The invitation Before You


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

The Invitation Before You

“Because there is nothing I need to separate myself from (through my judgment of it), I choose to take only what resonates and simply leave the rest.”

You cannot remember what the reality of your spirit is like through the accumulation of knowledge. The experience of your spirit cannot be contained in the linearity of language. What you seek through spiritual-awakening is far more than mental. We seek the feeling of resonance which connects our human self with the infinite freedom of our spirit.

While reading this wiki, whenever you feel the resonance of love in your heart, leave the words behind and unfold the feeling of freedom and limitlessness they have evoked within you. The full knowing of the freedom of our consciousness is direct—you must BE IT to know it—because freedom exists before thought. Words are but a conduit / a portal / a birth-gate that, once traveled through, can be discarded like a caterpillar discards its cocoon.

All experiences of truth are evolving because humanity is evolving. The spiritual teachings of tomorrow will be different from those of today. In all you discover take only what resonates and leave the rest. If you cannot resist the urge to judge something being said, then accept the gift of realizing that you are prompting yourself to re-evaluate your beliefs.

Anything that pushes an emotional button in you signals that you are operating from a limited perspective. Instead of judging yourself for this, open your mind—and thereby your perception of reality—to widen your perspective such that you may further embrace your freedom to be and live your life without resistance.

Take what resonates in these texts inside of yourself and use it as a catalyst to create, discover, and open your own unique perspective. These ideas are simply words that invite you to feel the wider reality you exist within. Take ownership of your personal interpretation of these invitations to spiritual states of perception by recognizing that your understanding of each sentence is uniquely your own. Therefore, if you experience transformation through the reading of this book, know it is of your own doing, your own choice, and your own creation.

These words are a creative fuel for you to explore the potential of your choice, your empowerment, and your change. How these ideas blossom is purely by you, for you, and of you. These words have not been written to encourage you to be some homogeneous ideal that is worshiped. They are a catalyst and fuel for your unique self-creation—your choice to see and be all that you already are.

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