The projection of Feelings


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What is Projection?

projection within the human experience is the tendency to transpose our personal experience onto others. When not contained in an individuated perspective, each aspect of consciousness instantaneously becomes aware of the experience of any other aspect they focus on. Without this awareness we are left with an unknown onto which we project our experience (usually through presuming that other people perceive reality as we do).

projection is an instantaneous, instinctual, best guess. It is not a fault, wrongness, or problematic condition to be overcome. However, projecting your experience is something you can be conscious of. To know-thyself is the path of coming to know the ways in which you are unconscious. This is not the same as remembering what was forgotten. It is to understand—not fix—the distortion within your own perception. For example, people who know they are color-blind are better able to perceive color than those who are unconscious of their color-blindness.

In self-empowerment teachings we are often encouraged to see limitations as obstacles that we can conquer—rather than seeing that some limits are best understood as being the result of a purposefully defined focus. Spiritual teachings often tell us that our tendency to project is undesirable and caused by a lack of empathy. This creates a conflict with a natural process (a conflict which interferes with freely being ourselves).

know thyself is not about changing yourself (or not changing). You are a self-created focus and the purpose of that focus is not to destroy itself. When the presence of our self-blinding is met within reality, it is desirable that we use our imagination to fill in the missing information.

The Projection of Feelings

We project the qualities of ourselves that we are resistant to—or are in denial of—onto others. This is caused by not wanting to look at that quality within our self. However, because we live within the reflection of all that we are, whatever we refuse to see within ourself we must instead see withinotherselves.

The choice to not see something in yourself is therefore the choice to see it in another—this is a defining human quality / limit / gift. This reflection in another person is done through some form of negative judgment because the basis of the projection is a fear-based resistance to a quality of self.

The belief that “the grass is always greener” somewhere else is a form of projection. It is this same essence of not wanting to look at a quality as being within yourself, and instead focuses on finding a solution to what you are feeling somewhere outside of yourself.

The profundity of the teaching that what you seek is already within you (popularized in L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz) is easily missed because we tend to think that our intellectual understanding of it as a principle is enough. Comprehending what the human tendency to project is does not stop a person from unconsciously engaging in it.

To come to not be surrounded by unconscious projections of your fears comes when your understanding of projection begins to act at the instinctive level—specifically at the level of awareness when you realize when your focus ceases to be joy-based. This is to become conscious of when you are focused on ‘what other people need to do’, instead of being focused on yourself (as this reflects when you are within the idea that what you seek is not within your grasp alone).

realize that the empowerment you seek in such instances may be the deepening of your own understanding of what it is that your infinite-fearless-heart is truly seeking rather than what your limit-wounded-mind believes it needs to feel better.

within each moment you experience the choice of where to focus and the potential to appreciate or mourn your current state of manifestation. Through being open to the joy and personal success of everyone, you will better see the potential for your own joy and success.

Reflective Beliefs

It is possible to meet your limitations as allies—rather than as obstacles. To perceive your limitations as something you have chosen is one of the best ways to utilize the focus they create.

Do not seek to stop yourself projecting onto others. Seek to know yourself by knowing when and what you are projecting.

The projection of linear language onto consciousness creates a blindness to the deeper nature that resides in our instinctual, feeling hearts through a bias towards mental precision.

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