The mortal Experience


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The human self is an intention to experience a particular flavor of individuality. Having selected an entry point which contains encoded intentions for the entire life; the personified consciousness then continues to determine itself within the system through the ever-evolving choice of self-identification.

The Mortal Experience

Our desire to create a confined, limited, mortal experience from the limitless, eternal experience of our spirit can feel highly contradictory at first. Coming to understand this strange juxtaposition is much of what the journey of awakening to the wider state of consciousness is about.

Each moment of your life is being created from a part of you that you are—at best—only partially conscious of. For those who have not had a clear experience of their spirit, to be told that it is from this state of consciousness that the basis of our life arises, can feel like you are being told that your future is determined by someone else. This demonstrates not only how all truth is relative (according to where you perceptually stand because that creates how you perceive yourself), but also how the perception of freedom is relative.

When you awaken, you will perceive yourself to be freely exploring ideas that you determined in your creation of your mortal life. Your human self is free, but within the limits of a feelings-based story that you wrote. This is the understanding that even though you may be in a locked prison cell, you cannot be said to be imprisoned if you retain the key to the cell (even when you choose to forget you have it). In such a situation, the imprisonment is felt to be completely real by the mortal self, but the spirit knows it to be an illusion because of its knowledge of the key.

This demonstrates a primary way in which your spirit is perceptually disconnected from the experience of individuality because it is not capable of perceiving the limiting, or imprisoning, aspects as absolute—only as a free choice in the moment. Despite this disconnection—which could be perceived as a limitationwe still call our spirit infinite because our mortal self is our spirit having the limited experience.

Mortality as Containment

Our spirit exists outside the restrictive perception that creates the experience of linear-time. This can be thought of as living in a reality of all-time or universal-time where all potential experiences are accessible—regardless of any notion they exist in the past or future.

Because our embodied self seems to be so clearly separate from our non-physical spirit, it is easy to assume linear-time is just as distinct from universal time as physicality is from non-physicality. The misunderstanding here is that spirit does not experience physicality or linear-time—which is to view it as a polarized state. Your spirit can perceive both physicality and linear-time—however, it does not experience itself as being contained by them. This means that although it does experience them in some fashion, it is very different from the depth of containment that we experience them through while embodied.

Our experience of feeling contained within our body is therefore completely different than our spirit’s perspective of temporarily experiencing a body that it can transform or discard at will. They are, however, both experiences of physicality—with our perspective seen as deep and our spirit’s as shallow. The same shallow to deep spectrum is experienced with linear-time versus universal time.

linear time and embodiment are most clearly seen as being linked through their experience of containment. Linear time is the perception of the events that we experience as occurring in a defined sequence. We experience ourselves as unalterably connected to that sequence of events in just the same way we feel unalterably connected to our physical body.

within linear-time we feel there is no way to alter what has already happened in the sequence—the past. And often we feel there is no way to change what is coming up in the sequence—the futurewhether that be the night, the winter, the need to earn money, or death. We experience ourselves as being contained in our temporal sequence in much the same way as we feel contained by our embodiment.

To step into a shallower experience of linear-time and feel your future-self is not about being able to see some unalterable event in a set linear future—it is about opening to see many potential events / timelines, any of which you can choose to focus upon and experience. Magical senses are not, therefore, about seeing the future, they are about becoming conscious of how you are not as contained and limited as you once thought. This realization to step further towards a deeper experience of freedom-consciousness.

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