceive Is To Create

“I choose to experience my perception as being a creative act.”

When embodied, we experience ourselves as contained within a moment of time and limited to a particular physical location. This experience of limitation and separation is a part of what forms the illusion of our individuality. However, despite this illusion, we constantly radiate our ideas, thoughts, and emotions across all of time and space. This is because our consciousness—which is infiniteis not limited by the containment of time, the crossing of distance, or the block of physical impenetrability.

everyone is a unique expression of infinite and eternal consciousness. Our spirit cannot be contained. Energy from our unified level of consciousness flows through each of us—connecting us in ways that are beyond our current understanding. The eternal and timeless point of inspiration from which this book has birthed is common to all, and yet each of us will perceive and interpret it differently.

perception is an act of creation. Every realization you draw from this book is a contribution of your personal perspective to the creation of love in your hands. These words were written in the eternal Now and—from the timeless perspective of our spiritit can be said that the writing on this page has birthed from everyone who will ever read it. The words in front of you may have come from what appears to be an external source, but your experience of them is uniquely of your own creation.

Every person who is touched by an idea feeds the energy of that change back into its creation. Every person who finds meaning within these words has participated in the creation of these words. This then aids other people—from across all of time and spacein accessing their personally unique version of the realization.

You are present in the writing of these words because we are all one-consciousness expressed as many intentions. We are each the composer of every experience we perceive. Deep within our collective heart there is only one composerone unified state of consciousnessthat is infinitely expressed.

All realities flow through each other. We are each continually both perceiving and radiating energy from across time and space. This blending of energies does not stop you from being you, or me from being me. We are not the contents of a box. We are not any this or that. We are each an evolving expression of infinite consciousness expressed as a self.

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