The undivided Experience


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The Undivided Experience

The dual nature of the human experience is most clearly understood when it is seen through the understanding of ‘what reality is like when the two faces of consciousness and physicality are experienced as one’.

imagine physicality being responsive to your experience of consciousness—perhaps a dreamlike reality where objects appear and disappear according to whatever you are visualizing within your consciousness. Take this further by imagining physicality and consciousness feeling entirely connected—such that when any vision in your consciousness moves, so too your experience of physicality moves.

Next imagine that this connection is not physicality responding to your imagination and it is not that the visualization becomes the physical reality—instead it is that a visualization of physicality within consciousness is physicality. The idea of a chair does not become a chair—it is the chair.

To perceive physicality and consciousness as an undivided experience is to step out of the linearity of cause and effect and experience your perception as creative and simultaneous—rather than as a passive observation of an external moment that passes. When it is understood that physicality is not a response to consciousnessbut is consciousness physically manifest—then physicality can no longer be experienced as a form of confinement.

When perceived as unified with consciousness, physicality is a joyful, creative tool of self-expression—where physicality is capable of expressing the freedom of consciousness, just as readily as it can be used to express feelings of imprisonment or physical limitation.

You not contained by linear-time and physicality, but they are a powerful reflectionfull of meaning—which you have chosen to explore. This can be hard to believe when you are entrenched in a painful experience that you feel imprisoned or limited by. That pain represents a way in which you have—through your beliefs—separated yourself from the freedom that you are. As you transform these beliefs, you will come to understand why you chose to perceive reality through them.

The purpose of being human is not to ‘fix’ its divided nature (consciousness and physicality). The purpose of being human is to experience being human. However, reunifying this divided perception is an incredible journey of awakening that occurs through remembering the wider state of existence.

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