The line of Consciousness


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

The Line of Consciousness

We are many. We are one. We are one choosing to be many. Which is to say we are a reflection of sourcethe one choosing to be the many.

You are each embodying more and more of All-That-You-Are. When you birth you pass through a veil of forgetting that makes you forget your wider nature. More and more people, such as yourselves, are then wired to remember their spiritual nature from the vantage point of embodiment. The journey then becomes about coming to accept yourself and this reality (which is to see the beauty in physicality and your choice to embody).

The audience here today is a very interesting balance. What is unusually high is the number of you who are going through what could be termed the reverse awakening / ascension process. There are many here who are awake and conscious of their spiritual self—the wider nature of All That They Are. And they, like story, are on a journey of further embodying (as opposed to “ascending” further). This “reverse-ascension” is to move from being awakened to your spiritual nature but in resistance to your human self, to unifying / integrating your humanity and divinity (which is to see that they are one / equal).

spirit is not superior to human. That is the divide. That is the illusion. That is the manifestation of the veil of forgetting. This is seen in any idea that there is a difference between that which is human and that which is spirit.

You are spirit in physical form. You are physicality expressing spirit. As above, so below.

This is a deep truth that many on the spiritual path resist because they want to see above (the spirit / non-physical) as superior. This is to the give away your power as it is the giving away of seeing your embodied self, your beauty, and your value clearly.

Your heart is your inter-dimensional portal. It is where guidance from your spirit emerges within you. And remember, your spirit is source consciousness. So your heart communicates with you from the level of All-That-Is / source. As you open your heart and learn to follow and trust it, know that feeling is you, that guidance is you—your spirit—on the other-side, in the non-physical, communicating with you.

So this audience is coming at the illusion / the veil of forgetting from both sides. Half on one side and half on the other. This will allow a great opening this weekend. And, what will be discovered in that openingwhich is the meeting of your spirit if you are more physically focused and, if you are less physically focused, it is the meeting of your human self in a more embodied way—is the equality of your embodiment and your spirit. This is to see that the physical and non-physical are expressions of the same thing. So one is not better than the other.

To realize that spirit is not superior to your physical form is to gift yourself the ladder—the ladder of consciousness. This ladder has no hierarchy but often hierarchical ideas are projected onto it. This ladder of consciousness is that which story traverses when we speak to you. We speak from whichever rung is most appropriate for what we want to say. So no rung on the ladder is superior as it all depends on what we want to do.

As you break down this concept of awakening what you will realize is that you are already awake. You have always been awake. You are awake within every layer of consciousness between you and source—you are awake on every level of the ladder. What you are seeking—if you are seeking what is termed “awakening”—is to become conscious of the fact that you already possess whatever it is you think you must possess in order to perceive yourself as being awake.

An asleep person is someone who doesn’t yet recognize their wider state of consciousness even though they are an embodied expression of it. Because their spirit is always in operation, they are operating from a level of wakefulness, but they are not aware of their own divine (divine meaning infinitely free) wisdom.

To be human is to be a God in disguise.

This disguise of wider consciousness is described / defined by a line. This line of consciousness within you determines what is known and what is unknown. This line is therefore experienced as the veil of forgetting. It is that which separates you from the full conscious experience of All-That-You-Are. Its existence is the choice to create your experience of individuality.

Your personal line of consciousness is the manifestation of your choice for your human form. 

You chose this from your wakefulness on every level of the continuum (every rung of the ladder of consciousness). The wisdom of source consciousness is the level of awareness from which you chose to birth into human form and it is from this level of awareness that, in each and every moment, you are choosing your level / line of consciousness.

So you are awake / conscious on every level of the ladder (every layer of reality between here and source). There is however a line of awareness beyond which you are not directly aware but you still draw wisdom from what you are unconscious of. Awakening is the process of moving this line of consciousness to reveal more of the full ladder—more and more of your inter-dimensionality, more and more of your awareness that you are the choice to embody as an expression of All-That-Is.

Moving this line is not a matter of work, study, or effort.

It is not that you birth on Earth and the line starts at the bottom—whether you like it or not—and then you must move up by learning lessons. This is very hard to understand for many people, but you chose from the infinite part of you—that which is ‘All-That-Is’ / sourcewhere that line (which defines your sense of self) is in every moment. You are choosing it. There is no force in the universe imposing the line of that consciousness on you. It is your choice, and it makes you what you are.

An awakened being has not done something you have not; they are not superior to you; they have not gone through lots of lessons that you must go through to get where they are. They are simply choosing that level of wakefulness and you can choose it too. Nothing is stopping you.

There is no force in the universe stopping you except you.

Whether you realize it or not, you want to be what you are. This describes the journey of coming to love yourself as you are. You are choosing with omnipotencefrom infinite wisdom—where the line of consciousness is. And you are choosing it for the creation of the highest / greatest / most vibrant / most “whatever you want outcome.

Whatever it is you—as eternal-consciousnesswant from life, you are choosing your level of consciousness from a state of omnipotence in order to help create it. No exceptions.

So, if you wish to come into contact with the depth and breadth of being from which you are choosing this line of consciousness, the first thing before you is to come to the understanding of why it is that you are choosing your current level of awareness. As long as you are in denial that you are choosing your current level of consciousness:

This applies to all realities. This applies to all creation. If you want to come into contact with your power of creation then first see clearly why you are choosing what you are currently choosing. Which is to say, accept what you are choosing. Stop resisting what you are choosing.

accept what you are choosing so you can change what you are choosing.

And, the deepest level of what we are saying to you here is that if you want to move this line up then you need to relax; you need to chill out; you need to let go of the need for a plan. Stop fretting, “Where are the instructions? What do I need to do? What am I not doing? What am I doing wrong?” anxiety / compulsion / worry—do you really think that freedom and awakening can birth from those states?

realize that you are already awake, you are choosing your level of wakefulness, and you can move that line. You have access to all wisdom but understand that you are choosing to be an individual which requires unconsciousness of your wider nature.

You are selectively choosing what you are conscious of in order to best do what you embodied to do.

The most common barrier to this realization in someone seeking to awaken is the desire “to fix” the world. Or, to put it more bluntly, the desire to meddle with others. Start by addressing your judgment of others because just as you are source embodying to have an experience, so too is everyone else.

everyone is source embodying to have an experience and they are choosing their experience with as much wisdom as you are choosing yours.

They are source and you are source. It is as simple as that. They are you. They are just making different choices and, as long as you judge those choices, you will live within judgment (which is to live within an experience of limitation, frustration, and disconnection).

many of you feel that you have gone through great strides with judgmentalism and maybe it is an old energy you have released. But much of old energy judgmentalism has taken on new guises. Much old church energyespecially within the New Age community—has just transformed and changed its names and the judgment becomes about what is spiritual versus what is not spiritual? What is pure versus what is impure? What is healthy versus what is unhealthy? And so judgmentalism lives on.

many new scales of judgment have arisen where, even within what is supposed to be a loving, spiritual community, judgment erupts—such as people being labeled as evolved or unevolved—and this leads to resistance of this reality / this world / your embodied self.

You birth in this world to embody it, to integrate it, to experience it, to create from the platform of it.

You cannot fully do that as long as you stand in judgment of it. To judge this world is to judge yourself and that is to live in a reality of judgment. So please understand this talk about the release of judgmentalism is not saying that you should release being judgmental because it makes you a bad person. The reason to release your judgments is that they are boxing and limiting you. No one is more affected by your judgments than you. No one is more limited or caged by your judgments than you.

To accept this world is to accept yourself.

many of you have worked intently on accepting yourselves and that is the first port of call for someone awakening. To learn to love yourself is the first direction to travel in. It is the most beneficial. But there is only so far you can go in that.

There is the point where you feel that you pretty much love yourself and then the next most beneficial path is to turn towards your feelings about the world because you have chosen to exist in this world. You did not come to birth here to be isolated. You did not choose to birth here to sit on a mountaintop. There are many other realities where, if that is your desired experience, you would have gone.

You birthed into this world because there is something about this world that you want to experience.

So, once you have come to a foundational love of yourself, it is then time to turn to the layer of the world which is the realization that you are the world. That is the deepest level of awakening as it is to embrace your collective nature, which is to embrace oneness, which is to realize that we are one, which is to know all as source consciousness. This is awakening and you will see that unlike popular ideas of ascension there is no notion of escape in it. Many in seeking to ascend are in fact saying, I am going to escape this nasty place by ascending away from it”. That is not the goal for any spirit / human.

If you want to leave the human experience then the portal to do that is through the realization that you are the world. It is to open up to the collective of yourself to encompass the level of the world and thereby directly experience that this world is you—you are all of it. You are not here to ascend away” but you can awaken which is to consciously embody All-That-You-Are.

Not all humans are here to awaken in their current embodiment. You areotherwise you would not be reading this—but many are not. Can you release judgment of that? Can you release judgment of those that go to war? Can you imagine source consciousness choosing to embody as a being that wants to go to war? Can you open your conception of source that wide, that source / God could be choosing to go to war? If you can’t then who do you think is? What is this other force you are conceiving? There is only source. If there is war, then source is choosing to go to war.

There is no other. Other is an illusion.

There is no other in all creation. There is no energy that you cannot meet, integrate, and realize as being an aspect of yourself. In a soldier, you are source choosing to go to war. Can you start to let the rest of the planet off the hook? The hook that you keep yourself on. Can you start enjoying your life now? Because that hook will keep you from your joy.

As long as you judge this world you are judging freedom, the freedom of source, the freedom of All-That-Is. When you seek to limit that freedom you limit your own freedom and you will live in a world you find distasteful. There is nothing wrong with judging others. You can live in as distasteful world as you like. There is nothingwrong” with that choice. But, as a person seeking to awaken, it is not what you are asking for.

You are asking for joy and freedom and when you let the rest of the world off the hook—the hook of how they are “meant” to be—you let yourself off the hook of how YOU are meant to be and that is freedom, that is joy, that is to embrace diversity, that is birthing freedom consciousness, that is the new reality that we are collectively birthing at this time.

So, no matter how awake you personally feel you are, look at yourself in terms of your judgment of the world. Remember that you still have personal discernment in this. You can still see things out in reality where you go “that is not my choice, that is not what I would choose, that is not what I want, BUT I respect the right of my fellow embodiments to do it”.

You can have a preference / opinion without being judgmental. You can express your choice—your choice for peace, your choice for freedom, your choice for love. You can express it with great force and power. You can say, “THIS is what I choose and why. THIS is what works for me. THIS is where my joy is, and you may want to try it too,” without being in judgment of those that choose differently.

You can say, “I would not choose what you are doing. I would find it horrible and limiting.” That is still not judging. You are speaking your personal truth. You are saying, “I”. Instead of saying, “YOU shouldn’t be doing that.” You can own your own experience and still understand that others may be very different. This is the deepest level of respect for others and it is also the deepest level of respect for yourself.

This is the creation of a Unified-Diversity.

This is what the Earth system is moving towards. We are unifying across diversity. This conception exists up and down the continuum between you and infinite source consciousness. Unity consciousness is coming more and more into this reality. Diversity is being celebrated on Earth through the realization that diversity and freedom of choice is an exciting / expansive thing.

This is the realization that there is no point in all being the same. The celebration of diversity is birthing and that realization of the joy and beauty of diversity is sending diversity trickling up the continuum. We are teaching that which is unifiedsourceabout the joy of that which is diverse.

We are God learning through being.

We are all in this process of integrating wider consciousness (the realization of we are one and all states of being are equal) with love and appreciation of our individuality. The ability to have different choices than those around you is a wonderful thing—a gift. A Unified-Diversity is where both diversity and unity are conscious, are aware, are present.

unity and diversity are both alive within you.

This is awakening. It is to realize that your spirityour divinity—is not superior to your human self. The realization of that equality is the opening in your own being to use either unity consciousness or individuality hand the entire continuum between) in whatever way is most appropriate in the moment.

As we said, when story channels he / we travel up and down the ladder between individuality and collective-consciousness; there is no rung that is ultimately better or worse; it all depends on what it is we want to say.

As you awaken and release all judgmentwhen you allow that freedom—then you allow yourself the freedom to see / feel the unity and know that we are one (which includes the healing and freedom that births from that knowing). That however isn’t a very good level of consciousness to continually operate from if you want to become a tennis pro. When you are on the tennis court you don’t want to be having some big experience of unity consciousness with your opponent—that’s not what tennis is about. In that case you go the other way into your physical embodiment and that is appropriate.

This is the realization that neither unity consciousness nor individuality is superior as it always depends on what you want in the moment. This is the freedom of the multi-perspective. This is what freedom is. This is what happens when you travel up the continuum by moving the line of consciousness inside of yourself and you become conscious of your multi-dimensionality.

You are becoming more and more conscious of your ability to see from many perspectives (which is also to see that other people not choosing what you are choosing is okay). It is to see the validity of their choice, and even to see and feel why they are choosing it and agreeing with their choice for themselves (and yet not choosing it for yourself).

For example, as you become more energetically aware you will have the ability to empathically link with a soldier going to war and from within their shoes understand and agree with their choice for them. That doesn’t mean when you then re-center yourself that you then choose to go to war.

This is freedom, to see things from all sides

This freedom is where the realization of the perfection of this reality is seen / felt / understood / known. No singular perspective can do that. The belief that knowledge as king is a singular perspective as it the belief in absolute truth. The absolute is the box / cage of the singular perspective. It is that from which the belief in right and wrong flows.

When you have a singular perspective then whatever agrees with your perspective is right, and whatever does not agree is wrong. This is to live in an extreme experience of separation. And that separation is not wrong, but it is also not very comfortable.

Do not berate yourself for any judgments you have had because they have hurt no one more than you. The energy imprint of this world is full of judgment. If you tap into the media, you will meet judgment at every turn. Can you now release your judgment of that judgment? The irony here being that there is an experience of detaching from the world, detaching from the mass program. But not with judgment. If you detach yourself from it with judgment, you are actually caged within it.

We are talking about the release of all judgment, including the judgment of the world’s judgment. And that is to a degree, at this time, to stand alone.

So much of judgment arises out of the need for consensus. Can you stand alone in the release of judgment? Can you allow discernment? Can you allow your personal strong opinion and yet not bring in that old church energy? As we say, this can feel like detaching from the world. When you are surrounded by so much judgment to not judge that judgment is to feel separate from it. But what we tell you is the actual judgment itself is a far deeper separation. Can you believe that you can make a choice for your own being that no one else is making and still feel good about it?

If you begin the “no judgment club” you have just created another layer of judgment / exclusion.

Can you realize there is no higher form of awakening and service than being in your joy? The reason you cut yourself off from these wider perspectives and the reason some of you may be choosing a line of consciousness that is lower than you think you want is attachments to the old polarized ways of perceiving spiritual versus unspiritual, evolved versus unevolved, and judgment of asleep over awake (which is to judge human against spirit even though human is the embodiment of spirit).

allow others their choice to give yourself the full freedom of your choice.

awakening is opening yourself to the wider perspectives—the wider unity consciousness. It is to come to see the perfection of your reality which is to see that you are indeed choosing your experience including your current level of wakefulness from the deepest level of wisdom that exists.

Every choice on this planet is the choice of source consciousness. It is beautiful, and it is unfolding perfectly. YOU are unfolding perfectly. There is nothing going wrong. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to change. So relax, relax and enjoy yourselves. You will have a much better experience this weekend if you can.

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