The magical fluidity Of Time


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The Magical Fluidity Of Time

The spiritual genesis of linear-time

For many people, especially those that are logically or scientifically minded, opening to a different idea — and therefore feeling — of time is one of the first experiences of coming to see through the illusion of space-time. The seemingly unalterable passage of time feels almost as tangible as physical matter. Though, just like physical matter, this does not stop it being an illusion, albeit an intrinsically fundamental one that is a cornerstone of the human experience.

For me, what makes the contemplation of time more fascinating than physical matter, is how it lends itself to be warped and played with in a way that bends the logic and reason we have been socialized into. This makes it a wonderful window through which we can open up and expand our idea of what this experience we call life is all about.

time Is Not Constant

science has us shown that time and space (the term space here encompassing both physical matter and distance) are in fact two sides of the same coin. I remember when I first heard that you could take two synchronized atomic-clocks, keep one on Earth and send the other one on a few orbits around the Earth in a satellite, and then when you brought it back to Earth the two clocks would be showing different times. It blew my mind open as it so defied the simplified Newtonian way in which I had been taught to understand the world.

This effect is now most commonly seen through our GPS system which uses orbiting satellites to pin-point you on a map. This is achieved through time measurements of how long it takes to communicate with these satellites, revealing how far you are from them, thereby allowing a precise position to be triangulated. Due to the different speeds that the satellites are traveling at, compared to clocks on the Earth’s surface (and due to the way the mass of the Earth bends space-time), the clocks on the satellites have to be set to run slower, otherwise our GPS readings would drift out by 10 kilometers a day.

Though this is all in the realms of science, I share it because what it shows is that time is not a universal constant — not even for a clock! When you come to see through the illusion of physicality what is discovered is that nothing is constant — not even the speed of light — but is in fact all relative to that which surrounds it.

This is most readily seen with concepts such as the experience of money. What is a significant amount of money to a person when they are poor becomes inconsequential pocket change to them — in terms of their feeling for it — when they are rich. No matter how hard that person may swear to always remember the value of money it cannot stop the amount of money becoming less meaningful to them. So, even though the amount of money is the same, the relative experience of it at different times is poles apart.

The subjective experience of time

So how does this all relate to time? The thing that is so beautiful about time — when compared to physical matter — is that because it is non-tangible we are more open to allow for the idea that our temporal experience is subjective. It is this release from the objective into the subjective that makes its exploration so clarifying (consciousness expanding).

Despite how we mentally conceive of time progressing at a uniform rate, we have all had the subjective experience of time either going fast or slow. Most commonly this is felt when we are enjoying what we are doing and time flies”or when we are doing something we do not enjoy then the time can seem to drag.

We tend to write this experience off as purely being created by how focused we are on time passing as encapsulated in the saying “a watched pot never boils”. It is not always this way though. You can also have experiences where you look at the clock expecting it to be much later, usually because you have been on a long internal journey, but not much time has passed externally. In this situation it can feel like time has been compressed, making you to feel you have achieved a lot in a relatively short time. This personal level of the experience is also reflected in the mass level experience of the acceleration of time.

The Mass Acceleration

We are all witnessing how life on this planet is accelerating. If you compare the degree of difference, in terms of how we live our lives, between the year 2000 and 2010, it is huge compared to the difference between 1900 and 1910. The same applies again if you then compare that back to the difference between 1800 and 1810. So much more is being achieved in the same period of time. Various reasons to do with the technological age can be used to logically explain this, but when we see how it is also reflected in our accelerating personal evolution, we see how this acceleration is affecting everything and not just technological advancement.

More and more it can feel like events of just a couple of years ago were almost in another lifetime. Because all experience on Earth is relative to itself, we are only glimpsing the magnitude of this acceleration. Our mental memories are more designed to remember details than feelings. It is therefore hard to compare two different personal feelings of things happening fast. We detect that it is changing, but the current rate of acceleration is actually far beyond what we are consciously realizing because we are constantly acclimatizing to the new speed.

In my deeper channeled states where I am in strong connection with my spirit I am able to perceive from a relatively less changing foundation and it is amazing to see how fast we are now going. This has been quite stunning to see when I speak on a topic where I compare life now to that of several hundred years ago. The speed of life was so much slower back then that it feels like just a handful of musical notes that were being explored in a life compared to a complete symphony now. I am not speaking here of the rate at which outward physical events happen — although that is a part of it — I am speaking of the degree of change of the experience of reality itself.

This is one of the most significant faces of the awakening at this time. The rate of change is now so fast that we are more able to compare different personal experiences of reality from within the one embodiment. We take this changing self for granted now as being how it has always been, but it is actually a new level of experience where we can effectively come to live several lives from within one embodiment. This adds a whole new layer of experience / meaning due to the way these different periods in our lives reflect off of each other (relatively speaking).

So what is creating this acceleration? There is not some external force turning up some imaginary speed dial. We are the ones doing it from within the human experience. To understand why this is happening, it is important to understand how time came to be as this shows, from a metaphysical — rather than scientific— perspective, the way in which space and time are two faces of the same coin.

The Genesis of time

The creation of the human experience was primarily a choice to experience differentiation. It was source consciousness (the one self / God) choosing to experience itself, in a more defined way than ever before, as separate embodiments (the many). This involved passing through a process of forgetting — also called “the veil — such that we as individuated embodiments could experience a personal self and all else as other.

To begin with, the sense of individuality was nowhere near as strong as we experience it now. Initially there was some sense of self but still a solid knowing of how all was connected. We — as embodiments of source consciousness — really liked this sense of individual self, leading us to focus upon it more. Focus is a stream of energy that evolves whatever it is placed upon. Therefore as more focus was placed upon the individuated self it intensified, leading to “the veil of forgetting to become ever thicker, thereby increasing the sense of individuality over the sense of unity / connection. This continued until the forgetting of our shared origin was almost total.

There is no tragedy here. This is a love story. A part of source consciousness fell in love with the experience and wanted to take it further and further. This is not about falling in love with ego in the negative sense. The basis of that idea is that this world is not a good place to be — a complete denial of the love story. There was no mistake. It is possible to love individual self-creatorship (being embodied) without seeking external power or control (that which leads to suffering). What is being described here is an adventure into ever greater degrees of differentiation where source consciousness experiences itself simultaneously from within many individualized, holographic (meaning each part contains the whole) fragments. It was the greatest explosion of consciousness since source consciousness (the I am) became self-aware. It was the creation of life as we now know it.

space-time differentiation

So how does this relate to time? space and time are two sides of the coin of differentiation (AKA spatial and temporal differentiation). Space-time is the primary form of differentiation. I am separate from you through the quality of us having different physical bodies that occupy different positions within space. If we wish to meet up for a coffee, we must not only specify the coffee shop (space) we must also specify the time. In this way time and space can be seen to jointly define what separates the events / experiences of our lives.

What is being spoken of here is how space-time allows experiences to be separate which, in turn, allows there to be many of them. Primary core source consciousness only has one experience. As it poured into this world, qualities / dimensions through which division could be experienced were created. These are also known as polarities. This birthed complexity out from the simplicity — many from the oneness. This can be thought of as the one picture being segmented like a jigsaw. It is still the same big picture, but it now has defined / differentiated segments. So now, instead of there only being the choice to look at the whole picture, it becomes possible to have separate experiences of one segment “at a time.

In this we see how differentiation has to include time and not just space. Time is intrinsic to the presence of physical matter. It is not another quality laid on top. To be able to observe that the picture has segments you have to be able to focus on them separately. That which separates focusing on two different jigsaw pieces is not only their physical separation. That which allows for there to be a journey from one experience of focus to another, describes the quality we now call time.

What this means is that — contrary to how we tend to think of it — time is not primarily about duration or length. It is something that separates one experience of focus from another. What then makes it linear-time is when the sequence of the two experiences is given. If I say I focused on a blue jigsaw piece and then a green one I am describing a linear sequence that conveys a defined order. This creates the arrow of time. It does not come under an edict of the arrow of time, it creates it. Our desire to take a journey through an ordered sequence of experiences creates the arrow of time — the experience of linear time.

So time is not a quality that was directly created by source consciousness. It did not say, “I will create physical matter and time. Space-time arose because source consciousness chose to explore the differentiation of the experience of itself. It then focused upon that differentiation such that it intensified. The physicalization of energy and its temporal separation were the qualities experienced in this choice that were focused upon. Thereby, through the choice of that focus, they became the face through which we now perceive the differentiation of experience.

To see the wider perspective of what is being said here, it may be useful to know that there were other qualities within the dawning sensation of differentiation, which could have been focused on instead of space-time in order to express it. Other realities exist using these alternate expressive mediums of differentiation. We cannot however conceive of the sensation of them as our beingness— with its current biological and mental expression— is built around the perception of, and journey through, space-time.

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