Time Is An Illusion


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All events exist simultaneously. Time is a marker point for events and there is no innate sequence to the infinite events that exist as potential to be experienced. To live within the perception of linear-time is to choose to experience your life as an evolving chain of experiences whose chosen sequence produces meaning.

When in linear-time, events are perceived to be irrevocably left behind after being experienced (frozen in the past), and the future is seen to be an infinitely vast unknown, with events only felt to be potentials that may or may not happen.

many meaningful qualities arises from linear-time (despite it being created by a tight / limited focus). The most potent qualities are anticipation, surprise, expectation, and jeopardy (which is a core facet of fear).

Without the focus of linear-time the journey of your life would not be experienced. Linear time is not a discrete state. It is a dimensional quality like any other perception of separation. It can be experienced in either deep or shallow ways.

Time Is An Illusion

To understand this reality and how it arises within The-One-Self is to not only release the experience of separation between self and other, it is to release the separation of past and future. To release the feeling of separation from others is an emotional journey of becoming ever more inclusive. This is a part of the human design. Coming to release the separation of self across the moments of linear-time is also an emotional journey, however, initially it is usually experienced as a confrontation of the rational mind.

time as an illusion can be understood by logical means but, in being such a different model of reality, you must unlearn certain limiting ideas in order to comprehend it. At the core of these is letting go of the idea of cause and effect by seeing how this concept describes two polarized ends of one event, rather than two independent events (the first of which is perceived to have caused the second).

All events are simultaneously present withinthe infinite matrix’. It contains every potential moment of time. As such, the infinite matrix does not exist within the experience of time, instead, it contains the experience of time. All time exists within the infinite matrix. As such, consciousness uses a moving / evolving selective focus upon the infinite matrix to create the experience of linear-time. The selection defines a moment of self.

linear time is a choice to experience the meaning that arises out of a particular sequence of events by tracing a path through them. This is achieved through a shifting pattern of consciousnesswhich is defined by unconsciousnessthat creates and releases experiences in sequence. This sequence of experiential moments are perceived as the passing of time.

What we—as individuals within linear-timecall past and future both exist simultaneously in the present moment, we are just perceiving them from a perceptual vantage point that gives rise to the quality of feeling separated from them by time. Our consciousness forms chains of experiential moments that collectively create the sensation of an individuated self moving through linear-time.


understanding that time is an illusion requires a fundamental change to the generally accepted understanding of life.

All events exist simultaneously. They only play out over time when viewed through a lens of separation that leads events to appear to be a linear, unfolding chain of causality.

To release cause and effect is to release blame.

experiencing events over linear-time creates an additional perspective on them that is not present when they are viewed simultaneously. Like all forms of separation, linear-time is both a valuable and meaningful illusion.

The idea of the-unknown future that exists within the quality of linear-time is a powerful concept that creativeimaginativeideas can be projected onto. These can be fear-based, anxiety provoking thoughts, or fantasies that you are excited to potentially experience.

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