The illusion of external Power


“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

The Illusion of External Power

“I choose to see the polarization / separation that is inherent in any belief that I need to possess power over anything except myself.”

free yourself from any ideas or feelings of blaming anyone else for what you are experiencing. Realize that to blame another for any event or situation in your life is to enter a state of delusion. Reality constantly reflects you, therefore, all obstacles are the manifestation of blockages and fears within yourself (no matter how much another may appear to be creating them). Know all else, all others, as your teachers, for another person blocking you is another version of you—The-One-Self—in human form, showing you to yourself.

abusers and victims are in a dance with each otherone seeking to take power and the other seeking to give it away. The lesson for both is the same—to stand in their own power. Abusers seek power from a fear that they lack it. Victims give away their power from a fear of what they will do with it (or fear of what engaging it will do to them).

When either a victim or an abuser stands in the recognition of their power then the cycle of abuse and suffering ends. See the perspective from which abusers and victims are not different and that to see them as separate is to feed into their belief that they are different (which is a denial of our shared source).

To take sides by denigrating those who believe differently from you is to reinforce the creation of division through righteous and judgmental beliefs. This is to enter further into the polarity yourself. All conflict is created by the seeking of power or the denial of power. All participants in conflict are seeking to find their own inner-power. If these power issues are not played out, they will not resolve. If they are quelled, they will re-manifest. If one side seems to be destroyed, it will quickly reappear as a new army of beliefs.

All external power is an illusion / a contradiction / a paradox. There can never be an ultimate, external power because power is not external. Each and every being is inviolate—any belief in external power is a denial of this. To try and outwardly control anything outside of yourself is to be out of control inside of yourself.

Do not seek to control abusers or victims; to not engage in the polarity you must unconditionally love them or leave them alone. Live within your own sovereign creation and the need to control others will leave you. In releasing controlling behaviors, you will free unimaginable amounts of energy which you can then direct into dream.

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