The fear of Freedom


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The Fear of Freedom

“I choose to realize the ways in which I fear my own being.”

As wonderful as the limitless potential of freedom sounds, there are ways in which you fear it. Realize the perspective from which it can be said that you must fear the freedom of your spirit, otherwise you would be living it. You will know when you are in the state of freedom-consciousness because, in that timeless moment, you will be living your dream.

realize that freedom-consciousness is frightening in that, to be in a state of limitlessness is to be in a state of infinite possibility. This is a state where anything can potentially happen. This unconstrained possibility of complete change—which is the antithesis of consistency—is a fundamental root-fear within the human experience.

When we are in fear, we resist states of change because we do not feel we can either control or predict the outcome. As you awaken into freedom-consciousness, you will find yourself facing any internalized fear-based inclinations or attachments to reality being consistent / unchanging. In this, realize how the need for consistency points to the wider nature of fear and is the main reason we fear the state of fear itself—regardless of what it is focused upon.

To fear something is to give it energy, and to give something energy is to fuel its state of manifestation. This is the process through which we tend to create what we fear. Therefore, in a state of freedom-consciousness, where all is instantaneously possible, our fear instantly begins to manifest. Your consciousness knows this and, as long as it knows itself to contain fear, it will fear freedom because to enter freedom is to face that fear.

In the state of freedom-consciousness to enter into fear is to live in the manifestation of that fear—just as to be in joy is to instantly be in an expression of bliss. To be within the infinite potential of freedom, you cannot fear either your mortal self or your spirit. This is because to enter the state of fear is to exit the state of freedom. In the mortal state we are each playing with the juxtaposition of fear and freedom.

When our fear of freedom is seen clearly, the reasons why people choose limitation over freedom becomes clear. To release your limitations is to release your fears, and that can only be done by facing them—which is to make conscious what you have feared being conscious.

Your fears are your limitations. Face and transform them through your willingness to be changed and you will enter the awakenedwhich is to say, freeexperience of All-That-You-Are.


The idea that we could fear freedom can initially sound illogical because we are naturally drawn to things that feel good and resist things that feel bad. It does not therefore make sense that we would fear something we believe would feel as good as freedom. To become conscious of the ways in which you fear freedom is to see through the romanticized version of it—that which sees freedom as the opposite of slavery and so deems it to be as completely positive

freedom is not the opposite of slavery because freedom includes the freedom of consciousness to be a slave. Freedom is the state of allowance for consciousness of all things / states / qualities. Freedom is unconditional and equal love for all. It loves and allows slavery, as much as it loves and allows liberation. It loves and allows starvation, as much as it loves and allows obesity. It loves and allows suffering, as much as it loves and allows bliss. It loves and allows separation through fear, as much as it loves and allows unity through love.

This realization of freedom is particularly challenging for those who are seeking to create themselves through the attempted replication of a mental ideal—rather than from what they feel themselves to be. In this state,being free is a significant part of the aspirational ideal, therefore the person will only accept positive, feel-good descriptions of what freedom is. Freedom is therefore seen as a state of entirely positive bliss, instead of a state of love and allowance for all things—which embraces both positive and negative.

When someone says they want to be free, they are usually saying they want to be in bliss. Although these statements are technically the same—as to be free is to blissfully live your dream—what their concept of bliss does not contain is the understanding that the bliss of being in freedom arises by entering the allowance of freedomthe kind of freedom through which you allow yourself to meet all you have resisted meeting through fear (which is to integrate all you have previously repressed). Therefore, the clearer intent is to desire the bliss that arises through the allowance of ALL that you are to freely be as it is—even if that means having to lose control in order to face the fears within you.

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