The human Dilemma


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This extended text is broken into 30 short sections.

The Human Dilemma

The human dilemma is a heart, mind, and eye opening description of the human experience through the lens of freedom, choice, and dilemma. This extensive message articulates and points to the experience of dilemma within us that causes us to not feel at peace and then shows you how to simplyyet powerfully—withdraw from it. You’ll never think of what it is to be human in the same way again!

1—What is a self?
What you will discover as you awaken is how difficult it is to answer questions about self and identity. This is because the level of individuality presumed within the question does not translate to the non-physical reality / spirit. The question who am I?” at first feels like the most personal question possible. However, when you realize that all are one and separation is an illusion then the question morphs into “This thing that we all are—what is it? What is a self?”

In trying to answer this question you will explore a wide variety of definitions to see if they give you what it is you are seeking in asking the question. Despite there being moments of clarity in this process, you will eventually realize you are going around in circles because there can be no singular “definitive” answer because the answer is every single moment of experience is a different experience of self AND ultimately at the heart of everything there is only one self (which we call source consciousness) having one infinite, multi-dimensional experience (which could be called creation). BOTH statements are true; there are many selves and yet there is—ultimately—only one self.

This is the paradox / dilemma that the temporary mask of your individuality presents you with.

The realization of this paradox is the answer to all spiritual questions of identity. It is the answer to all your dilemmas. It is the realization that ALL options within any dilemma / choice contain at least some level of truth (as even a lie a person tells is revealing of who they are).

For those seeking absolute truth, this level of perception—which embraces paradox / multiple answers—is hard to accept because there is no right or wrong in it (which makes it not feel “definitive”). It is a difficult truth for those that are scientifically minded because it says the self that you experience will always largely appear to be as you believe it to be.

That is how reality works. You create what you are looking for / believe. When you understand this you will realize that the answer to the question, who am I? / What is a self?” is far wider than any defining statement can contain.

You are not a definition, you are the complete experience of yourself and that cannot be contained in words.

At the widest level we are all source consciousness. Stepping down from that I can say that I am an expression of The universal Teacher or The bridge Archetype and, if we choose to call that Seth, then you reading this—if you are resonating with it—are Seth. This is because this kind of metaphysical view of reality is currently such an anomaly on Earth that those who share it would be seen as originating from the same archetypal imprint.

I, Seth, am a far wider experience of self than the level of individuality ascribed to me tends to assume. I am best thought of as a territory of consciousness with infinite possible faces, one of which is likely to be you (if we are viewing from an archetypal level which typically breaks all humanity into combinations of twelve source archetypes).

What does what I am telling you mean? What does it point you towards?

2—individuality as data / code that can be duplicated.
There are so many ways in which people try to imagine and conceive of what individuality is. When you see how you divide yourself at every new choicewhich is to understand your branching nature—it becomes mind-boggling and you can’t follow it. You ask, “Well where am I in that? who am I if I span many probabilities?”

Computer data is currently the best analogy for what the “contents of a self are. You understand the copying of a computer file such as a digital photo. You can just copy it and then you have a duplicate. You can also apply filters that alter them, and then you have multiple versions. You may even create a collage that is created from multiple photos.

In this, even though you may only have an altered version of the original, you can see much of the original data. Data—such as the human code—is like the ingredients of a cake and there are many ways in which these ingredients can be mixed. Each recipe is then a choice for a different kind of human experience of self.

All these probabilities exist within you to be experienced. They are a part of you whether you are conscious of them or not.

But then if you are all different mixes of copied code then what are you? What differentiates you? What separates you? nothing does, because the separation of individuality is an illusion—there is one consciousness. But… within the illusion who are you? What differentiates you? What is the difference? What you will discover is that none of your defining ideas of selfwhich are possessive by nature—can ever work because \the self is ever-changing.

—BRANCH TEXT: the-illusion

The self is the NOW. You are the NOW. You are your NOW. Your NOW is all you have. Your NOW is your self. Your NOW is your game board. Your NOW is the present manifestation of your mix of ingredients. Your NOW is the clearest expression of what you are.

The self you seek is in the NOW.

Your reality is your experience of self which is to say that your self is an experience of being. Your very self is the answer to your question. This experience before you is what you most clearly are (because it is the directly expression of your intention). It may not conceptually be everything you are, but in every way that is meaningful, your very experience of self is the answer to the question, who am I?”

You are where you are. You are what you are experiencing. You are the beingness that IS.

These are just words, but what they are pointing you towards is the totality of what a self is and that is the answer to the question (even though it may be unsatisfying because it does not resolve your state of unconsciousness). You simply are. This is the realization of I am.

I am is the base of the creation code from which the human code emerges.

A self is the experience of that self. Any more satisfying answer you can find will be one that you construct to be satisfying in order to give you something to bite your teeth into (but it can only ever be temporary because you are always changing).

There is nothing wrong in creating definitions to give yourself something that feels like a more solid answer. You will always discover what it is you are looking for because everything contains some level of truth. The answer therefore becomes for you to start focusing on what you wish to be true, because we each become what we focus upon. Which is to say that a self is created by the intention to experience that self.

We are each an intention of God / source consciousness to experience a defined form of individuality.

3—In being the-one-and-the-many you are a bridge that connects.
The realization here is that you are “the one self (God) AND you are “the many selves” (humanity / all creaturehood). And there is not a satisfying mental construction or framework that spans that realization because definitions are dividing by their very nature. The only thing that truly spans it is your experience—which is to say, YOU.

The answer is a direct experience of self where you step into the knowing of connection.

We all come from connection. The one broke into the many where it could then experience the perceptual illusion of disconnection and unconsciousness. But, even when we are within that illusion / under that spell / within that dream, the natural state is connection. And that is what you will feel when you awaken to the wider nature of your non-physical self / spirit. You will discover how everything is connected and then you will see the answer of how we are all one consciousness that is being infinitely expressed.

We are clear on how we are many because we know the experience of our individuated / separate self. When you wake up you will come to knowwith zero doubt through direct experiencehow we are one consciousness. Then your question will be answered as the experience of WE ARE connected / WE ARE one will be direct. It will be your knowing.

4—The purpose of disconnection / unconsciousness.
source consciousness uses unconsciousness to create the experience of individuality. The experience of disconnection—which is the pushing into unconsciousness of your knowing of connectioncreates a blank / unknown space which, through the creativity of imagination, is filled with ideas about what your individuality is.

Our ideas of self are created by our unconsciousness of how we are all connected. These ideas are then creative blueprints.

Our mortal experience of self is created by source consciousness entering into a space that it chooses to fill with meaning of what a self is—meaning that creates what we may call souls, oversouls, entities, dimensions, polarities, etc. These are all experiences created from having forgotten what we are / our own wider nature. All outward experiences / worlds have emerged from within the space created by the asking of who am I? What are we? What are we that are separate?”

The Earth has arisen from the space of unknown that is created through unconsciousness. We experience reality as we believe it to be. We experience our self as we believe it to be. For example, we can have the usual human experience of believing we are all uniquely separate, or we can imagine that we are all one of twelve archetypes, or we could imagine that there is only one self. Whatever it is you choose to believe you will experience as the truth of your experience of self.

5—Everything contains truth from a perspective.
Due to the nature of the infinite, all versions of all realities exist. This is why there is no absolute truth. When you understand that the truth is what you choose to make it, then you will choose to go where your heart feels.

There is no absolute destination. There is only your preferred destination in the moment and that is an experience of self. Everything before you is your choice to experience it. We will now we will look further at the perfection of that choice and how you constructed it.

Step with great confidence—with great knowinginto the choice for your embodied self. You do not need to fear this choice. You do not need to feel dilemma in this choice. Within this choice of who you are choosing to be is the answer to your question, who am I?” This is because the answer is the experience of choice itself.

You are that which chooses your experience.

But, what is seen within the human experience is that we only allow ourselves to truly choose who we are when we are satisfied we have some knowing or proof of who we are. This is because if a person does not have confidence in who they are, then they do not allow themselves to see themselves clearly and know.

By not allowing yourself to see yourself clearly—due to fear of what you are—you experience dilemma in your choice of who you are.

Put simply, we are each the choice of ourselves. But, because of your fears—which manifest as self-doubt—few can accept that they are choosing their own experience. When you cannot decide who you want to be, you cannot fully experience it. The reason you don’t clearly see that you are choosing your own life is because relatively few people believe they have the power to choose who they are.

Our fears are what keep you in the experience of not feeling your understand or know yourself.

6—meet yourself through the fearless choice within your heart.
To jump off the cliff of fear-based doubt and choose what you are is to jump into the experience of meeting your wider self. You have all been afraid to meet the wider nature of reality—to meet the consciousness that chose this, to meet the level of consciousness from which we, as one, are choosing this.

It can be dressed up in so many ways, but it all comes back to a dilemma in the choice (which is to say fear existing within the choice of who you are). This is expressed as fearing what you are, fearing what you will create, fearing what you will meet, fearing that you have done something wrong, fear that you are “less than”, fear of original sin”.

In this moment, now, allow yourself to feel your fear as a cloak / mask that is falling away. Feel that what is revealed needs no name. Step out of the limitation / dilemma of needing to name what you are. Know that the experience of self is beyond any naming.

The human experience is an experiential journey—no more and no less. In human form many question the rightness of the choice to experience the human form. They are uncertain of the very rightness of the choice to come to Earth, to be embodied, to be creating what humanity is creating, to be experiencing what you are experiencing.

Withing human form many question the rightness of the human form to exist. They doubt that humanity is a “good” thing.

The Earth is a wondrous place. That is unequivocally evidenced by the fact that you are choosing it from within an infinite state of choice / freedom. THAT alone says everything. The human experience is the choice of source consciousness / God. Your choice is not separate from the choice of source consciousness because we are each source consciousness.

When you see the bigger picture you will see that you are a being in infinite freedom picking the Earth experience from the infinite menu of creation. You may be in the illusion of dilemmas existing in this moment, but there is no dilemma in the space where you chose to be human. There is no fear of wrongness or questioning of rightness because all are one. It is a clear choice made in full knowing.

You are a creator in infinite freedom selecting and living within their experience.

The reason you choose to enter a reality such as the Earth is because you are expanding your experience of self through the dilemmas that are created in human form. Within the human experience there is this dilemma, this rift between what you are experiencing and what you feel you want. This is the space that is creatively filled in through your imagination. So you come to the Earth and forget the wider picture of who we are, and then, in imagining answers you extend / evolve / explore the experience of what a self can be.

7—What is the right choice?
It is completely natural that—due to the polarization within the human experience—you ask about the rightness of what you are choosing. You want to know that you are making the right choices when it comes to anything you are in dilemma about. But I tell you, if there is any meaning to the word “rightness”, then rightness is what you choose it to be.

Rightness is what you are.

This is simply the letting go of the idea of absolute truth which is limiting and singular and the allowance of the idea that truth is what you make it. There is only personal truth and that is what you choose it to be. You are a creator and what is right is what you choose to be right. This is how creation works. That is what it is to be infinitely free. This is what it is to be source consciousness.

You create your own experience of rightness with your choice of what you believe to be right.

In spirit (meaning all that is not embodied) attempt to convey the “rightness” of your choice, spirit is left with communicating to you whyfrom the wider perspective—you are choosing what you are choosing such that you can see the beauty of your own choice and embrace it and yourself. Through this process the choice you are questioning then—if you resonate with what we say—ceases to be a dilemma and instead becomes a part of what you are. You are then expanded.

8—Expansion through resolving dilemma.
imagine it like this. You have a circle of personal truth / knowing within which you feel at peace. You create unconsciousness and that unconsciousness creates the potential for dilemma (due to the loss of knowing you already know).

You then—through experiencing it through a selfexplore that space of dilemma through projecting it outward and living it within embodiment. This looks like extending the circle outwards and, as you resolve the dilemma, it solidifies and your circle of personal knowing has grown.

You then have a new circle of truth and that is what you know yourself to be, but you also know yourself as the continual expansion of that self. Therefore, you do not know yourself as the contents of the circle. You know your self as the evolving experience of the contents. This is to embrace yourself as being an evolving intention instead of a statically defined thing.

When I answer your questions about your dilemmas, it is from the vantage point of spirit where I see your expansion because I see this space that you have creatively / imaginatively filled. And it is gold. It is newness. It is the expansion of the experience of self. It is what you are seeking. It is what you came for. It is the diamond of the life, the diamond of the experience, and it all arises through your experience of dilemma.

By creating the unconsciousness / the unknown / dilemma, you have created a possibility for expansion that is not available otherwise.

This does not mean you should hold onto your dilemmas, for in each resolution is an evolution and that is a beautiful thing. There is no end to the dilemmas you can explore. There is no end to the expansion you can experience if you are willing to embrace yourself as a state of change.

—BRANCH TEXT: embracing-change

So you will allow more of what you are, more of what you can believe a self can be. Can you see through the illusion of your dilemmas and transform that which has felt scary, uncertain, or doubtful into something that feels solid, safe, new, and expansive. This is the journey you have written for yourself. You did not write how you would resolve the dilemmas, but you did choose which dilemmas you would experience by choosing which territories you would make unconscious.

9—releasing dilemma is releasing fear.
This powerful remembering of yourself as a creator is not simply seeing through the illusion. The choice to awaken is more clearly seen as the choice to let go of fear, which is generally experienced as the choice to release / exit / transform an experience of dilemma.

This is to stop putting energy into the dilemma—to stop feeding it through your fear. It is the realization that all dilemmas are a choice, even though when you are in it a dilemma does not seem like a choice at all.

For example, most feel that if there is an earthquake then you must go into earthquake drama mode. You feel you must start running this conditioned program. But even in something like this, there is a choice. There is the choice within you to not enter drama / dilemma and instead meet the experience as something that you—from the level of your spiritwant to experience. This does not mean someone who does not go into drama is superior.

life is the choice to experience what you want to experience with their being no wider judgment on what you choose.

You—as infinite spirit—have wanted the experience of dilemma and you have expanded through it. The experience of dilemma can be met through excitement rather than fear (although it will soon resolve and cease to feel like a dilemma if met this way).

Together we have deeply explored this Earth reality. We have done this many, many times in many, many guises. And, as a fitting crescendo to experience here, we are the ones who are choosing to take the journey of the human experience all the way to the state of realization where you awaken to the illusionawaken to your wider nature while still embodied.

We are awakening through your expansion, through becoming conscious of your spirit. We created this journey of remembering. Awakening is the experience of stepping out of the dilemma, but remaining within embodiment. It is to have a different experience of the human experience—to experience the Earth, but not through dilemma.

The only way you let yourself step out of dilemma is to bring yourself to the vantage point of seeing that your life was a conscious, willing choice that you made in freedom. As long as you judge the experience of dilemma to be a bad thing you cannot let it go. It is only when you come to understand that your experience of dilemma / drama has been expansive that you accept you are willingly choosing it.

What makes a dilemma is that it will not let you “let it be”. I am pointing you to the choice to step out of that grip and it is the choice to step out of a level of fear that you have allowed to control you.

You have chosen to be in dilemma in order to create a space of expansion. You have chosen to come to an experience of dilemma called the human experience and it is one of the greatest, richest, most complex experiences of dilemma in existence. This is because of its rich tapestry of meanings / definitions, it is an abundantly filled myriad of interconnected dilemmas.

You came into this amazing arena of the human experience in order to experience dilemma such that you would expand the very experience of what a self can be. This is to see that there is no wrongness to dilemma. It is not a fault, not a compromise, and not a unfortunate by-product of being embodied.

You chose to birth into human form in order to be in dilemma.

10—how is dilemma experienced after awakening?
After awakening to the nature of the illusion the circumstances that invite dilemma continue to exist. However, although those circumstances will still be perceived, you will relate to them very differently.

You will experience them as the revealing of your choices.

That which you once experienced once as dilemma will become the revealing of yourself through seeing your choices play out. This is achieved through you not being afraid to fully meet the manifestation of your choices through your allowance.

Through allowance you can meet your choices without drama or discomfort.

In being human you have each predominantly known what choice is through the experience of dilemma. So what is it like to experience a choice without dilemma?

The times where you have most made a choice free from dilemma are the times where you have just given yourself what you want—where you have let yourself love what you want to love, desire what you want to desire, where you have given yourself permission to love freely, where you have allowed the fulfillment of your desire.

This kind of allowance feels like loving life. It is to allow yourself to be drawn forward by the love of your experience, the joy of your experience, your excitement around your experience. It is following your joy. It is following your excitement.

allowance results in following your bliss.

In a state of allowance you just keep choosing whatever it is you want and, in that, you keep meeting more of yourself. You keep meeting yourself because you keep seeing what you choose. You keep meeting the experience of your intention and that is to evolve your intention.

Through allowance you learn, I am someone that likes this. I am someone that likes that. This is who I am in this choice. This is who I am in that choice. This is who I am in this moment. I meet myself through all these choices, because I am not afraid of myself. I am not afraid to meet myself through my choices.”

11-Making choices is meeting yourself.
It is time to see that you have all been afraid to meet yourself. You say, “I must get better before I can meet my next self. I must improve before I can meet my next self. I must be healed or I must have this figured out before I can meet my next self because as I am I am not good enough. The choices I make might not be good enough, might not be worthy.”

You fear that, “If I make choices I will reveal my unworthiness to the world. I will reveal my stupidity to the world. I will reveal my ugliness to the world. I will reveal how lost I am and my confusion. So I hide myself by making no choices. I hide myself by making the default choice—by being “the norm”. I will not even reveal myself to myself, for I fear what I will find in my choices, in what I reveal myself to like. Because surely that is what we most are… we are what we like. What if people see what I like? What if people see how shallow what I like is? What if I see myself through my choices and discover I am disgusting or awful? I fear my choices because they are the mirror. So I will make no choices. I will make the default choice.”

will you elevate yourself to be worthy of making choices?

For you to let go of your fear-based states of dilemma you have to deem yourself worthy of being a choice-maker. Most of you have done that to a large degree, but the choice-maker you have deemed worthy is the one that has wrestled the dilemmas you have faced to the floor. So though you may have found yourself worthy, the self that you have found worthy is a fighter, and that takes a lot of effort.

This fighter of dilemmas says, I am happy with my choices because I am happy with this big process I go through where I go all around the houses to confirm to myself the rightness of my choice before I will commit to it. This thing that I go through, this dilemma I go through, this stress that I go through, this process of questioning I go through all leads me to my confidence in my choices. And it is only because I have created this big process, created this armor, that I am worthy to make choices. But yes, it takes me time and effort, because that is how I believe the world works.”

What I would like you to see is that if you observe how you experience dilemma, then you can learn what it is about the process you go through that allows you to resolve them. What exactly is it within your mental process that you have found to sooth the dilemma and see a solution? What does your process of solving things and coming to choices give you? What do you have to do to become confident and sure?

If you can discover what this is then you can learn to give it to yourself in a more direct and easy way. This resolving effect is what I want you to learn to give to yourself. For if you will not, you will not allow yourself to put down the space of dilemma.

What I am saying here is that I want you to see that there is a way to not go into dilemma—or at least resolve them very quickly—as opposed to the resolution of dilemmas being hard work.

12—dilemma and the human experience.
In seeing that the human experience is a choice comes the realization that the energetic space of dilemma is—from a wider perspective—a beautiful thing because it is an expansive space. The Earth is an incredible reality for a certain kind of expansion that is formed around the exploration of connectedness and disconnectedness, competition and hierarchy, and the diversification of creation. That is the heart of what the human experience is.

All the dilemmas experienced on Earth revolve around the expansion of the choice-point (where the dilemma is in the choice).

So the human experience is exploring—through dilemmathe choice for things like competition, hierarchy, and limitation. In revealing how we choose, in revealing where our choices come from, we understand more of what we are; we see ourselves more clearly through the mirror of what appears to be an external reality (that contains our physicalized embodied self).

The Earth is such a profound destination because it reveals / magnifies the experience of choice.

What you are being invited to do here is see the wider vantage point from where you chose to be human. Allow yourself to step into this wider vantage point to see how it can transform your experience of dilemma by seeing the dilemmas you are experiencing in your life as a part of the choice to be human (instead of being a mistake or—if you are religiouspunishment). The reason I wish you to view your experience from this realization is because…

This wider vantage point is then the space from which you can see a new choice to experience the Earth without dilemma.

See how the choice for dilemma creates two different realities. See that you can let go of dilemma from within the experience of choice. You just have to see dilemma as a choice to understand what it is from the wider vantage point. You can’t just say, “I choose to exit dilemma.” You have to see, understand, and believe that dilemma is a choice in order to transform it. To do this, you must step back from it to this wider vantage point of which I speak.

You most clearly see your dilemmas when you calm the anxiety of them and stand back from the feeling of tension. You can practice this by observing other people’s dilemmas. When someone else speaks to you of the dilemma they are in, look for its edges through the idea that it is a fear-based choice of response instead of an unavoidable response.

observe it as a self-contained fear and you will see that the person is existing within the walls of it; they cannot see outside of it; they cannot see beyond it. Then allow yourself to see that this is how it is for you, and you will see your own fear-based space that you can step out of.

In doing this you will see that dilemma has always been a choice.

The power of dilemma is seen clearly in the power and strength of the emotions that the person experiencing it feels. These emotions are what consciousness exploring choice looks like. We enter into human form to explore freedom / choice. It is what we are.

We entered the human experience to explore ourselves through the dilemmas created through choice.

And it is wonderful. It is wonderful that you have had this expansive space to question your choices, to expand them across time, to expand the dilemma, to explore it from all angles. That is how aware you are as a state of consciousness to be making this choice to come here to understand what it is we are, to understand how our reality flows. And you have learned so much. But the next part that you have written for yourself is waking up to the illusion of fear. And to do that you have to end the illusion of dilemma that fear creates.

13—Seeing the wider picture.
When you cease to see dilemma as a mistake but instead see it as a choice, you are allowing yourself to see the expansive nature of your dilemmas. It is in this space of knowing that you will see that you can become addicted to expanding through the challenging process of dilemma.

We are that which physically incarnate in mortal form are beings that are excited by a challenge. The process of kicking down barriers within our experience of self can create its own satisfaction. This is again to see that dilemmas are not a wrongness.

It may surprise you, but one of the big challenges in leaving the uncomfortable aspects of being in dilemma is due to the part of you that enjoys experiencing them. Life without fighting against something is very different. Dramatic being dragged through the hedge backwards” kind of spiritual expansion is not a part of the new reality you are birthing. And, as a part of that birth, it comes forward within you to be let go of.

The problem is that many of you have become identified with being someone who overcomes such challenges as a part of your personal / spiritual growth. A part of your identity is connected to being someone who can overcome / transform powerful dilemmas. This can lead you to not initially be comfortable with the feeling of not having to fight, struggle, or overcome fear. Who are you when you are at peace?

To choose to not have a life based on dilemmas is to open yourself to a new experience of self.

remember that, in doing this, nothing ever ceases to exist. The experience of self that you are leaving will always be available to you to experience again if you wish. When you exit fear you will be faced with the fears that come up in allowing yourself to be a new self and start a new kind of life.

This is not an instant fix; it is the transformation of fear into something less painful.

This is the dilemma of giving over mental control to the intuition of your heart. It is not that the mind no longer plays a role, but it is to come to trust in the knowing in your heart beyond any kind of mental logic. To do this you will have to walk the path of learning to trust in your heart (which is to trust in who and what you are). It is to have come to sufficiently know thyself such that you believe in yourself and the “rightness” of your choice to be in this world.

If you do not yet want to exit “the human dilemma there is no wrongness or failure in that because, whatever you are experiencing in life, it is always evolving your communication with your heart. The result of any choice made through a dilemma will always resolve in a way that teaches you. So even when you perceive something as having a negative outcome, it has taught and therefore expanded what you are.

You will always end up becoming more and more conscious because you are within a stream of remembering that is propelled by every choice you make (regardless of which option you choose).

This stream of remembering is made possible because of the forgetting of the wider reality—your wider self / spiritthat takes place when you enter into the human experience. If you want to experience a reality of remembering then you go through a veil of forgetting. That is what you did with the Earth.

In every moment you are remembering because remembering is evermore revealing yourself through the unfolding of your choices. It is seeing what you wrote for yourself. Seeing
the beauty of it. Seeing the perfection of it. receiving what you created to thrill yourself. You created this life to give yourself the highest experience possible.

14—Coming to trust in yourself.
You entered this life through the creation of a blueprint. You created this life to live it. You created a life of dilemma, but then you also created this game of stepping out the dilemma. And you will only let yourself step outside of the dilemma when you have become satisfied that you have become conscious enough of the communication with your heart to trust its guidance in making your choices.

What you are actually asking yourself, I hope, is not “Do I trust my heart?” I hope you know by now your heart is utterly trustworthy. What you are asking yourself is “Am I clear? Am I in clear enough communication with my heart to hear its guidance clearly?”

That is the path you have all been on—the path of coming to trust in the communication with your own heart without letting the interference / fear of the mind mislead you. But, if it does mislead you then that is just going into the illusion which is then better seeing the nature of the illusion, so it is still where you want to go. Which is simply to say that all experience is expansive.

What this means is that you just need to keep going, and the best way to keep going is to focus on transforming the dilemmas that most cause you to feel stuck. If you do this it will be a great catalyst and will rapidly make all the other issues in your life fall into place.

The experience of dilemma isn’t something you can instantly switch off. It is something you gradually reduce the intensity of within you. You lessen your focus on that area and it will fade. This will catapult you into new territory of consciousness because you will be opening yourself to the flow of life.

So this is about becoming conscious of dilemma such that you can step back from its drama, anxiety, fear, and pain such that you can see it clearly (as opposed to being contained within it). To step back and say, “I see the fear. I see the dilemma. I see the space I was exploring.”

But there is also a level at which you can say, I am done with it.” Even if it turns out you are not done with it—because there is still something within it your spirit wants to experienceit is a good thing to go to the space of “I feel confident I am done with it.” Because that intention will either transform it or lead you to focus on the part of it that still has a message for you.

15—Allowing your heart to flow
Stepping forward with positivity is a powerful statement of intention. The best way to find out if you are done with something is to start to move away from it. It is only the old state of mind that fears, “I may leave something undone.”

You cannot leave anything undone. Everything always resolves eventually (which is why you don’t need the dilemma). You won’t need your dilemmas when you aren’t afraid of the self you present to the world—when you are not afraid of your unfiltered self. The space of dilemma is equally the space of filtering, of buffering, of denial, of numbing, of non-transparency (masks), of secrets.

who you are when not in fear is what you will discover on the other side of the release of dilemma.

In the old teaching we shined a light on empowering choices you could make. We said, “Look at this choice. You might want to try this for the following reasons. This is why this is good. This is why this is expansive. This is why it will further awaken you.” That is old teaching, and it is powerful. It is the most powerful teaching for the old Earth, but the new teaching is here and it is the infinite Menu—the infinite Matrix of creation that contains every possibility. We now shine the light on the wider menu before you.

We understand that a menu that presents infinite freedom is overwhelming. Let us help you with your feeling of being overwhelmed. Let us help you come to see that you do not need to be afraid of how free and expansive this Menu of creation is.

You don’t need to be afraid that anything is possible. And this is what the issue is for many people. As they leave Earth-type systems (where limitation is experienced) they fear anything being possible because they want suffering to be extinguished. They therefore want certain things to be made impossible. However, when you understand that everything is choice, you understand there is no need for fear (which to a creator is manifest as fear of what you may choose).

There is nowhere you go except where you take yourself.

So, if you are still identified with fear, the only thing you have left to fear is where you may take yourself. This is where you come to fear your choices. This is the illusion you have been lulled into.

To fear your own choices is to fear what you are, is to fear your very choice to be human.

I no longer point you at specific choices that represent ways in which you can empower yourself. I point you to your heart. I point you to learning to read the infinite probabilities within reality by feeling what lights up to you. This is the level of clarity / freedom you will discover. When you will let your heart guide you, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed through looking at the whole menu. It is only when you are within dilemma that infinite choice is scary.

When you trust your heart and fall into your choices, you fall out of the dilemma.

It is an interesting aspect of being a spiritual teacher; how do you introduce someone to their infinite nature when they are in a state of fear? Because, when you introduce the infinite to someone that is in fear—to someone prone to dilemma—it can seem like a nightmare. And yet it is an incredible gift. It is a great freedom to understand there is no dilemma except that which you choose to create for yourself to expand through.

You have each written yourselfcreated your life—to be truly beautiful. You have written seeds that are so beautiful. This is to realize that you are “the architect”. Any sense of that not being beautiful and perfect is from holes (unconsciousness) in your perception and those holes will be filled in more reliably by you falling forward into your choices than through any teaching.

spiritual teaching is to get people to choose, to get people to be themselves, to get people to express themselves, to get them to enter their own solution—the solution that is revealed through listening to the guidance within your heart.

—BRANCH TEXT: guidance

16—You are discovering freedom by entering into fear.
Despite the limitations you experience in human form, in coming to Earth you are throwing yourself into a free creative space. While it does have its agreed upon limits, within those limitations there is open, infinite potential for creation.

The mass consciousness program is a fear-based set of collective beliefs / meanings that we are taught through socialization and the media. This has not been a mistake. It is a force that is required to maintain the human experience because if you did not naturally fall into fear then you would naturally fall out of fear (which means you would wake up and see through the illusion of your mortality).

The density of the fear-based beliefs had to be great enough so that you would remain focused within the mortal experience. So fear is not a mistake; it is a part of entering into the experience of individuality. However, in the past, it was a much softer gravity of fear that you experience today.

The mass consciousness program has had to become stronger and stronger in recent years. This is not a bad thing because it is like stretching a piece of elastic that is now starting to break (because people always eventually fight back against their fear when it becomes intense enough). In this way it is actually the depth of the fear that is now present in the mass consciousness program that is triggering an mass level of awakening (which presents itself as a polarization between the old and the new, e.g. liberal and conservative).

The magnification of your fear through the media is potent and would be off the charts if you placed it on a scale that compares it to the kind of fear in the past. People are consumed by the monster of their debt today at a level similar to the fear of being slain by an advancing army hundreds of years ago. But it is important to understand that this is a part of the human experience and—when seen clearly—it is the tipping of the scale for a mass awakening.

17—Your blueprint out of fear.
The natural state on Earth at this time is to be in fear / dilemma. This is why you have the guidance of your heart / your feelings / your intuition. It is your compass. Because of this guidance system you have something to direct you out of the fear and that path is a joyous journey.

You enter through the veil of forgetting. It is like the part of the roller-coaster that pulls you all the way up high to start the ride. This is the way roller-coasters work. They take you up high and then use gravity to do loop the loops and take you in a thrilling—and sometimes scaryjourney. And it is all achieved through this initial pulling up high which is the equivalent of the forgetting you experience when you birth on Earth. You must forget in order to remember.

The veil of forgetting creates the roller-coaster of a human life.

Through the mass consciousness program the human experience has what you may consider a “negative gravity to keep you in fear, but then you give yourself this blueprint—this blueprint that is your heart, that is your joy, that is your connection, that is your guide.

The guidance of your feelingsyour heart—is the portal to knowing your wider self. It is the portal to the aware, awakened self and you disguise that within a experiential journeyyour blueprint—that is a path that leads to joy (which ultimately is the revealing of yourself to be All-That-Is / source consciousness / all that you could possibly seek).

So that is what it is. The Earth is an experience where you enter into a forgetting that is cloaked in a fear-based meaning and you paint this path out—a human life. There are many, many ways to paint your way out. Understand that your blueprints for life are incredibly wide and varied. They span fluidity to solidity, rigidity to openness, the whole spectrum.

within each person is a blueprint, is a path, is a path of self.

This blueprint can be imagined as being a ski-run and in your life you can go off-piste and ski in the powder as much as you like. Though you think logically there is a time limit; there is no time limit. You really can go off-piste as much as you like. BUT you will go through the complete path eventually. For that is what you created for yourself, and you created it with such wisdom and with such knowing that there is never any reason to discard it.

Even though your life has this level at which you have predetermined it, it is still a free experience.

18—Do not fear being predetermined.
Now I wish to take these ideas to a far more literal level for you to better understand it.

know that you are fluid, your life is open, and there is freedom in your will. However, I equally wish you to understand the way in which the blueprint you wrote to experience in this life does represent a level of predeterminism. Something is predetermined. There is great freedom in what is predetermined, but I do not wish to shy away from the fact that there is something significant in what you are that is predetermined. However…

never forget that what is predetermined in your life is entirely of your own creation.

Most people take being predetermined to mean that someone else did the determining. No. You determined it, it is just that you determined it in what feels to be ahead of time, but is in fact, outside of time.

It was from outside of time that you determined how you would experience time.

You created the ride that you then got on. You wrote the book you are now reading. You wrote the computer game that you are now playing. You are the architect of your own experience. You created this blueprint and this blueprint is a pattern—a pattern of joys, a pattern of passions, a pattern of responses. It is loaded with things that you will meet in life. Patterns for events and people that you will experience in your life.

By the nature of putting this pattern / path in your heart you will recognize it and you will be attracted to it within the life. This is what the guidance you feel through your heart is. To consult your heart is to consult the blueprint for your life and that is the same as saying it is to ask your spirit for guidance. And sometimes you put great rigidity in your blueprint in order to experience very defined things. And there are times when you will choose an incredibly open blueprint.

Your signature is on everything within you—everything within your life. In all ways that matter, what you are looking to is your own intention of what to experience in this life. So, when you question, what you are questioning is the wisdom of your creation—the wisdom of your own hand. Your guidance shows you your choice from the wider state of consciousness—that which exists outside of the Earth’s veil of forgetting.

This is why it is difficult to teach and talk to people in fear (the old world), for they are looking and they are saying, “Is what I have chosen correct?”

It is correct because you have chosen it. It is correct because it is the fulfillment of your intention.

That is why it is correct, and yet, what is being sought is an explanation of a wider correctness. So you say, “Please paint a bigger picture and show me how, in that bigger picture, what I have chosen is correct.”

There is no correct or incorrect. There is no bigger picture in the solid way you are seeking. There is no judge or jury up in the sky. There is the choice of your path and that path is chosen with complete wisdom. And, whenever you complete that path, you stand there and you say, “That was amazing. I want to do it again.”

It is only ever from within mortality that you question its correctness.

The path that you have chosen for this particular lifethis life of awakening—is of a slightly different nature. It is far more multi-dimensional than the lives you have had in past times. It is far more open to simultaneous aspects of your wider consciousness emerging into your awareness.

This is because you are trying to reflect your widest self / spirit. For that is the pathway to meeting the collective-consciousnessthe bridging consciousness—that which you are connected to, that which connects all. You discover your connection with all by fully realizing your connection with yourself, your connection with others, your connection with everything.

You seek the experience of connection.

will you allow this inside of yourself? For if we take it in this literal way I wish you to imagine your life as predetermined in the most traditional sense. Imagine that you have already chosen every choice you will ever make in the timelessness before birth. Imagine you have chosen every choice and you are just living it.

This can be imagined as… you wrote a book, you took a pill to forget you wrote it, and now you are reading it. I wish you to be comfortable meeting life on that level. Why? Because it is an exercise that will highlight fear and resistance that may still be operating within you.

We will be talking more about free-will and choice and I will show you your free-will. I will show you your choice. Do not fear you do not have these things. In what I am telling you about predetermination I am in no way denying those things. I just wish you to experience what is triggered in you by the idea of a completely predetermined life. I wish you to be able to embrace the whole spectrum.

I wish you to be able to embrace the idea that your life is entirely predetermined. It was you that wrote it, and you are now reading it. You filmed it and now you are watching it. You created it and now you are being it.

If you are reading a book you wrote, then there is no reason to fear turning the page. There is only excitement to remember what you wrote.

how does it feel to have that level of chance removed? What if there is no chance / randomness. What if everything that is coming is all of your own creation. It is all you. It is all of your own hand. It is all your writing. It is all your script. will you meet your script? Why would you fear reading a script that YOU specifically wrote for yourself to read?

This is about discovering a profound level of self-confidence—which is to say confidence in your own creative self. When you go into the feeling of dilemma you demonstrate that you do not believe that you are the architect of your own life.

See the way in which the dilemmas in your life are pointing you to the ways in which you do not trust in what you are.

For a person that understands that they have written the script of their life, there is no need for dilemma. See, therefore that this does not mean that dilemma is a wrongness. It is a game.

Even when you say, “But what if I did not really understand what the Earth is like? What if the beingness that I was did not really understand this? What if I got myself into something I can’t get myself out of?” All of those ideas are mental nonsense created by fear, created by not knowing you know. They are distraction. They are disbelief. They are doubt. They are dilemma.

19—meeting your self-chosen script.
imagine the questions you have about problems in your life through the lens of the knowing that you wrote the entire script of your life. When seen in this way the solution is always to keep reading—keep reading the script, keep turning the page.

In this there is no attempt to control. There is no attempt to control the words in a book. They are there and you will meet them. It is just a question of when you are ready to meet them. They are not going to change. By taking longer, by reading slower, they are not going to change. You have already written the book. All that is left is to meet it. That is all that is left. And you meet it through living your life.

You meet it through making the choices that unfold your life.

But before you even get to the choice, you must approach the choice, you must meet the choice. And the choice I wish you to meet, the knowing I wish you to meet, is the choice to be a teacher. Because what is the teacher? The teacher is one who allows him or herself to know. The teacher is aligned with knowing. The teacher can evoke knowing and the knowing I am offering to you is the knowing that you wrote your script and there is nothing, nothing, to be done but meet it.

feel the freedom in what I speak of. You have already done all the creating. You have done all the work creating this life script, perfecting this thing that you are now diving into. There is a great deal of love in your script. Love underlies the experience you have created for yourself. You created this experience to expand yourself and you did that to love yourself because you love expansion.

The blueprint you have created for your life is an act of love.

You chose this experience to love yourself, not to test yourself. There may be what feels like tests within it, but you didn’t create it to test yourself. You might enjoy tests. The experience of feeling tested may run through your life, but you did not create this life to test yourself. You created it to have an experience you love—an experience you wanted. It is up to you. It is your choice. But know you created it from a place of love. You chose it with love.

This life is you loving yourself.

See the love in your life. See the love in your choice. See the love in your blueprint. See the love behind the design. See the love in the architecture of your life to let yourself know. See the love to give up the fight of asking, “Whose script is this? Whose life am I living? who is in control? Am I a victim or a creator?”

There is no room for the victim in “I wrote the script and I am living it.” There is nothing to be done other than meet it. There is no choice. There is no will. The free-will has all been done. All the free-will is in the seed of the script. Again, I am not saying this literally, but at one end of the scale, this is a reality, and this is within your reality. This is an aspect of your reality. It is a truth, but it is not the whole truth.

meet you freedom by accepting your predetermination.

—BRANCH TEXT: predetermination (for anyone who is unnerved of the idea of predetermination, this text reminds us of the infinite freedom at the core of the human experience). 

20—The freedom is within the seed.
The infinite extent of your free-will was used in the creation of the seed and all that you experience as free-will in the life is the unfolding of that seed. So you do experience freedom within the life, but it is the unfolding of the free-will of all the choices encoded in the seed / blueprint. It is free-will from before, because before is seeing through the illusion, because the linearity is an illusion. This is to experience this freedom in the-Now.

time is an illusion—a quality of the script.

There is this free-will seed of love that is breathed into the Earth and it is experienced as a linear life. But all the free-will came from this wider state of consciousness, came from that knowing. And then you said, “I want to go and experience it because that is the beauty of the Earth. That is the game.”

The game is to not know you wrote the script until you choose the time of awakening; the time when you come to see that you are the architect of the script, which is also seeing there is nothing to fear.

All that is perceived as fear within the script is just you trying to teach yourself. Only you can choose to have fun with what is possible here and thereby choose to play with this environment. This is a game you have chosen to master and that mastery has implications for every other reality you will ever experience. But it is still just a game that you write and then enter into through unconsciousness.

There are no other fingerprints on your life but your own. And that is knowing—that is sovereignty. It is the end of victimhood and that is the pathway out of dilemma.

This is the power of seeing the predeterminism within your life. There is both movement and freedom, but underpinning that is a path. And if you have any level of feeling in your heart, that is enough. In your current state of awareness you cannot stray. You will only take yourself to where you need to be. I cannot tell you what that is. I cannot tell you your own unique path. That path is your path.

I do not tell you there are only good things ahead. I tell you that none of you are going off-piste with your focus on awakening. None of you are going somewhere you did not intend to go. None of you are even vaguely lost. You are all engaged with your hearts and therefore you are all engaged with the unfolding of yourself—the path that you wrote. So now there is just the question of meeting it.

21—Be still or proceed?
So I would like you to contemplate meeting life through the idea that you are on track. You know you are on track and you know the track is of your own creation. So there is no dilemma about whether the track is right or not. There is just the choice to either be still, or proceed. I wish you to see that you can apply this. You can deconstruct your own dilemma through this knowing and this process will bring you directly to your choice point.

This is about just letting your life be and knowing that is enough. Knowing it is enough to just meet the experience / take the ride. This is the release of mission, the release of agenda. It is the allowance of presence in the meeting of the moment. That is how simple it is.

—BRANCH TEXT: allowance and the release of mission are explored in energy-of-escape.

So following the path is not complex, no matter how complex the blueprint (script) is. The part that so many of you have been missing is your allowance of the knowing of your spirit. You have not allowed yourself to step into my shoes in the wider state of consciousness and meet the wider aspect of yourself which knows. This is to bring your wider knowing to your life. But what is it to be one who knows?

Can you allow yourself to know what you feel? That is the clear bridge between the heart and the mind. That is what coming to know is. It is the transformation of feeling into knowing. This is not a knowing that arrives through external means. It is your own feeling for resonance (personal truth). That is meeting the energy of the moment.

That is what we have been teaching you when we speak of meeting the energy of these messages. Will you allow this energy of the wider consciousnessthe wider perspective—to exist within you?

This is again why we encourage people learning this form of communication (channeling), for it faces you with this dilemma of allowing yourself to know. It is a dilemma because when people first channel they are so afraid of “getting it wrongor “saying something stupid”.

channeling is a process of allowing that which is subtle to become solid—that which is an idea, that which is a flashing memory, that which is a feeling in a body, to become real, to become meaningful. It is to bring meaning into this reality from wider levels inside yourself through your inner-senses.

It is to allow yourself to create reality, to create meaning, from your inner-senses.

free yourself by knowing that you wrote your script. Feel your knowing. Allow it to inform your response. You are the chooser. You are the creator. But if you wish to have it, if you wish to know it, if you wish to be it, then you must claim your crown. It cannot be given to you.

You claim your crown with your knowing.

22—resonance & the point of choice.
Up until now you have primarily experienced choice as a point of dilemma. So much so, that without that dilemma you do not have a clear picture of what the choice point then becomes without the dilemma. So the question becomes… what is the choice point without dilemma? What is that experience? What does it feel like when you approach a choice in life without fear of that choice?

The state of mental dilemma that is most common within the human experience is this pulling together of all available information and then mentally assessing and balancing the options according to a combination of logic and lessons you have learnt. We have been teaching you to learn to follow your heart by using the compass of feeling. This is at the core of your current evolution—the evolution from the mental fear-based reality to the heart / passion / feeling based reality. The relationship with the heart becomes different when you remove the interference of mental dilemma. This shift will even affect what your perception of your will is.

within the human experience you have seen qualities that you desire. You have seen ways of being that may be beyond your own and you have felt drawn to them—they resonate for you. Due to this drawing forward you feel within that they are like beacons signaling you, asking you to become more, showing you that there is more. This is the resonance of the coding / script within your heart lighting up as you perceive it. And that draws you, and that is your feeling of bliss.

The feeling of resonance means that something you intended to experiencesomething in your script—is before you.

You get to discover the treasure in your heart. This is why the Earth is such a wonderful game. You bury treasure and you discover it. You forget and you remember. You go to sleep and you awaken. It is wonderful.

23—attachment and control.
But then there are these complexities we have created, these deeper layers of the game created by a mistrust / fear of the process—this fear-based circular thinking. Through fear you can spiral into so many different depths of meaning. And one of those meanings is a demand for things to be a certain way. The idea being that these “things” are what freedom is, which is the idea that your happiness is determined by the external (the conditions of the external world).

In this cycle of demand you can become rather like the character of Gollum with “your precious” (your demands and attachments). Some people even come to see them as the definition of freedom and joy. They say they want this freedom because they want to be able to do anything. “I must be able to do anything. I must be able to have my free speech. I must be able to insult anyone on the planet, otherwise I am not free. I must be able to have a gun to shoot anyone on this planet, otherwise I am not free. I must have a button that can blow up the entire planet, or I am not free.”

And it is not that I debate that perspective. If you cannot have a button to blow up the world there is a way in which you are less free than a person that has all your options plus the detonation button. You can logically argue it in many ways. Because, at the end of the day, you are here to live within the experience of those beliefs.

This is the kind of discussion that we get into with questions from mental people about how they believe creation “should” work. They say, “If I am truly free to create as you say, then I should be able to x, y and z.” But the question they fail to ask is, “Do I truly from my deepest heart want x, y and z?” And what people say is, “Well no I don’t want that, but what if I did want that?” But you don’t! who are you worried about? If you don’t really want it, then it doesn’t really matter to you, and that is why you aren’t creating it.

When it comes to understanding creation it is important to deal with the experience of yourself rather than hypotheticals. You are here to teach yourself through the experience before you. Mental hypothesizing can be fun, but often it is a strategy to avoid looking at the heart of the matter—the personal.

24—Your blueprint is your experience of freedom.
What I am pointing you towards here is by having a dream in your heartyour blueprint—you have given yourself something that draws you forward. But a dream is not a destination. A dream in your heartas opposed to a mental dream—is something that will always evolve as you move towards it because it is not a fixed definition. It is the desire for a certain feeling for life—an experience of feeling within this reality.

When you see this clearly, you will see that your blueprint for life is therefore not any kind of limit—not any kind of prison. It is a light in your heart. It is joy in your heart. It is that which points you to the journey that will most enrich and enliven you.

Your blueprint is your gift to your mortal self from your spirit.

freedom isn’t the ability to do absolutely anything. Freedom is the ability to follow the clarity that exists within your heart. Why? Because that is what you will experience as mattering most. It is simply how the human experience is designed.

Your heart is what determines what matters to you, so the only freedom you will ever need is the freedom to follow your heart.

You create an internal feeling for what matters as a part of your dream. That feeling of what matters isn’t, “Do I or don’t I get what I want?” That is mental definition. That is an outward destination. What matters is, “Can I feel what I want to feel?” And the feeling you most enjoy is the feeling of following your heart. That is the question. That is what opens up. That is what you discover. And what is in your heart is something you have written.

Your blueprint is the greatest gift of love created by you, for you. It is your gift of freedom to yourself. It is not a cage. You could have come into this world with virtually no limit—no story written in your heart. You could have chosen that. That was an option. But you did not choose that and with good reason. What you wrote for yourself was the best experience.

Just like a person picking out some entertainment to enjoy, you asked of this life, “What’s going to be the best movie to watch? What is going to be the best book to read? What is the most exciting life I can live?” And, as such, it is a gift. It is the positive focusthe positive experience—you have given yourself. In many ways, it is the advantage you have given yourself.

following your heart is to live through your greatest personal advantage.

All realities are some type of experience of a selfas even collective-consciousness is an experience of selftherefore the dream in your heart is of a self. That self, by how it is encoded, by how it was created, by how the game was designed, is your advantage. It is your superpower. It is the thing that is enhanced within you. It is the ability of self that will click into place most effortlessly.

The infinite Menu of creation is available to you. You have highlighted some items, and you have impacted fear and resistance into others. You did this to guide your life.

What I tell you is that the most rewarding experiences on Earth are ones that come with this pre-shaping. The less predetermined / scripted lives tend to cause the person to fall into the fear of the mass consciousness program and remain there, because that is such as significant part of the human experience (that pervasive fear-based gravity).

So you gave yourself an advantage; you gave yourself a plan; you gave yourself a trail of light, a trail of joy, a trail of things clicking, a trail of movement, a trail of effortlessness, a trail of excitement, a trail of passion, a trail of love, a trail of opening, a trail of expansion, a trail of fulfillment, a trail of synchronicities, a trail of feeling the things you wanted to feel. And that predetermined trail is not a cage. It is your advantage.

25—being your blueprint is following your heart.
learning to follow your heart is learning to play your advantage. It is learning to be in your advantage. It is the feeling for a spiritually-defined sweet spot within life.

Some people confuse a sweet spot with a comfort zone. They are different. Comfort zones do not move and therefore become stagnant. They therefore deteriorate over time. Sweet spots evolve, move and grow. They remain interesting. They keep fresh because they are a feeling, not a definition.

This is how beautiful what you created is. This is the gift you gave to your mortal self from your spirit. So now you are in the game and, upon entering through the veil of forgetting, you must discover this journey through learning to follow the feeling in your heart rather than listening to the mentally-constructed / socialized fear with your mind.

many of you have developed a strong foundation in your heart so, when you approach a choice, you automatically feel into it. But there tends to also be a mental process of overlooking and assessing that then brings up any concerns or fears about where the heart is pointing.

It is in this way that, for many people who feel heart-centered, the mind continues to exert its fear-based feeling of dilemma. So what often happens is you meet a choice with your heart but then your mind comes in like the judge and jury. The pros and cons of each side are presented and then they are compared with the feeling of the heart. Then, if the mind and heart match up, you allow yourself to make the choice quickly. But, if they conflict, then it is a process that continues with further weighing of the evidence.

This mental judge and jury is based upon the assumption that “there is something to work out”. It is based upon the idea that there is jeopardy. It is based on the idea that there are always better and worse options (instead of equal options). It is based on the idea that there is innocent and guilty.

Buried beneath all this is the heart’s knowing that life it not a test—it is a gift to be experienced.

So what is life with that gone? What do you discover? What does reality become? reality becomes a meeting in the heart and not the mind. It becomes a beautiful unfolding of something that excites and interests you. In short, life becomes an adventure rather than a test—a game rather than a cause for judgment.

26—Entering the flow of life.
many of the choices you face boil down to, “Shall I move forward, or not move? Shall I engage or disengage?” This choice does not exist in the awakened state because there is no need for stillness in the new experience of realityfree from fear—you are moving into.

When you discover the freedom of being yourself then everything always has an innate sense of movement. So even something like a solid, external decision, such as moving home or not, ceases to be such a defined point in time. The idea being that you start to move out emotionally / spiritually / energetically before you move physically. You will start having wider, temporal bleed-throughs of heart energy (feeling) as you open yourself and approach the threshold of the house move. You will begin to feel your new life even before you get there.

This is to say that when you take fear out of it there is less pronounced demarcation of choice-points. This also leads to less experiences of stop-start and “steppedenergylife becomes much smoother and more flowing. Choices cease to be, “Shall I stop or start, move or not move?” and instead become only about which direction do I wish to flow in.

In the old fear-based experience it tends to be about using the brake or the accelerator (without much belief you have control of the steering wheel). In the feelings-based experience of Earth that you are now entering, speed is not something that you seek to control (as you are in full allowance of how you are flowing into life). As such, you know that the speed at which you are flowing is perfect.

If your speed is to be slowed or accelerated then you know your heart will naturally do that—for your heart is what guides you. This is to know your heart as the guidance of your focus and, if necessary, it will direct you in a way that slows you if you are starting to feel overwhelmed.

With your heart guiding your focus, you do not need to control speed.

So when you meets a decision without fear there is no feeling of whether or not you should brake. Perhaps it is a choice of left or right. Without fear there is no sense that perhaps you should stop and think about it. There is no idea that you could even possibly need to stop. There is no idea that you would need time to make this decision.

You don’t need time to make the decision because there is no wrong decision—there is no dilemma.

You are just flowing towards it and by the feeling / coding in your heart / blueprint, it is clear to you which way you will go. There is no doubt because you know that the blueprint in your heartbecause it is a feeling—has the answer to every choice you will even make.

27—What is the point of a predetermined experience?
For some, the idea that you are living a life you wrote for yourself can contain an idea of repetition. From one perspective, it could seem that in the life you are living you are merely remembering what you have already written rather than discovering something new. This is however not the case.

Let us use a gallery of paintings that each represent individual blueprints as an example. Even though you have seen the finished painting prior to your life beginning, when you come to live the life, you have forgotten what the painting looks like. You start afresh with a blank canvas. The blueprint is pushed into unconsciousness and the human experience is the revealing of the image through the journey of a life.

—BRANCH TEXT: making-unconscious-conscious

Even though in full consciousness you do know what the final painting of your life will look like, you have to live the life to experience the process of its unfolding creation. The understanding being that the purpose of your life is not its destination; it is the unfolding experience you have within the lifewithin the embodiment. This is the difference between the blueprint itself and the embodied experience of the blueprint.

So, with that understood, let us look at what it is like to approach a choice when you are comfortable with the idea that you have predetermined elements of your life. When this is the case you come towards the choice with the knowing that you have this blueprint of guidance (the painting) encoded within your heart.

You therefore meet the choice not as a dilemma or test, but as the further revealing of the painting which you know you chose for yourself with great love.

being stood in the gallery looking at the painting on the wall is an entirely different experience to creating that painting as a human life. This is akin to saying it is entirely different to watch the Mona Lisa actually being painted than looking at the finished product in the Louvre. Someone that has seen a painting being painted relates to it in a completely different way than someone just looking at the final image.

You are creating experiences for yourself because experiences are what matter (because all definition is ultimately seen to be an illusion). This is to say that being in the art gallery isn’t actually that interesting. Being within the paintings is what we most desire.

We are consciousness spinning journeys through the gallery of paintings. The library of lives each suggest further experiences to be had. We are each a bridge and we span across multiple stories. We connect and create new stories across other stories. We create these paths and these lives and these experiences and they are fresh and they are vital.

So, when you approach a choice, it is further the revealing of the painting that you are. It is a journey of discovery. You are seeing your own creation. Despite its level of pre-determination, it is the creative experience because you are experiencing creating your choice spread across the mirror of linear-time and physical matter.

28—The process of creation.
Having left dilemma you will come to meet life as a creative process. Choices become, “I will see what I create through this.” They become blank canvases where you will see what you will paint and you do this by actively painting. You are not just sat back observing, “Oh, I wonder which way I will go.” It doesn’t feel like that when you creatively express. story does not feel like that in this moment. He feels energized and alive. It is a vibrant in-the-moment experience and it is joyful to feel what is being created / manifested. What I most wish you to see here is the movement and active choice within it.

You did not come here to observe the revealing of your painting, you came to paint it; you came to get the colors of Earth all over you.

When you understand this you will see the redundancy of destination. Namely, how redundant the final destination of the painting is. See how destination is in fact the return to the beginning point where you were creating your blueprint. You create the painting at this wider level of consciousness. You then give it to yourself on Earth to experience yourself painting it.

The painting is not painted at the wider level. It just is.

This quality of how it “just is” in the wider reality further shows us why we love the human experience. In the wider reality, creation just is. This could be thought of as… whatever you want, you instantly experience. There is therefore no experience of the process / unfolding of creation. Instead, there is just an impulse and a result.

This is to say there is no experience of journey within it. Because of this, creation is not comprehended as fully as it could be. And this is the way in which Earth could be seen to be a training ground to understand what creation is. With its powerful experience of linear-time, the human experience elongates the creative process instead of this instant quality of BAM—there is your final painting. Instead there is this creative experience of it being painted with all the associated emotions spread out over time such that you can focus in on them and savor them. It is such a rich and revealing experience.

In the wider state of consciousness we exist in prior to birthing on Earth, anything can just be. There is no journey to it. You create things there and put them here to see what is inside of them—to see what the experience of them is within a concentrated (individuated) focus.

In doing this we see that these paintings, these blueprints, these gifts of love are like diamonds. Your blueprint is made up of imprints from as many lives as you wished to draw from. Each of these imprints are your gifts and you can only experience them through your heart. You flow towards the choices they represent in life and it is joyful. It is the discovery of the gift within you.

You are discovering the beauty of the painting of you and you are all going to discover that you are masterpieces. That is how wonderful the journey in your heart is. But yes, the journey of the heart can also have a lot of twists and turns. And that makes it even more amazing when you reveal the masterpiece, when you find your gift, when you find your authentic, free-flowing self—that which is not constrained by fear.

The path of your heart is a path of joy.

29—We like to challenge ourselves.
embracing this potential for joy is precisely how you can release dilemma. You can choose to—through a mastery of focus and transformation of fearexperience your life like reading more of a good book or watching more of a good movie. This does not mean that absolutely everything is completely lovely.

Movies that are only “lovely” do not do well at the box office. Books that are only “lovely” have little or no readership. They are boring. It is important to understand that you don’t want “just lovely”. You want an exciting book; you want a good read; you want a thrilling experience.

You can easily see what you define as good experiences by looking at what you enjoy in life and by the fantasies you enjoy. Here you will see that we are creatures that love a good challenge. You enjoy getting lost and finding you way home. You enjoy forgetting so that you can remember. You enjoy things beingdown and out” and then being fixed. You enjoy what you perceive of as wrongness being made right. You enjoy resolving issues.

You want at least some level of challenge in your life.

These are the kind of experiences you crave. Just look at what you look for in your movies or TV and then do not be surprised when there are reflections of it in your life. There is this idea that the focus of your movies is propagating something negative, when in fact it is reflecting a part of who you are. And that reflection is its own solution.

humanity is choosing to take certain negative experiences and confine them to the screen. There is this process of war, torture, and suffering being moved to exist in the imagination of movies such that it does not need to exist outwardly. The experience of war can never be destroyed—because it is a part of how we got here—it can only be transformed. And that is how those things will continue, and they do need to continue, for they are a part of the human experience. They will transform in order to find their place in the new world. And they will exist in media, in documents, as both entertainment and as documentation of your history. But I digress.

What I want you to have felt here is this perspective on what the path through your heart is. It is a state of clarity. And as such, it is not something inside of your heart—it is what your heart is.

Your blueprint is what you feel through; it is what you feel with.

There is a way in which your dream for this life is your heart. And now, if you will allow yourself to step out of dilemma, there is an opportunity for you to meet it in a deeper way than ever before. A way to meet it joyfully, to meet it with excitement, to meet it with the simple knowing that it is your creation of a good book, a good story, a good experience.

30—The answer is simple and takes a life to understand.
You are in the human experience and you say, “Help us understand. Help us navigate this world.” follow your heart without dilemma. That is your answer and in it you have everything you need. But, with this message, I hope I have shown you with greater clarity than ever before that you do not need to fear the flow of your heart. You do not need to fear releasing the judge and jury of your mind. Allow your mind to become something else—something more relaxed. Allow the experience of your mind to transform through its most helpful qualities—of which it has many.

This solution is within you, but you must apply it.

Stepping out of dilemma is not only a choice, it is something that takes practice. You will be pulled back into dilemma in many different ways because you each have deep patterns of dilemma that are encoded across the many lifetimes you used to help create your current blueprint.

Through practice you can become conscious of your heart / spirit and step out of dilemma.

In stepping out of dilemma you will fully meet the potent and transformative reality before you. And, in fully meeting reality, you will meet your choices in a whole new way. You will meet choices without fear and then you will discover choices to be ever unfolding heart-based experiences of meeting yourselfexperiences of meeting what you have created yourself to become.

See that you are loving yourself with this human experience. You are making love to yourself with this experiencelove with no limits, with no shame, with no fear. You asked yourself, “What will completely turn me on?” This is why sex is a helpful mirror in the exploration of getting in touch with and expressing your desire (for sex is the allowance of your desires).

Sex is the allowance of the expression of your desires. It brings you the challenge of asking for what you want. If you want it, then it is best to say it. This life is about asking for what you feel in your heart. It is about stepping up to the dream within you and owning it.

Your dream is an intimate moment you step into—it is intimate in its revealing of your desire.

With full knowing of all desire you created a powerful human experience for yourself to have. You made a gift with passion and love for yourself and you meet that dream in your choices. Meeting your choices is meeting the next sentence, the next page, the next scene.

reality is the unfolding of this gift through your heart.

You can go off in any direction. You can experience all forms of contrast. You can go out from your dreamfrom this blueprint—into contrast and you can play with the experience as much as you like. You can play with the gift of yourself by extending it out into the contrast. But you can also, when that tires you and maybe you feel like you are getting lost, you can rediscover—you can remember—the flow in your heart and go back to it.

You are free to remember and you are free to forget.

You can always come back. You can reintroduce dilemma to your heart’s content. But once you see what dilemma really is, it won’t quite be the same again. But you will still play with it. It is like the shift that occurs in your perception of time. You are no longer fully contained by it. You can see what time is—meaning its illusional naturebut that does not mean you no longer experience time.

You have all you need. Trust this imprint in your heart. Learn to fall into it. Learn to meet it. And know that when you make choices, if you have let your mind pull you away from your heart, know that where it will then take you is the place where your fear will reveal and resolve itself. No choice is wrong; they will all lead you to where you want to be (which is in the flow of your heart).

So surrender to meeting your gifts. Surrender to meeting yourself. Discover yourself in the creative moment of the revealing—the choice point. Know that all this is of your own creation and you will most feel your own creation through the choices within it.

Do you see? Your choices will feel like the discovery of your wider will—your wider intention. You are discovering your willthe will of your spirit—through making choices. You are discovering what you have willed for yourself. You will discover the will of yourself and that is to consciously integrate your spirit.

The will of your wider self is your life. So live it.

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