The Resistive Force


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The Resistive Force

Our being is limitless. It is free. There is no external force that limits who you are or where you can go. The reasons why we limit ourselves are all meaningful and well chosen. It is through these choices that we explore and unfold the realization of our being. To truly experience limiting ourselves we had to forget that it was a choice that we were making. Without this forgetting we would have remained in contact with our unity to all things and the safety of what we are. We would not have experienced the depths of the illusion of separation from which so much has birthed. By nature we like to challenge ourselves; this is why we came here.

What was needed was a way of separating aspects of being such that we could experience being individuated. How could we stop ourselves as limitless beings using that complete freedom? What was needed was a feeling that could be associated with whatever aspect we wanted to separate from, such that when we felt that feeling we backed out of that area of being—something that could be the energetic equivalent of a physical barrier. The feeling that we created through this intention is what we now experience as fear.

There is nothing that limits you but your own fear. All that appears to limit you is but a manifestation of your fear. All fear is a wound as it represents shutting off of an aspect of all being from the experience of your individuated being. Any wound that we bear creates events that reveal it to us in different lights and from different angles. wounds are reflected in our reality by manifesting in any situation to which they relate. This is the basis of repeating patterns in life. It is the energy of our wounds expressing themselves as they seek resolution. This is a part of the motion of the unfolding. That which is wounded seeks its release through healing. Aspects of your being that you have shut off from your consciousness seek to be re-integrated. All consciousness seeks wholeness.

wounds are the illusion that you are not whole. You are whole. The unfolding is the motion towards this realization. The unfolding naturally reveals that what you have separated from is a part of you. It leads us to the realization that what we believe is not us, is us, for we are all; we are God. All that you fear is you—a part of your being you are rejecting. The only thing you ever fear is yourself—the realization of All-That-You-Are. All that is outside you is a reflection of you. There is nothing you need to fear. There are many experiences, such as violation, that I would not recommend, but this does not mean that they need to be feared.

fear is a tool used to create our sense of definition. It is the tool we have used to separate being through the experience of duality that it creates. The scale of love-fear is the closest expression we have of the base polarity from which all others stem. It is the perception through which we can separate self from other, and it is the perception through which we can unify self and other. To release this polarity, and see through duality, is to see that there is nothing to fear. All that you experience is the manifestation of your own being. There is nothing out there but an infinitely unfolding reflection of you—of God.

Your mind tells you that you understand what it is that you fear through the label you attach to it—the definition you have written on the shield which represents the fear. The definition says something like: “I fear being left. I fear being hurt. I fear having my heart broken. I fear getting my hopes up. I fear losing my money. I fear being attacked. I fear death.” However, by definition, you do not know what you fear. All fears are self-created illusions. All fears are meaningful delusions, through which we define and express our story.

To fear something is to have separated yourself from it. If you knew what you have separated yourself from (and to know something is to see it with clarity) then you would know it is you (you would experience your unity with it) and you would therefore not fear it. To know something is to not fear it. Anything that you know, you cannot fear, as to know it is to see that it is you. To know you are God is to not fear what you are. Therefore, you do not know what you fear: that is how you can fear it. All fear is of the unknown; that is a definition for fear. Fear causes us to not see what we fear clearly, hence it is not known, and hence it is feared. Fear is that which clouds; it is the opposite of clarity.

A fear is a belief in the danger that will erupt if its shield is let down—if the fear is faced. shields are the definition of a fear—the boundary that defines a wound. A fear is what you came up with to convince yourself to keep an area of your being shut down. Fears are not real because they deny that what is being shut down is a part of you. They are real in that reality reflects your beliefs to you and the walls of your fears are beliefs. This is the conundrum. Fear is self-enforcing. Through your belief in the validity of a fear you create experiences that confirm it. To be free of a fear is to see through the illusion of it. Sometimes this can be to directly realize it is not true, and see that what lies on the other side of its shield is part of your being—a part of your freedom. At other times it can be that you become so frustrated by the limitation of a fear that you are willing to accept what you fear happening in order to be free of it. Either way the action is the same. It is to cease to resist what you fear. It is to cease trying to stop what you fear happening. It is to cease blocking the unfolding and that is to let what will be, be.

To step into a fear is to step into one of your barriers. It is to cease to let the barrier be a barrier to your consciousness. It is to bring your awareness to an area that you previously feared experiencing. This is the allowance of your being—the allowance of vulnerability. It is to step back into nakedness, for it is to put down a shield. It is to drop the fig leaf and step back into the freedom that Eden represents.

allowance of this feeling of vulnerability will transform fear into strength. It is to see that to allow yourself to be vulnerable is to be strong, and that to feel the need to bare physical strength is to fear being vulnerable. This is to see through a polarity—to see the strength in being vulnerable. It is to see how the two ends of the polarity are the same. It takes the greatest strength to allow yourself to be defenseless. It is to see that all shields are weapons and that all weapons are fear—defense is attack. The feeling of strength in vulnerability is the returning of the part of your being that you were separated from within the illusion. It is to return to an aspect of your freedom—to step out of a cage.

To allow vulnerability is to realize you are invulnerable, as it is to be without fear. Suffering comes through fear. Without fear in your being, to give suffering a foothold, you will experience safety. The allowance of vulnerability is to step into your fear. When you step into your fear you release it, for only one of two things can happen; either what you fear does not happen, and you realize it was unfounded, or what you were fearing does happen, and you realize that not only can you cope with it but it is the healing of a wound, and you are liberated. Either way the fear is released. Either way you experience more of the freedom that you are.

Put down your shields to heal your wounds. Face your fears to realize that there is no danger ‘out there’. There is only you and you are love. You do not know what you fear. The only way to truly discover what you fear is to go into it. It is not wrong to fear. Fear is but the choice to deny your own freedom.

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