The map is Not the Territory


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The Map is Not the Territory

To say that scientists are creating the physical laws of the universe as they discover them is not to imply they are retroactively changing physical history. What is being referred to is equivalent to the advances in our understanding of consciousness changing not only our mental understanding of ourselves, but how we experience ourselves to be at a feeling level. For example, the Christian Bible has impacted not only what we mentally conceive being human to be, but also how we feel about ourselves.

The way in which religious concepts are worded is significant and can alter our path of evolution. Religion’s view of sin gives a misleading idea of why we carry feelings of unworthiness, shame, and guilt. In defining the word ‘sin’ the author created the idea of sin within the consciousness of humanity. Whether or not you personally identify as religious, the concept of sin has affected you, as even to reject it as truth is still to have had a relationship with it as a possibility.

At this point in history, the laws that science is simultaneously both creating and describing through observation are predominantly in the territory of quantum physics. As scientific instruments become more capable of detecting ever smaller particles, scientists are entering a level of reality that humanity has not previously been present at (in terms of awareness). In describing what these particles are—and their potential effects in better understanding the origins of the universescience is engaging in a process that is, at its core, no different from the labeling of certain feelings as being connected to the idea of sin.

The primary realization here is that our language can only ever point at the existence of something. Words alone cannot contain, absolutely define, or completely describe anything. This realization that ‘the language is not the reality is commonly expressed as ‘the map is not the territory’. Your understanding of yourself is not what you are—it is only ever the best attempt of your embodied self to describe not only the nature of itself, but the nature of the one-consciousness / All-That-Is.

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