Three circles of human Consciousness


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

The Three Circles of Human Consciousness

Biological evolution shows us that we were not created in our current form but, along with all life on Earth, we emerged as a physically expressed instinct into the condition we experience as life. What biological evolution does not show us is the evolution of physicality from something that was fluid, dream-like, responsive, and inconsistent into something that is more fixed, persistent, limiting, and consistent.

Early humanity, prior to emergence of the mind as a driving force, was a fully integrated part of the animal realm. This was a state of physical expression through differentiationnot separation—and we possessed an instinctual knowing of the cycles of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Our perceptual separation from the animal realm came through our choice to experience separation through fear. While an animal’s feeling of self is heavily identified with its group, we became self-identified with our personal mind-body relationship.

This shift of identification from a wide viewpoint to a narrow one is the shift from a shallow experience of individuality to one that is so deep that it contains you (through separation). This is where our currently perceived idea of the human experience begins but, strictly speaking, the prior phase from unified-consciousness to physical containment is a part of the human journey.

The human experience has three phases of consciousness:

  1. The journey from the unified-state to containment.
  2. The beginning of containment to its peak and then forward to the exiting of containment.
  3. The exiting of containment and return to the unified-state.

The collective state is now gradually beginning to exit containment. This is like waking up from a long, deep dream and is quite disorientating due to the way fear is released in this process. This book seeks to guide you through awakening, such that you may experience entering the next phase of human consciousness with awareness and clarity—rather than confusion.

Physical and Mental Containment

With the introduction of fear, the experience of physicality stops being a purely joyful medium for self-exploration and expression, and instead becomes something that defines you—with that definition containing your sense of identity through limits created by fear-based beliefs. This leads you to see the mind and body you personally experience as what you individually are—rather than seeing the whole of humanity as expressions of a shared, unified-state of consciousness.

The point of physical and mental containment creates a radical shift in how reality and self are experienced. It is the beginning of a new cycle. Equally, to exit this containment is to once again radically alter your perception of both reality and self through coming to no longer experience them as separate. These two distinct points, along with the distinct change in experience that is felt when the unified-consciousness enters into—and exitsdifferentiation at the beginning—and end—of the entire Earth experience, defines three phases of humanity that could be called, pre-human (phase one), embodied-human (phase two) and post-human (phase three or after-life).

The containment that is experienced in the human phase arises from fear-based beliefs operating within the mind. To enter the third circle of human consciousness is not to step out of your mind—it is to free it through a transformation of perception such that it does not contain you. This is not a state of no-mind. When freed from containment, the mind that we have evolved through fearthat did not exist in the first phase—is an extraordinary ally in your post-human experience.

Reflective Beliefs

Most wild animals, despite possessing a level of individuation, are better understood as being individuated at collective levels. This tends to be strongest at the level of the pack / pod / flock / group, but extends to the whole species.

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