The choice of Your Self


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self is an experience of identification that arises within awareness. To be conscious of what you are focused upon is to feel present in your experience, rather than separate from it. presence in the reality of your self, is a quality of consciousness.

The Choice of Your Self

“I choose to be the conscious choice maker in my life.”

human individualityformed through the differentiation of time and space—is an evolving experience (due to it being a translation of self over linear-time). Being The-One-Self in human form, you are the experience of yourself. And you seek, by following the guiding impulses of your heartwhich naturally arise within an experience of differentiation—to explore the aspects of the diversity that most excite you in this world.

You exist within the experience of your beliefs. This means that the reality you experience flows out from the meanings you ascribe to the collective of everything you believe. Know that, regardless of how it may sometimes seem, you are the one who chooses what you believe. The responsibility for your beliefs can only ever ultimately be your own.

In each moment you can choose to believe something new. In each moment you are re-choosing / reaffirming every belief that you do not change. Do not give the power of the choice of your beliefs to any other person, as that is to give them the power to choose your experience of reality for you (until either the point in your journey when you choose to take that power back). Know that even if you give your power away to the greatest degree possible, the choice to take back that power is always with you.

The freedom of your will is your freedom to experience and explore diversity. It is why you chose this life. It is up to you, within the living of this life, to use that freedom. No one else can make you ‘be free’. If you will not use your power of choicewhich is not wrong or a mistake—you will automatically choose from the collective, mass beliefs about reality which you have subconsciously absorbed from society. Therefore, to be empowered in your freedom is to be aware of your choices such that you can choose consciously from a state of awareness—rather than unconsciously from the fear-based beliefs you have assimilated.

Elevate yourself to the position where you know you are the only one who can step forward to choose for yourself. Choose from your experience of self, your feeling, your resonance, your joy, and your excitement—rather than from the mass belief. As you come to choose with love, you will put that love into the mass-belief-system that affects all that choose to not choose by default. To choose love for yourself is to make the whole world more love-based.

The Default Choice

If you are not willing to make choices in your life, then there are others who will make your choices for you. Realize this occurs by default if you disregard your power of choice. This can be directly through a person whom you have given your power to (whether that be through fear, or the belief they are superior and will make better choices). It can also be indirectly through your unquestioned beliefs.

The human experience has a mass belief-systempassed on through socialization—that has developed in a fear-based direction. This has led it to be based in the principles of separation, disconnection, hierarchy, competition, and survival of the fittest. Because fears are based on unconsciousness, we tend to align with the mass-thinking about whatever it is that we fear.

When you will not make a choiceor express a preference—then that choice is made for you from the mass belief. This means that instead of owning your individuality and its potential for freedom, you take your choice of experience from the mass without thought or question. It is to follow the mass—rather than stand in your power and lead yourself.

choosing from the mass belief does not lead to the complete homogenization of choice because it occurs with degrees of localization. This means that the beliefs of people close to you—as well as ideological groups you belong to—have a greater effect on you than the beliefs of people with whom you have a more distant association.

This occurs at a subconscious level—meaning the mass beliefs can affect your choices without that affect being perceived. When this happens, the person does not realize they are giving away their power of choice as they are still technically choosing from their own beliefs. It is just that their own belief on the matter was assimilated—either passively or fearfully—and is therefore an unexplored mass belief.

The same idea of personal versus mass beliefs applies to following your heart—rather than the crowd. There are times in life when it feels good to go with the flow and be a part of a unified crowd. There are also times when you may feel caught in the flow of people around you in a way that is not enjoyable. Learn to differentiate between the two, such that when you are not enjoying where the mass flow is taking you, you can simplyand without drama—excuse yourself and do something that feels more joyful.

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