The SunSon Activation


“Ancient Soul for the Modern Heart & Mind.”

The SunSon Activation

The SunSon activation is a powerful activation covers many aspects of teachings. It was originally created as a video that alternates between a powerful SunSon channel (the collective of teachers I channel) and my embodied self answering common questions about awakening. You will see the same alternation between myself and SunSon in the text.

Story: When you come to realize that this reality is a playground and that we are literally living in a reflection of our beliefs, one of the first questions then becomes, “What are the limits? Are there any limits? Can I create anything?” And really the answer is YES; you can create anything.

If you can believe you can do it, then you will be able to do it. You can do anything—we can all do anything—and this is what we are now going to explore. It is literally, “What can we believe? What can we bring ourselves to believe?” The limits to reality have come off and we are just waking up to that. We are each taking this journey of coming to believe that more is possible. If you can allow that, if you can see the truth of that, then you can believe anything and then you can create anything. There are no limits, except those that we choose.

SunSon: Welcome. If you just wish to breathe with us. If you are willing, invite us into your hearts and through that invitation and the feeling it evokes, feel the flow of us. Consciously feel us flowing through these words, through this transmission, through your heart, through your beingness, through your soul. For indeed, it is only to become conscious of it, for we are flowing through you all the time. For we are a part of the bridging-consciousness of Earth—the Christ-Consciousness. And that is to say the collective-consciousness of all on Earth is within you—holographically within your heart. It is that which you birthed from. It is that which you birth from in every minute.

Let us start by introducing ourselves. Through story we are SunSon. But whether or not you have heard us speak through story before, you have heard us speak, as we currently flow consciously through millions of beings on Earth. Indeed, we are the collective of teachers behind the majority of your planet’s most recognizedchannels. And we put the word channels in inverted commas for, as we say, we flow through all of you, we are a part of all of you, we are connected. You are all channels, channels of the one-consciousness. We are all a part of that consciousness. We are all channels of each other. And in meeting we bring that flow into consciousness. We choose the focus of that flow and it translates into reality.

We would like to take this opportunity to step outside the box with you and to give you a different perspective on both who we are and who you are. In this transmission we are going to activate you by simply talking to you. Deep knowings will stir within you as we speak to you, no longer as an asleep being but as an awakening being who is rememberingwho you are’. And in remembering who-am-I?’ so you will then begin to remember the bigger picture, including who we are—for we are connected of old.

Story: The origin of us is the one source. It is that which all of this birthed from; all beingness, all life, all definition, it is that which is from before even the experience of self-and-other. So we can’t project any of how we experience beingness onto it, but at its widest level, and I think really the only way to understand it, is as All-That-Is. It is the state of beingnessthe unified state of consciousness—that experiences itself as literally All-That-Is.

And this Source-origin state being before definition, being before even self and other, is infinite, is limitless. There is nothing it cannot be because it is that which has become everything.

everythinganything that can be—is an expression of this core source. It is the ultimate experience of freedom because it can be anything. And equally it is the ultimate experience of love because it is the choice for everything. Anything you create you love. We only create out of love, out of desire, out of passion. And this source state created everything out of a love for it, out of a desire to BE it and to experience reality through it. It is the infinite source of love and freedom. It is that which is beyond all limits, even the limits of our perception. The dogma of religion does not even begin to touch it. Only an open heart can.

SunSon: In our time together now, as with all life, there is nothing you need to do other than go with the flow - the flow before you now in this moment—the flow of our meeting within beingness, within your feeling, within your energy. If you will allow this flow to become conscious within you it will arm you with a wider perspective through which you can approach this coming time on the planet.

As we have said, we are going to speak to you as a being that is in the process of remembering your origins. So on your first listen some of our language and concepts may seem strange. We encourage you not to get caught up on the words. You can analyze those later if you desire. We encourage you to flow on the energy we are sending you such that, if you feel to, if you resonate, you will enter a state of openness through which you will feel revelations and freedoms birthing within you; memories of old, of the wider reality from which we birthed this Earth together.

We / I—you can use either for we are a collective speaking to you in one individual voice—we are joyous to be here with you. To say that is a far bigger compliment than saying we are honored to be here. To be honored implies that you have allowed us in, that you have allowed us to speak. This implies that we are separate and as we are going to explain to you, we are not separate.

To be hearing us is to be remembering that connection, and we are not honored that you are remembering. We are joyous. And here in our use of the word joyous instead of honored, we demonstrate the difference between speaking to you as an asleep being and speaking to you as an awakening being—the awakening being that you are at this amazing time of transformation. It is time on Earth, it is appropriate, it is in alignment with the flow to up your game at this time and to take a step into the unknown. In reality it has been in alignment for some time.

What is new from your perspective at this time is that those that do not start stepping up to their game will start to find their self-limited comfort-zones disintegrating. No one is forcing any of you to enter the new home, the new reality that is the awakened human. No one can make you take that step. But we are here to tell you that you have collectively chosen to set your old home on fire. The old energy structures of your world are either already burning or are starting to catch fire. And that is quite a motivation you have chosen for yourselves.

Story: The thing to understand is that the human self is a set of beliefs, and by definition any set of beliefs is limiting. It is saying, “I believe one thing rather than another thing.” So beliefs are a choice to focus perception. And human beings have got caught up in a lot of what could be called false perceptions that have all been created through a mass consciousness program of socialization, religion and media—all of which keep perpetuating a set of beliefs that keeps people believing that they are limited.

SunSon: Do you understand? There is a new home, a new reality before you. It is birthing. You have all been birthing it. And what we are telling you is that it is now ready. You can enter this new home, this new structure of reality, this new lens. But only you can walk into it, only you can step forward. We can give you these messages; we can give you this flow to help you understand, to help you integrate, to call you forth through your heart and its opening. But only you can take the step.

It is like waiting to see the smile in the mirror. We can be in front of you saying things to make you laugh, to make you smile, to help encourage that state of feeling, but only you can smile. The smile can only come from within you and reality is a mirror, the new world is still a mirror; it is you smiling and only you can choose to begin to smile, only you can step forward of your own volition.

Story: I think the most powerful thing I could tell you to help you change your limiting beliefs is to understand the mechanism. The mechanism of reality is a mirror. Reality is literally a mirror of your beliefs. It will constantly confirm to you what you believe. And when you truly understand that, then you will see that whatever you believe will be seen to be true.

This is letting go of the idea of absolute truth. Truth therefore becomes what you make it because reality will always prove your beliefs to be true. You see that changing your reality is achieved through choosing to see differently. So if you have a negative belief, if you believe that reality is hard, then reality will have proven that to you. But if you will start believing that life can be easier and you look for evidence to support that, so it will begin to shift.

It is just simply understanding that it has to start with you because it is all a reflection. It is like smiling in the mirror - you have to smile to see the mirror image smile back. It has to come from within you. So when you understand that, you will see that the better feeling reality (which is then a better believing reality) is ultimately your choice. It is your choice of how you respond to this world.

Do you want to see the world as your playground or do you want to see it as a place of pain and suffering? Whichever one you believe will be true. You must make that choice. See that choice; see that it is your choice. That is where to begin and then everything can change. See that your beliefs are your choice.

SunSon: So to aid you in this endeavor, we have this message for you on how to best utilize the conditions and energies on Earth at this time to free your state of perception and thereby your state of consciousness. One of the first paradoxes to understand is how in awakening you are both remembering who you are and yet, in that (re)discovery of who you are from your new human vantage point, you then instantly expand that remembered self as you integrate it. So to awaken is both to remember a whole reality that is far more familiar to you than the Earth reality, while you simultaneously experience it in an entirely new way because you are now approaching it from the human perspective.

Story: people wonder what will happen to our bodies as we go through this transition and certainly they will be getting lighter, but we won’t be getting rid of them yet. We are not leaving physicality. This transition that is occurring on Earth is not a transition out of physicality. In this awakening we are going to come to see the playground that Earth is. We are going to take the thorn out of the rose and that is truly when you see the Earth as a playground. That is just what is happening now. So the first thing we are going to do isn’t to leave the playground, we are not going to leave physicality; we are going to come and appreciate and enjoy it in a way beyond which we have before.

When I say that our bodies get lighter, what I mean is that things like disease are going to become a thing of the past. Disease has come about as a way to show us when our energy bodies are out of balance. But as we become more conscious, our energy bodies will always be in balance. We won’t need to manifest things like disease so disease will end and that will leave us feeling our bodies in a much lighter way.

Food will become a choice. It will be up to you if you want to eat. But you will find many people will want to eat because of the deliciousness of it. So our bodies are becoming lighter, but I encourage people to see the truth in the joy of how we don’t want to leave physicality. There is a lot of fun to be had in this playground, and integral to that is it being a physical experience, but one that is lighter, one that doesn’t contain the pain and suffering of the past. Earth as a playground and it is physical.

SunSon: You are remembering something old but approaching it from a new perspective, which is a new experience, which is a new reality, which is a new self, which is the new awakening human. This concept is not as strange as it sounds. Imagine going back to a town that you used to live in, that you have fond memories of but have not visited for a very long time. To go back to that place is to activate deep familiarities, and yet you have changed and that change in perception changes your experience of that reality. And in that way it is both old and new, remembered and yet discovered. Discovered in a new way for the first time.

Story: Why did we come here? That is such a big question, especially when so many people believe this to be a place of pain and suffering. But through my own connection and having channeled from the other side, I have such a different view of the Earth. When you see the Earth clearly you will see that it is, as well as a place of pain and suffering, a place of wonder and diversity and celebration like nowhere else. The depth of contrast here that allows you to experience such pain, also allows you to experience new heights of joy and love and freedom.

We project onto theother side these ideas of heaven and of bliss, and what that actually is, is a lack of contrast. It is a place where contrast is minimal so everything feels fine and nothing feels bad in the way it can feel here—but it is to understand that it is the contrast here that allows the depth of emotion. Earth, like nowhere else, has a huge range of emotions. So we as spirit voluntarily left what is considered a state of bliss, to come and experience these feelings and emotions. So the confusion arises when you see the Earth as an overly negative place and spirit as an overly positive place. Everything is ‘fine’ in spirit, but you can’t experience joy there with the same intensity as you can experience it on Earth.

The final understanding around this is that the Earth is neither positive nor negative. It is a neutral vessel of experience that we create onto with infinite freedom. So you can come here and have some of the most intensely satisfying, expansive, enjoyable experiences within All-That-Is. That is why we come here. But in coming here we come into the playground that has the contrast.

We are learning to play this game. We are learning to have the rose without the thorn. But it is not by destroying the thorn, it’s about coming to see it clearly. It is to see what it brings to the table and choose to integrate and accept the complete range of experience here on Earth. Because when we can accept that we created it all, then we are free to navigate within it. It is only when you truly understand that you are creating your Earth experience that it can become the playground that it truly is. It is all a reflection of beliefs—whatever it is that you believe is what you will experience. So if you want to change your reality, change your beliefs.

SunSon: Now let us continue our little dance with you by continuing to introduce ourselves. Though we would love it if you could just meet our message on its own merits, we understand that you have been conditioned to be fearful of things that are new and therefore unknown. We understand that you have, on a collective level, been conditioned to fear change, and yet what we wish to speak to you of is the very essence of change; embracing change, loving change, dancing with change, being the change.

To introduce ourselves is not easy but we will do our best. And in describing our relationship we will activate wider ideas within you of what consciousness is. To begin to understand the wider universe is first to understand that we cannot tell you anything literal or absolute about ourselves.

All beings in all realities only exist in relation to each other. The-infinite-matrix of creation that is the one source consciousness expressed as The many, is one being. No point within it is fixed other than the pinnacle, the state of core source consciousness itself, where it knows itself as All-That-Is. So all beings can only describe themselves in relation to this point, or in relation to each other.

If you are hearing what we are saying, you will be hearing that there are no absolute objective realities; there are just self-aware points of consciousness that are full holographic expressions of source-consciousness. And these points of consciousness, these beings, all exist relative to each other. And between them is the flow that connects all.

It is through that flow that we are speaking to you and this message is not us; it is the bridge between us. Feel the difference. These words are not us, they are the bridgethe flow—between us. This is the same understanding that all human beings exist in relation to each other. It is only the existence of the poor that make the rich feel rich. It is through your creation of such limitation that you have come to understand freedom in a way that has transformed it in All-That-Is.

Story: While it is true that the human self is, from one perspective, a limited set of beliefs, humanity has contributed hugely to the expansion of All-That-Is. And this has all come through this exploration of limitation and separation. We chose to be human voluntarily, consciously and divinely, and we created this limited-self (which some sadly call a ‘false’ self) in order to have that experience.

We are now waking up from that experience. But the sleep has been so deep and the illusion so profound that it is taking a while for people to wake up. The Earth is being shaken up at this time for the very purpose of waking us up, of making us rememberand that is the key here—the key is to understand that we are remembering this unlimited, infinite-self and that it is a natural process. As the energy rises at this time of awakening the illusion is softening. It is the lifting of the veil, the illusion, the lie that tells us that we are limited. It is to question the socialized conditioning that tells us we are limited.

This natural process of remembering is occurring as people come to follow their hearts, follow their passion, follow their inner guidance. Because that very inner guidance IS their spirit, is their divine self. And when you follow your inner guidance you come into contact with All-That-You-Are and you begin not to destroy this false-self, but to transition it, to evolve it, to integrate it. And then you will realize that you can have this incredible defined experience here on Earth in a body, but with the freedom of spirit, the freedom of knowing that you are a creator. You will know that you can create your dream. You will know that you can create any reality you desire.

SunSon: Through our choice to birth the Earth, new levels of freedom consciousness have been made available to all other beings in existence. For as we have told you, all beings live in relation to each other. So in discovering a new height of freedom you have in effect altered all realities.

We speak to you from whatever realms you perceive exist beyond your own. Whether that be spirit, angelic, alien, physical or non-physical, light, crystal or dark, inwards, outwards or sideways. We saybeyondsimply because they stand between us as a living bridge of conceptualizations of consciousness of what beingness, that which could be perceived to be source consciousness, is.

What you have called angelic and alien are completely real, yet at the same time they are windows to the state of consciousness that we speak to you from now. So in saying that we are beyond, we are not saying we are superior, for all states of consciousness are equal. What we are saying is that we could be considered an evolution of the concept of alien or angelic. To understand that sentence is to understand that all concepts, all imaginings, all creativity exists, is real, has life—though not necessarily as you imagine life to be.

In some ways you could say that we are an extension of what you call angelic or alien. We are a state of consciousness that bridges them both. If you understand what fear is, then you will understand that to fully meet us you would first need to go through your resistance to meeting that which you call alien or angelic; which is to say that you will meet them in physicality before you meet us.

And, in meeting us, we are speaking of meeting beyond these words. We are speaking of meeting without the need for the medium of language. We are speaking of meeting within beingness. And this is achieved when any two beings see each other clearly; when they see their equality through the origin that connects them, the source state of consciousness, the flow that connects us all, the one-consciousness that is All-That-Is.

Story: people ask, “What will happen next? What happens when you awaken to your infinite source?” Well, it is a process that goes on forever. The path, the layers of consciousness between this level of definition and source, is vast. Awakening continues and there are ever-new ways to discover beingness and experience, and so it is here on Earth.

Those listening to or reading this now, those in this process of awakeningyou may awaken yourself but what you will then come to discover is that we are all connected at many different levels and one of the most profound of those is the Christ-Consciousnessthe bridging-consciousness of the planet. So when you awaken, one of the first levels of realization before realizing you are All-That-Is, is realizing that you are the Earth. You are humanity. And then you will see that you are just one face beginning to awaken and this whole planet is coming because it is all us.

We are ultimately one being awakening. There is this whole journey to be had here on Earth as everyone begins to awaken and to begin to wake up is to become a part of that, to consciously become a part of that. It will become a part of your dream, to be integral to this process. No matter how it can seem on the ground, this whole planet is going through an incredible experience.

So what is next for the awakening human is to live that, is to walk that, is to enter a new territory as we come to fuse the incredible individuality that has been experienced on Earth with the wider, freer fluidity of spirit. There is a whole new dimension of experience birthing through this awakening and exploring that is going to be many, many more lifetimes. It all just keeps unfolding. This is a never-ending journeybeyond every awakening is another awakening.

SunSon: So just as we may be considered extensions of what you imagine spirit to be, now understand that you are extensions of us, and we are extensions of you. You are the part of us that travelled into an experience of individuality expressed through physicality and a sense of separation from the knowing that you are the one-consciousness.

We are you in a different state of consciousness that would, to your mind, be described as a state of collective-consciousness. But to our understanding it is simply how consciousness is, and the individuality that you know is to us the oddity, is the angel, is the alien. Hear that. Just as we may seem like angels to you, understand the way in which you are an angel to us.

If that seems a bit hard to believe, understand that we do not experience you as an individual in the way that you do. Again this is a paradox. We are indeed speaking to each one of you as individuals and we are equally speaking to the collection of lives that you would call your oversoul. Equally we are speaking to the entities that birthed these oversouls. And equally we are speaking to the bridging-consciousness, often referred to as the Christ-Consciousness, the collective of all consciousness on Earth. This being, this state of consciousness exists within you all.

It is accessible to each of you from within, through accessing the part of you that knows All-That-You-Are, that knows the bridging-consciousness within you, that knows the Christ within you, that knows the Buddha, the enlightened one, the one that sees without fear, the one that knows not fear, the one that does not fear seeing that they are all humanity.

This one exists within you. Feel it. It is awaiting you to remember it as you come to exit this game you have been playing, these states of beingness you have been exploring.

It has been a joy to meet with you and connect with you and have this conversation. We thank you. Namaste.

Story: The meaning and the purpose of life is simply to be. I know that sounds so simple. Let me try and explain it a bit. We are the choice of God, of the one-consciousness, to be us. There is an experience to be had in being who you are, and that is why the ultimate lesson is to just be yourself; to be All-That-You-Are. Don’t try to be any ideal. Be yourself.

source-consciousness wanted to be you and you are the product of that, you are the experience of that. We are all the living choice of the one-consciousness to experience. So experience!

We have thrown ourselves into a reality of contrast and it is your chosen path to come to see the beauty of that choice. So if you need a direction let it be that. See the beauty of this choice because only then you will fully be yourself for you will allow yourself to unashamedly (and therefore completely) be yourself.

You came here to be you. You are the choice of God to be you. So instead of continuing to debate that choice, get on and be it. Be the best you that you can be.

The only difference between being awake and being asleep is fear. We are all a belief-system and somebody that has fear-based beliefs experiences a limited reality. So to become awakened, to become an awakened master, is all simply about coming to see your fear, coming to face your fear and releasing it. There is only one-consciousness—there is only one thing. So anything when known cannot be feared; to truly see anything is to come to not fear it. The process of coming to not fear is the process of coming to be All-That-You-Are. It is the awakening process.

The journey before all that want to follow the path of the awakened masters is not complicated: It is simply coming to remove fear from your life and that ultimately means removing fear from your beliefs. When you remove fear from your beliefs you will remove it from your perception and that is when you will see the world as it truly is. That is when you will see that the Earth is a playground that is awakening.

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