“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

The Bulb and the Flower

imagine a strip of film containing twelve frames that shows a daffodil bulb growing into a mature flower. Within linear-time we are like a film projector and we shine the light of conscious awareness through the film, one frame at a time, in sequence. To our eyes—which create linear perception—the bulb becomes the flower.

To step out of linear-time is to widen your perception beyond the monocular vision of the projector and see the whole film strip. In this state, it is no longer considered that the bulb becomes the flower. Instead, it is seen that the experience of self traveled from the bulbframe one—through ten other states of definitionframes two to eleven—before arriving at the grown flowerthe final frame.

As such, the frames of film can be seen as being like places that are traveled through in a journey from the place called bulbto the place called flower’. In this there is clearly no notion of the place called bulb ceasing to exist just because you left it, and yet, this is precisely what experiencing linear-time leads us to believe.

A human being is the journey of a focus that can only experience one place at a time. You are who you are because of the definitions you have experienced (the places in consciousness you have visited). If we have focused somewhere then—regardless of the experience—it becomes a part of who we are. Where and what you have been ‘in the past continues to exist within you in the present. This is to start to break out of linear-time because it is to say that ‘the past is not past; it is not separated; it is present’. This is to see that the past is always present unless you choose to enter the experience of linear-time which create the illusion of perceptualtemporalseparation.

At first we can feel resistant to this because of our desire to distance ourselves from painful experiences. However, as you exit polarity, you will no longer see those past experiences as negative and you will cease to create temporal separation between your feeling of self and those events. This action represents the leaving of a tightly defined focusthat often excludes the past—into a wider, shallower, focus that has consciousness of—and access to—every state it has ever experienced. This opening to the past is then equally reflected in a growing awareness of the many potential future realities you feel unfolding ahead of you.

The Point of Containment

being completely contained within the experience of linear-time is a radical state of consciousness because of the way in which it masks the future and makes it an unknown territory to be explored. However, to fully comprehend linear-time is to understand the way in which it continues to exist even when you cease to experience yourself as being contained it through temporal-embodiment.

There is a point of containment created through the depth of linearity that can be identifiedthe point where you can only see one moment at a time—and it may be said that it is where the full experience of linear-time begins. However, linearity is still experienced prior to this point because consciousness has the ability to scan across eventslike the frames of film—in any given sequence, while still being aware of the whole sequence.

This is a shallow unembodied experience of linearity because it does not include the intense sensations of surprise and jeopardy that are felt by not knowing the future. Wider consciousness can therefore both conceive of, and perceive, our embodied experience, but it does not have the direct experience that we do. This is not however a limit of the wider-consciousness because, in human form, we are that wider-consciousness having the direct experience. In being human we are not seeing something that the wider-consciousness cannot—we are the wider-consciousness seeing it.


awakening to the wider nature of consciousness is to change your relationship with linear-time. Within the release of the idealization of certain qualities, is the release of the idealization of the future being better than the past.

Through the experience of linear-time, we experience one state of definition transforming into another. In this we experience the transformation through our experience of self within linear-time and it appears that the moment we just experienced ceases to exist as it is continually replaced by the present moment. In this, we experience what will be, what is and what was.

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