The nature of Service


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The Nature of Service

“I choose to serve ‘the All’ by living in my joy.”

Each time you move towards living your dream, any suffering created by you not being your dream is released from the world. Know that as you move towards your dream you are constantly aiding everyone through your process.

Do not ‘try’ to be of service to others purely out of the belief that it is a ‘good’ or spiritualthing to do as that is to reinforce a belief in right and wrong. The concept of right and wrong is an illusion. It is religion. It is dogma. Instead, know that by walking your own path, you are inherently of service to all. You need not ‘try’. You do not need to force anything. Service is love, and love cannot be forced.

The highest service that you can bring to this world is in being yourself and living your dream. This does not mean that you do not offer a hand to others when an opportunity presents itself. However, the best way to help all people live their own dream is by fearlessness living your own.

Do not let being of service to others prevent you from living your own dream—to do so is to diminish your own potential and, by extension, the potential of all creation. Find a balance and learn the power to say, “no”. Realize that you may have to overcome your fears of rejection and abandonment to do this. Put down the baggage from your past and love will radiate from you—rather than need.

Do not walk your path for the inclusion or exclusion of anyone else. Through your knowing of how all are connected, step out of inclusion and exclusion as a mental concept behind your choices and feel within your heart when to help another and when to refrain. Do not judge this feeling or apply the morality of society to it. No matter how good your intentions are, if you act against the heart when its guidance says, “no”, then you are at some level denying joy in the world.

To serve without living your dream is to be a slave. To truly live is to serve all, in every moment, without being a slave to any. Across our lifetimes we have all been enslaved many times. You do not need to feel guilty in this life for being free. Beyond genetic heritage is an infinite spiritual heritage that knows no division. You have been every color, every gender, every sexuality, every everything. As you come to know this, the lines that separate all life will come to dissolve and you will see the unity of everything.

There is no-where and no-thing you have not been. You are not a part of God—you are God.

Service as Love

Our idea of service tends to be attached to a religious concept which teaches us that good, selfless people serve others, and bad, selfish people serve themselves. This polarized view of service acts as a significant block to following our dream because our dreams are then typically deemed to be either too selfish or are contorted into a ‘more socially acceptable’ vision of helping others.

All action that flows from the heart is love. With us all being The-One-Self, all love is for all. Therefore, all service is service for all, even when it looks like you are only serving yourself (for you are an expression of the all). You must love yourself first in order to fully love anyone else. For many people that have been in sacrifice, this is to come to first service your own desires, for that is what has been untended.

Having opened your heart and found the passion that burns there, understand that the change flowing from your feelings is the desire to create a joy-based world—rather than a desire to patch or remedy the symptoms of a dying, fear-based world. Unless love and joy is our foundation, we will never create a joy-based world (only live in a less traumatic, fearful world).

With so much guilt and shame leading people to serve from a point of self-sacrifice, the following of your heart is the greatest contribution you can make to the creation of the joy-based world that exists within our collective heart (even though some may judge you to be selfish). Even with war and starvation, it is not wrong to dream of visiting the stars in the sky, for we must dream in freedom in order to translate and experience the collective shift in our consciousness.

choose to serve your heart as being the ultimate authority in your life. This is not because it is superior to your mind—it is because it will lead you to the most joyful and satisfying experiences. It is not that the heart is therightway and the mind is thewrongway, because it is wrong to experience separation or disconnection. It is simply that you can choose to experience living through love at this stage in your personal awakening.

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