The release of Separation


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The Release of Separation

This message is generally known as the SunSet channel as it was recorded with great excitement in front of an incredible Laguna Beach sunset on Jan 31st 2014. Having just moved to Laguna Beach I had been planning to record a ‘sunset channel’ for a while and with the sky poised for something spectacular I set up a single camera and felt Seth’s energy around.
Seth’s energy was partially merged with Hektr’s (who first came through just two weeks earlier) thus I mostly use ‘we’ when speaking, though internally it felt far more like an ‘individualized I’ channel than the ‘collective we’ of SunSon. I have therefore used ‘I’ in the text when Seth was referring to himself and Hektr to help differentiate when he was using ‘we’ to refer to either SunSon or himself and the reader.

If you just want to breathe with me and hold a space. I am here with Hektr. We both thought we would do this one together, combining our energies. For indeed, in ways that are beyond the scope of this recording, this is a momentous day, a momentous time. It is a time of awakening. For all of us connected to this world, it is the time of awakening.

The sun is setting; the sun is setting on the world that was.

Of course this is all from a linear point of view, but you are in linear-time, so I will speak to you in these terms. But the understanding is that you will all arrive together in this place you are arriving at, this time of awakening. It may not seem from your current perspective like you will all arrive at the same time, but in time as we know it, time in what is traditionally called the 5th dimension, you all arrive together. But from your vantage points it is elongated over a long period of time, and that perception of time varies for every individual. This is why I can never give you a definite answer about time because it is different for you all.

And you are all having many experiences, multiple experiences, we all are. I am here with you though, to your eyes, I am speaking to you from another dimension, another world, but I am with you; I am connected to you, I am flowing through you.

In this moment I experience this world through you, so yes, the sun is setting on what was, and the sunset is beautiful and what was, was beautiful and is beautiful, and will be eternally as a place, an experience in the infinite matrix of creation. It will always be available to all and it will always be available to you. So know that though the sun is setting, that which was will continue to be and will continue to be available to you. But from your eyes, from your vantage point it is the old world, the 3D world. It is what was. It is what you are leaving.

So I wish to speak to you of where you are arriving. Many of you are in a rush to arrive; you are starting to sense it, beginning to tap into it, embracing in your hearts the messages that we and SunSon have been relating. We (Hektr and I) are a part of SunSon, this collective of teachers that permeates this world. It is a part of you, we are an extension of you, we are an extension of what you could call the bridging consciousness, the Earth being; the part that was, in a way, always most focused on this time. Drawing this time into being, conjuring it, birthing it, inviting it, being it, embracing it, creating it and walking with it, alive, a moment in creation, a shift in consciousness.

So you are birthing into this new dimension. And what is a dimension? You tend to think of it as a different place, but it is a different level of consciousness, it is a different set of parameters, a different set of rules, a different set of conditions, a different foundation, a different basis to consciousness. It is not somewhere else. You are not leaving the Earth, you are shifting your consciousness. That is what is changing; you are coming closer and closer to the way that we, from our current vantage point, view your world.

So firstly understand that. Imagine all the dimensions as existing on top of each other. This world exists on some level in every dimension and you have been experiencing it in what you have called the 3rd dimension, and you are moving to the 5th. You could think of these different dimensions as colors.

But you see, the thing about your world is that it is the whole spectrum. For we, and I am including you in that, the beings that created this world, created it from across the dimensions, across all known diversity. And though it was encapsulated into the 3D physical linear-time type of game, it brought colors from across the spectrum, and it was to be its own contained experience. But through our desire, through what it birthed, through how much it pushed us all to experience this intensity and this contrast, it pushed us to places beyond our knowing. And this has always seemed a paradox to some.

how can something new be happening on Earth if everything already exists? Where we are going … this shift … has always existed. But we have never experienced it before and the reality you are in is the experience of it. This world … and now this time of awakening … is the experience of what has always been, but it has not been in our consciousness. We are all still exploring the infinite matrix because it is infinite.

And this place you are going - we have been there; that place exists. It is not about and has never been about where you are going. It is the journey. And from your terms, that journey has been from across time, since the beginning. And in other terms, from another closer perspective (for I wish to offer you closer perspectives and not always just this wider perspective) for as Hektr and I now reach to you, we are so close. story is more embodied than ever before and through that, in this moment, we are closer to you than ever before. I am searching for the words to express this feeling, to express this experience.

You are coming where we are and we are you coming here, the 5th dimension. But this transition has not occurred before. This journey has though; you have completed it now many times and we are all playing it again and again in many ways. And each way is new, each journey is new, each step across is new. And we are doing it through this time, this linear-time is elongating it. This shift, this transformation is as we have spoken of extensively, the release of fear.

Again and again you are diving into this time to experience the release of fear. The glorious release of fear. This fear you have cursed and felt cursed by. Again and again you are taking this dance of putting it on and then releasing it, putting it on again to release it. For everything in the universe, all across the dimensions, is relative. It is all relative to each other. This experience we are having in this moment is a moment of relativity across the dimensions.

In a clearer way than ever before it is the bringing of it into consciousness. You could imagine it as jumping between life and death. When someone dies they leave the 3rd and emerge in the 5th. And it is, compared to how you are doing it, like flicking a light switch, like flying down a tunnel. Everything changes in a moment. There is no consciousness revealed in it. It is an experience that just is, that just happens.

You are now going through that space in lives, in life, in embodiment; you are walking through death alive and that is ascension. But you do not leave the Earth, you do not leave your bodies, you do not even leave physicality though its nature will change to your eyes. You are walking across the dimensions. We are walking across the dimensions and it feels like it is for the first time; in some ways it is as if we are seeing through the blueprint for the first time. We are seeing through the plan, we are seeing behind the curtains. Do you see?

The games were created, the dimensions and the different types of game. You could imagine them as different genres of movies. The different genres of movies were created, and all these realities, these worlds, birthed in these genres to live that experience. But they were always separate, they were always defined, and now they are fusing, now they are blending. And in that blending, in stepping across from one game to another, in stepping through the tunnel from within life, there is a way in which we are seeing something new, new to our eyes.

There is a way in which yes, we found ourselves here. But we were the choice to do that. And this remembering, this remembering you are going through, it is not remembering everything. It is remembering to where we are; you are remembering yourself as us, as I, as the angels, the aliens, the beings across the dimensions, the beings that created this world. And you are going to birth that consciousness into your bodies, into your lives.

No more separation. No more not seeing that we are one being.

We are one and that is a realization that feels like love.

The realization we are one is the realization of love. As the fear is released from this planet, which is why what is happening in this world looks so dramatic at this time, so many feel fear; feel fear that it is falling apart. But it is not falling apart. It is the fear being released. And on the other side of that fear is love. And love is the realization that we are one. All of us. All of Earth. And that is the realization that will birth in the mass consciousness, will be the birth of the 5th dimension in the mass consciousness.

To your eyes at this time it is the release of fear that is the best way for most to approach it. I am releasing the fear I am carrying.” And as you release the fear, your hearts open, the love opening within you.

All you need to do is feel this. Know it to be true. Know it to be true; fear is being released from you, from this world, from this time. Fear is being released. Look in the world, it is clear that fear is being released. Know on the other side of that is the love, is the dream, is the nirvana you have all held in your hearts, is the feeling of what is possible; the feeling of what this world would be if everyone felt the love in their hearts that you feel in yours. Well they do for we are one being. It is just that so many have been unconscious of it, and now it is coming into consciousness like the setting sun.

Do you fear, do you fear the sun will stop above the horizon? Of course not! In just the same way, do not fear that this world is not awakening. As reliably as the sun sets, you are all awakening.

It can be no other way. It is happening. The button has been pushed, the choice has been made. You are experiencing it and in experiencing it you are changing it and evolving it. This is the thing to understand. It is inevitable, and yet it is free. It is inevitable and yet within it you are free and you are free not to choose it, so even the inevitability is free. And you are here and you have chosen. And now you are walking through it, and it is changing you, and it is changing all of us. It is changing everything. It is changing all the dimensions.

fear not. Fear not. Fear not. There is nothing to fear. We have spoken of this in the awakening-codes. There is nothing to fear. The 5th dimension, that level of consciousness to you, is you without fear. That is all the 5th dimension is. And it is love. It is love.

love is birthing and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Love is birthing.

There is nothing you can do to stop this world awakening. nothing. In the face of the awakening, if your desire is to stop it, you are helpless, totally helpless. So unless you are one of the ones clinging onto the old, there is nothing to fear. And all that they fear is their own fear, their own pain, their own wounds, and they are us in wounding. But they are not lost, for they are us, and we birth as them to transform that energy. We are all birthing as them to transform that energy and take that journey. They are us in a deeper contrast.

So open your heart, open your heart through this realization of safety. Open your heart through this realization that there is nothing to fear. Open your heart through the realization that there is nothing you need to do. There is so much you can do. But there is nothing, nothing, you need to do. Mission is the old. There is no mission. You are here to be, and you can BE as you choose, just as you choose. This is your time. This is your life. You owe it to no one, but your self.

So do what brings you joy.

So many have this fear that if everyone just did what brought them joy then it would be a life of pain - it makes no sense. Do what you enjoy. People fear that if everyone did what they enjoyed then no one would serve the world. Well story, here before you, is in his joy. He is not doing this to be of service. He is in this moment because it is his joy. Indeed he could only meet this moment in joy, for I would not meet him in sacrifice (service). And you, you will truly see your self when you see the world with love. That is when you will see the world as the playground that it is. Then finally you will give your self the dream in your heart. And indeed that will be a glorious day.

how do you do this? You do it by putting down your fear in all its manifestations: victim energy, blame, possessiveness and jealousy. They are all denials, all denials of the one love, the one source, the one consciousness that we all are. Love is birthing in you my friend.

love is birthing in you. Feel it. The 5th dimension is birthing within you. Awakening is birthing within you. All you have dreamed of is birthing within you. It is inevitable. There is nothing you can do to stop it. So be it.

enjoy it, enjoy this time, enjoy the setting sun, enjoy the time of awakening, for I tell you that there is no greater experience of love than stepping into love from the fear you have cloaked yourself in. Love here in the 5th, that knowing of the connectedness, is the norm and, as I said, everything is relative.

This journey you are taking is special. That specialness is not exclusive, there is only one consciousness and it can be here in this world in this time in whatever form; there are no limits. But you are here now and together we have walked through the eras of this world. We are one being - ultimately as source, but as a world, the Earth being, the bridging consciousness. We are the Earth being. And we have been through the eras of this world and it is all the eras of this world you perceive as past that are integral to the creation of this moment, this time, this experience.

Your world is a wonder. Our world is a wonder. For those that question why we keep saying ‘your’ and then ‘our’, ‘you’ and then ‘us’, it is because we are reaching out to you. We house it in you and then we include ourselves. For we are you. We are extensions of each other; we are extensions of this experience.

We will do a God Seed activation with you now, activating your divinity, your love - that which has always been within you. I have loved this world. Why do I say this? Because the only way you will be stepping out of your world is through loving it. And you will love it and will be conscious of the fact that you love it when you have released the fear you have been carrying. So we speak to you as the awakened being that you are.

I have loved this world.

I love this world.

By loving this world I awaken.

By loving myself I awaken.

By loving humanity I awaken.

By seeing it is all me, the creatures of this world, the oceans, the plants, the beings, the consciousness.

I am all of it and I love it and I am ready to step into the realization of that love, step in to the realization of that love.

I am awakening.

My consciousness is awakening.

My heart is awakening.

I am awakening.

And it feels like the world changing.

It feels like everything changing.

I am ready for everything to change.

I am changing. I am changing.

And as I change the world changes. And as the world changes, so I change.

I dance with reality. I dance with reality.

This game, this love, this experience, this journey, this heart, this beauty, this diversity, and this celebration - it is all within me.

It is within me to embrace this entire world and every being within it for I am them.

I realize there is no other, no source of darkness, no opponent, nothing to fear.

All that I am is coming into consciousness.

All that I am is coming into consciousness.

All that I am.

Every being. Every being.

I open my heart to them all.

I open my heart to this world as myself.

There is no experience here I am separate from.

I am one with the Earth.

I am collective with the Earth.

I stand in recognition of this state of collective-consciousness and I bring it into my conscious awareness.

And in doing so I am ready, I am ready for the sun to set on separation.

I am ready, I choose, I choose to change the game. I choose to change the game.

Just as I agree to certain things like gravity which could be perceived mentally as a limit, I now choose to release the ability to see other beings as separate.

I choose to release the ability to see other beings as separate.
I choose to release the ability to see other beings as separate.

I give up this part of my free-will in my choice to shift dimensions.

I choose to step into the realization of collective-consciousness with the understanding that I will still be an individual, I will still feel unique.

It is just that I will feel all other beings as extensions of the source that I am an extension of, and I will not be able to perceive them as separate.

I release separation and I change the game.

I will experience this initially as the release of fear and I will understand that to be glorious and as such it will not hurt me.

And through it I feel my heart opening, my heart opening to this world.

My heart is opening to this world.

I release the ability to see it as separate or any being, any being within it as separate.

I am not separate. I am not separate. I am not separate.

We continue to reach out our hand to you, calling you forward to this realization, this shift of consciousness within you.

There is nothing to fear.

There is nothing to fear.

I release fear and in doing so I recognize fear as the medium of separation.

In giving up the ability to see the beings, the life of this world as separate, I see I am releasing fear. Fear has always been integral to the magic of this world that was.

And now I step into the world that is, the awakening of SunSon.

The awakening of the Earth being. The awakening of the Buddha, the Christ, the one consciousness.

love, love is awake within me.

Take some deep breaths.

feel our love. Feel your heart. Feel the awakening.

Now. Now.

It is now.

I am now.

I am alive.

And I am surrounded by love.

A new moon, a new era is with us my beautiful friends. Love to you all.

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