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You Have The Power To Choose Joy.

will you accept that same power in relation to suffering?

Stand in Your power

choosing the joyful perspective is a power-filled choice because to know you have the power to choose joy is to realize that you are the determinant of your own well being. Taking ownership of your state of being is coming to stand in your power. This is referring to inner power—with external power being an illusion.

To come to stand in your power is to take back any power that you have externalized. Your innate power of creatorship is not a reward to be earned; to experience it, you have to stop giving it away (through having limited beliefs about who and what you are). When you do not stand in your power, the aspect of yourself you are denying is projected outwards and is perceived as being external. This is what creates the illusion that there are forces outside of you which have the power to control your choices and make you suffer.

Your choices are a mechanism through which you shape your reality.

To see yourself as not being accountable for your own state of happiness is to live within a belief that external forces have control over you. This can be manifest in such forms as a controlling person, laws, or a lack of abundance (these are all symbols of perceived limitation). Not being accountable births the ability to blame. To blame is an attempt to hold this externalized aspect of your power responsible for your state of happiness—instead of choosing to perceive yourself as being responsible for your own experience. To re-assimilate this externalized power is a part of the journey to love yourself (which is to allow yourself to be All-That-You-Are).

To take back that power is to come to the realization that all power over you is yours alone (when seen from the level consciousness from which our physical experience arises). To experience your power of choice is to realize that you are the one that possesses the power to choose joy. When you realize joy as being a choice you will realize that all states, including suffering, must equally be a choice. Through this you will see that to take responsibility for your own suffering is to empower yourself to be able to choose joy. A part of joy is therefore to take ownership and responsibility for your own suffering. To do this, release all sense of blaming others—this will be a gradually unfolding process.

releasing the idea of mistakes.

With the taking of responsibility for your suffering comes the realization that it is not a mistake to suffer. This does not mean that you like suffering. It is the realization that not only did you not do anything wrong to suffer, but that you chose your suffering with a purpose.

This is to let go of the idea you can make mistakes.

When we suffer, our conditioned response tends to be to wonder what mistakes we made in our choices. The idea being that a mistake must have been made that has caused the state of suffering. We choose to hold this negative belief because of how it gives us a sense of control (in being able to prevent the suffering from happening again). This gives an interesting example of the rippling effect of beliefs:

The conclusion being:

If you judge suffering to be a mistake then you will live within that judgment and that is to be in a state of suffering.

That which you judge, you end up holding to you. There is no concept of the traditional view of karma here, simply the realization that we are each living within the effects of our own beliefs (which includes our fear-based judgments). Karma actually means “your action”; meaning how you choose shapes your future.

To live in joy, you must not only acceptyou must believe—that suffering is not a mistake. This is the letting go of the cross of suffering (seen as honorable martyrdom) and it is a cross that the human psyche has been carrying for a long time. To see suffering as a mistake is to dis-acknowledge states of being that you chosefrom the level of eternal-consciousness with infinite wisdom—to be.

To see what is being said here is to realize that you do not need to see suffering as a mistake in order to stop choosing it. You do not need to reject what you no longer wish to choose.

Stop choosing what you do not want by ceasing to focus on it.

The implication being: only when we stop judging suffering to be a mistake, can we finally release it from our lives. Your power to choose joy is the power of choice. Your free-will is the point from which you create your reality. Realize the ways in which we all fear the shocking realization that you create your own reality. Fear of this realization is why so many people give away their power of choice. Though it may seem strange, the fundamental fear in this reality is the fear of our own power—and that is the realization that we are infinite. We fear the realization of self as God.

You Are eternal-consciousness (AKA God).

You will experience joy when you free yourself from fear of your power which is the fear of your infinite freedom. All fear is the redirected fear of your power. Acknowledge that there is a level at which you are terrified of the realization that you are the architect of your being. This is because it is the ultimate taking of self-responsibility.

We feel naked when stripped of the ability to blame because of how they have come to define themselves through it. Beyond your fear is you in limitless freedom. Without fear—you are free to act, free to choose, free to create. Without fear—you are free. It is to realize the limitlessness of your being. It is to step into your creatorship. Many peoplepredominantly through organized religion—have externalized our eternal-consciousness as a patriarchal, judgmental God. To step into their power is to internalize and be the God that they once externalized.

God is neither external nor internal. God is everything, everywhere. God is holographic, with each aspect containing a complete imprint of the whole. God is All-That-Is.

If you ask people, who do you think has the power to bestow joy and suffering on a person?” the most common answer you would receive is God. The “father God of organized religion has become a symbol of just how many people have externalized their power. This has become so acute that some have completely rejected any notion of their own divinity, instead choosing to believe they are an accident of atoms that perishes at death.

The middle ground being trodden by many at this time is the reclamation of All as Goddivinity expressed from within. Some people fear that to realize God as being within would somehow be the loss of God when, in actuality, it is the discovery of God. There is “a God and you are a living, self-determining expression of it.

To exercise the power to choose joy you must come to know that it is you that possesses that power. You must come to view yourself as having the power to manifest joy in your life. This comes through releasing fear from your beliefs and perception through which you will come to love yourself and your choice to live this life.

Coming to love yourself is coming to not live in fear.

You are love and the only thing that separates you from the experience of yourself as pure love is both your fear of yourself and your attachment to the idea of what love is. Love is limitlessness; the desire for all beings, including yourself, to experience complete freedom to be whatever they choose to be. To realize you are an unlimited, self-determining expression of eternal-consciousness is to realize you have the power to choose joy.

The choice for joy.

Coming to choose joy is an ever unfolding process of coming to release your consciousness further and further into the experience of infinite freedom (limitlessness). Bringing joy into your life is like cultivating flowers in a garden. See the allowance of time in this idea. Realize the ways in which you can give joy to yourself. Seriously think about it. Ask yourself, “What can I do that will bring joy into my life?”

This is—surprisingly—a question we rarely ask ourselves. Choose one of your answers and give it your energy. Know it as a seed and, as you nourish it, so it will come to blossom into joy. That joy is then a flower that will offer many more seeds—each of which carries the potential for the continual blossoming of your joy. Look at what you did yesterday and see where you sowed seeds of joy and where you merely sowed seeds to not suffer.

joy is far more than not suffering. Do not seek to “not suffer—seek to be joyful.

Every day we have the choice to give joy to ourselves and yet we rarely do. Somehow, in the moment, other things seem more important. We ask for a field of sunflowers to miraculously appear, but you do not plant seeds by giving ourselves moments devoted to our joy. We have forgotten how to play. Without play, all the money in the world will not bring you joy. Some think to themselves that they will learn to play when they have the money to do it with. That is simply to live in delay; that is to delay abundance. It is to give away power to the idea of money.

learn to play without money, and money will come to you because it wants to be played with. If that notion sounds silly to you then it is a mirror of how you have lost contact with your silly, playful self. We all contain all qualitiessuch as silliness—and all qualities are both valuable and valid.

joy and money.

joy and money are two things we love to mentally connect. Many of us are so caught up in our own suffering (or the suffering of others) that we do not allow space for fun and play. We can become so serious that we do not want to hear that love and joy are all around. We say to reality, “Pay my bills first and then I will look for love and joy”. We believe that to refuse to be joyful before “the universe gives us its riches will somehow push reality into giving us what we want. We fear that if we have too much fun when we are poor then the universe will say, “See you didn’t need any money after all!”

“The universe does not decide these things, we do.

money is not a reward bestowed by some external entity. The power for the choice for money is ours—just as the choice for joy is ours. As long as you believe that money will make you happy, as long as you make money the determinant of your happiness, then you will neither find happiness nor the experience of having enough money.

There are many people who you may perceive as being rich, who are miserable in their chase to have even more money. They never feel that what they have is enough. The feeling of having enough is the feeling of a state of wholeness / completeness inside of yourself. No external condition can give this to you.

When you come to joy inside of yourself, then money will come to you as your personal symbol of that joy. As long as you believe that what separates you from happiness is money then money will separate you from your happiness. And that is to say—you will come to live in the experience of your belief until such a time as you change that belief. Reality is a mirror of our beliefs; a feeling of lack will only ever draw lack to you.

joy is something that people tend to think will come to them through some external force—instead of believing it is something they can create from within. There is no external force that can thrust joy upon you in this way; that would be an invalidation of free-will. The power, the choice, for your joy is within you. To live in joy, you must give joy to yourself. To do this, you must let go of your own judgment of suffering as this separates us from our power to choose. To release your judgment of suffering is to release your fear of suffering.

judgment of suffering.

To not see suffering as a mistake requires not judging your state of being through the polarized perception of good and bad / right and wrong. This is to stop labeling suffering as being “a problem that must be fixed”. You may at first feel uneasy at this idea, but it is to see that it is the basis for the belief that we are damaged. In believing this, of all the seeds of potential happiness that surround us, we repeatedly choose the ugliest looking one and give it our energy.

We have become mesmerized by our own suffering, instead of enamored of our ability to create joy. We try to make what is (our suffering), come to not be; instead of making what is not (our joy), come to be. This is fed from the judgment of suffering. Judgment acts as an energy that binds us to our suffering in order to resolve the self-limitation that it represents.

If we truly want to let go of the concept of right and wrong then we cannot believe that it is wrong to suffer. Whatever choices you have made, that you perceive as having led to your suffering, were not mistakes. This is to realize that if you are suffering then it is the perfect state for you to further unfold your realization of freedom. If you want to not suffer then let go of the belief that your suffering is in some way defective.

To judge is not wrong; it is however an attempt to limit freedom. To transform / evolve your consciousness you must allow it to be.

judgment is the opposite of allowance and is fed from an idea of being superior. Hierarchy does not exist in the realization of all as eternal-consciousness. A judgment is a belief and our reality is a mirror of our beliefs, a mirror that we live within. What you judge is held to you. What you allow flows unimpeded.

The choice to suffer.

“If you are suffering then you are choosing it.” This is a hard statement to hear, but I do not wish to dress up or disguise what I am saying. Many people even view this statement as being a judgment in itself, but it is only so if you apply blame to it by judging suffering to be a mistake. When seen from the infinite and eternal freedom of consciousness (a place of universal, unconditional love) what the statement is saying is:

“Just as you have the power to choose suffering, so you have the power to end your suffering and choose joy instead.”

To say the power is within you is a statement of love and empowerment. The power of this statement is reflected in how easily it can be misconstrued. I am saying these words to you—with love—to empower you to choose joy. If you were not ready to hear it then you would not be reading this article.

know that I am solely asking you to apply this realization to yourself—if you so wish. To imagine saying it to a person who is starving or living in war is a means to dismiss looking at it in yourself. When you can hear the phrase, “If you are suffering then you are choosing it” as a statement of empowerment to choose joy then you will have overcome your judgment of suffering. Use the phrase as a tool to reveal your judgments.


Though this article has focused on the power to choose joy and, to some extent, money, it is really about getting in contact with your power to choose / create your reality as a whole. Take complete responsibility for your state of being, even if that includes suffering (past or present). The only real way to see how this sense of self-responsibility and the power to choose are connected is in the practice of living it.

To come to experience every aspect of your life as being something you are choosing, though tough at times, is a cornerstone of empowerment. It is to let go of any sense of being a victim. You are not a victim. You are God. And…

You have the power to give joy to yourself.

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