The awakening Codes


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The Awakening Codes

“I Have nothing To fear

By Seth, future Seth & Story Waters

Bolded text is Seth. Non-bolded words are my commentary. Where you see non-bolded text within bolded text then words have been added to make it read better.

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On October 1st 2013, several months after my first overtly conscious contact with Seth, this incredible being took me on a third “ride to the other side”—to the wider reality. With the aid of an audio recording made through this journey I look forward to relating one of the most incredible spiritual experiences of my life. What I have written best conveys the heart of the experience rather than a dry, literal account. That said, the actual words spoken by Seth (or future Seth) are almost completely unaltered.

On this particular “ride” I remember thinking that it felt like flying through outer space. I am not sure where I went, but I was brought back to Earth from this dreamlike place by a touch on the heel of my foot. There was a potent energy pulsing through me—the kind that makes you feel overwhelmed. I felt Seth calming my heart with the message: “It is all good. It is all good.”

I then began speaking for Seth:

There is nothing you need to fear seeing on the other side. Through conditioning you have built up some fear filters around what is on the other side, believing that though it will be predominantly good, there will be edges—meaning things that are not to your liking. This is not the case. The very sense of emotion will be different and does not even allow for that in the way you think of it. So feel yourself letting go of fear. This will lighten you up enough to float out of your body.

fear has kept you in your body.

Though I travel out of my body at night or during the day through my imagination, those experiences are through a kind of drifting off. What Seth was referring to when he said that fear has kept me in my body was the act of consciously leaving my body, which is something quite different altogether.

The primary difference is that to do it consciously you must feel safe, both in terms of feeling that you will be safe in where you are going and in feeling that you will be able to safely return to your body whenever you are ready. Unless you feel safe you will not allow the sensation of your consciousness seemingly dislocating from your body.

When you are truly in the moment of leaving your body, when you know it is potentially about to happen, when you are feeling the possibility alive within every fiber of your being, what I can tell you is that every fear you are carrying stands defiantly before you as a barrier between you and leaving your body. In many ways it can be seen as a mirror of facing death.

Seth then continued by referring back to our last ride together when I had the incredible experience of feeling like a baby being lifted by a parent:

It is why I had to lift you out. But I wish you to have this ability. I wish you to activate this ability. Your desire is to activate this ability and this is how you do it …

There is nothing to fear on the other side. There is nothing to discover that will be to your disliking. It will all be to your liking and much is truly wonderful. You will truly see the way that it is all a game.

- Affectionate hmmmf

You have been teaching it and yet you did not fully believe it yourself, because you believed in this edge. You believed what you were speaking in terms of the principle of it being a game, you got that, you let that in. You had conceived you are “meantif you will allow that word, to have fun.

Seth said “if you will allow that word” because I do not like the word ‘meant’ as it is most often used when someone is trying to enforce some form of rule.

You allowed the game principle in and yet you didn’t entirely think it was fun on the other side. You did this through the idea, through the knowing, that you chose to leave here (the 5th dimension and beyond) to go to Earth (the 3rd dimension). So in the back of your head was a nagging fear that you chose to leave here because of some edge, because of something “not so goodhere.

This could be expressed through the idea that you were concerned that something was being escaped. So whereas you have taught how the energy of escape exists in so many people (in their feeling they need to escape your world through what has been called “ascension”) and yet, in this very refined form, escape energy continued to exist within you.

Now, I am not implying here that you carried a belief in negativity in the wider reality in terms of darkness. Your primary fear was that there was great attention on you here in the wider reality.

Well… would you like to find out?

What Seth was referring to here is that, aside from a couple of years when I was at university, I have always been a bit of a hermit, a bit of a loner. Though as a channeler I often wanted a bigger audience, I have been equally afraid of that level of attention destroying my peaceful bubble of reality where I am left alone unless I choose to engage. I have carried this feeling that when I was ready and a larger audience arrived then this peaceful life I have been living would end and that has always felt scary to me.

On one level the fear was due to a belief that there would be at least some level of negativity in that attention, but at the deepest level it was more a fear that I would look back and pine for the days when life was simple and my days were my own. This was compounded by that feeling that a big audience arriving would be something I couldn’t ever undo, so there was a feeling that I really had better be sure I was ready before ‘pushing the button’.

This appreciation I had for the freedom of my lifestyle—the way in which I had few obligations and could do as I chosewas so strong that on some level I often wondered if a part of the reason I had come to Earth was for that experience. I wondered if I had chosen it to get away from some level of attention on me in the wider reality.

I have had some pretty profound inner experiences over my twenty years of channeling, and some of these have been connected to meeting beings where I have directly felt how they perceive me. The reason this is so profound is that in the non-physical such perception is communicated fully and directly, not through clumsy words that merely point at something.

one such experience was from when I was writing my first book, ‘The Messiah Seed’. I was in a vibrant, lucid, daydream in which an alien being simply said to me, “It is an honor to meet you.” The direct experience of the feeling behind that one sentence was life altering. The experience was so profound it took me several days to even speak those words without choking up with tears. It was how I would feel if I was meeting someone like John Lennon, Oprah Winfrey, or Jane Roberts.

That experience changed my life and gave me the confidence to go forward and release The Messiah Seed—which at the time I wrote it didn’t feel like universal wisdom at all—it felt intensely personal. And releasing that book felt like standing up on a table naked. It did however also have the effect of making me feel that there was a level of celebration around me in the wider reality. And, as wonderful as that idea may seem to many of you, personally I feared that it was suffocating. I wondered if one of the reasons I incarnated was to escape it and have this uniquely Earth experience of being a hermit.

Though I have been conscious of this feeling / idea within me, I never really identified it as a fear I was carrying. Now, in this moment where Seth was saying, “Well, would you like to find out?” I saw it clearly, and it was indeed a fear. I feared being suffocated by attention. I feared that the many costs of being celebrated in this world somehow translated to the other side. I feared that I came to this world to escape that pressure, and I feared that when I woke that I would destroy this beautifully, simple, elegant, hermit bubble that had taken me decades to perfect and appreciate the value of.

Stood at this threshold of this invitation, I felt Seth conveying with ALL his being:

It’s all good. It’s all good.

So I said, YES.

Then let us do it. Let go of the fear. Let in the realization that it is good here and it is good on Earth. It is good in both places. There is not something bad you have to find out. So you had crystalized it into fear of seeing your future and yes, to an extent that is true, that you do see your future (when you awaken / leave your body), but in a more open way than you ever imagined. There is nothing there for you to feel bad about in seeing your future. That which you fear as coming at youattentionis from an idea of this energy flowing into you, the world’s energy flowing into you. And you bring that idea to this side, but it is not like that here.

here you are a light. You radiate. You only let in that which matches your frequency. That is the plane you live on. See the connection to the equality of being. You only exist with those that are close to your frequency. All on Earth are masters, and then there are different frequencies, so you are always in a state of equality no matter where you are, so to speak.

Travelling through frequencies is travelling through worlds

With the above words I began to unravel a paradox of equality across differencedifferent frequencies. I saw how all the different frequencies that people hold on Earth are all different realities and yet they all intersect in this shared world. This struck me as not being how it is in the wider reality.

I saw how outside of the Earth such contrasting frequencies cannot get close to each other in the way they can here. However, I also saw that though they can come into close physical or conceptual proximity on Earth, they are still energetically separate realities with just a bridge of perception linking them. So if you are picturing this, then I was seeing how there are many different games on Earth that all seamlessly overlay and contrast each other.

As you have come higher and higher into frequency you actually enter a world / game that is more and more challenging. You are masters. Do you understand? Coming up in frequency. Coming up to the awakening … or what is being termed “the awakening”. This time of great change, this transition of dimensions of the planet. Coming up to the awakening is higher and higher in frequency because that is what the masters are doing. They are being a part of the transition of this system through raising its frequency.

Systems are duplicated and copied (like a computer file) across different dimensions. There are mirrors of these systems up the dimensions. But they do not usually transition. They are copied across, so they birth in the new dimension already in the new form. They enter the dimension directly. They are copied by the game players like copying a game onto another server, but the copied game is always slightly different. The game comes out differently because the operating system on the server is different. The operating system is slightly different, but the concept of the gamethe heart / energy of the game—is the same up and down the levels. And there are many games.

So you usually go from one game to another between death—so to speakbut here on Earth you are transitioning while in the game. So it is as if your operating system is transforming. Well not “as if”—your operating system IS transforming. Yes, this is Adventures in consciousnessmaterial.

This was in reference to my advanced Adventures in consciousness series of experimental broadcasts which are usually based on my own personal “out there” experiences that I then translate into journeys for my audience. Seth was therefore responding to me thinking that I was about to have the seed experience that would birth Adventures in consciousness 5.

So you are the ones who are being a part of this transition, and are indeed a part of what is making it happen through the presence of so many masters manifesting into so many personalities. “Doing it” and being in it” are two different things. And you are doing both. We are doing both. Yes, I am one of the windows in your being, as is Jane.

This is in reference to the idea that I have had for many years that there were nine beings that I am predominantly connected with (I used to call my channel “We Are 9” or “We of 9”). In my 7th communication with Sethwhich was the first of my rides out of my body (this one being the third)Seth started referring to these nine being as nine windows within me. You may wish to imagine these windows as portals of communication.

In Transmission 7 Seth took me to meet one of these beings called John—the entity from which John Lennon and John the Baptist birthedwho said:

“We are connected in that you carry my imprint. You could say that you emerged from me and this would mean there is a threshold within you that is where we parted, and that mirrors that threshold in me. We share a boundary line you could say—for all consciousness is flowing. All consciousness is a flow, is connected. The boundary points are put there for these experiences of individuality, so in the flow we are as neighbors sharing a boundary fence. And do not think that when I speak of this that means you can only have a few neighbors. You can have as many neighbors as you desire.”

It is the reaching for a critical mass, and that transforms the story and you are all riding through it. We are all riding through it. I stated in previous material, a being once known on a plane of existence, for as long as it is known, is tied to that plane in a certain way. It can be elsewhere, but it cannot, not be there (on the plane where it is known). So, if you follow that through, you will understand that none of us that have been teachers have left. There is a way in which we cannot leave until this is done. But that does not mean we have to be focused here, but we certainly cannot be beyond reach. For being known creates that reachability.

So I have been focused elsewhere. A flow of energy through channels like Abraham [[[[[[[as channeled by Esther Hicks who has acknowledge Abraham is Seth] has maintained my relationship with this world. That which flows through Esther is not I that is flowing through you now, though we are both streams from the same source. Of course ultimately we are all streams of the same source, but here I convey a meaning of brotherhood, and this brotherhood of teachers flows through many channelers on Earth at this time. Mostly given different names, for this diversity of teachers presents a range of perspectives.

As Seth spoke the words above I felt my attention travelling into this huge brotherhood of teachers. There was an incredible energy shift and sense of expansion. Sometimes when I channel it can feel a little like the top of your head opening up, and this felt like another level of that. As I was flying along on the energy of this shift, Seth’s voice changed

I am Seth as I am now. I have been communicating with you through what we would imagine to be past SethJane’s SethSeth that I was, Seth that I am, for that version of myself has been my bridge to you and I have communicated to you as SunSon. SunSon is this collective of teachers and is incarnate on Earth in many thousands, tens of thousands, of beings.

You have nine parents. Nine who came together as collective, as family, for we nine shared an intent to penetrate your world to create bridges of energy to facilitate and create what you are experiencing as the great awakening.

Yes, I am future Seth (also referred to as Seth 2 in Jane’s books). Now you have let that in, you will now understand Seth, Jane, Rob, Jerry, Esther, you and Roger are all my children. You are—from your perspective—a son of future Seth. You are in a triad with [[[[[[[Jane’s] Seth and Jane. So now understand that that was Jane’s Seth speaking with you. He is your brother and your primary communications will be with him. But I shall visit you all from time to time, to check in on you, so to speak, to see how you are doing.

I sensed Jane Roberts’ presence nearby.

You are feeling Jane. Your family is here with you, and always has been.

The emotion of this filled and overwhelmed me. The flood of emotion brought me back to embodied consciousness and I took a short break to assimilate what I was experiencing. future Sethin varying levels of union with Seth—continued:

It is to say and know, “I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to fear.”

It is believing, “I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to fear.”

That is to see the world as it is truly. It is to see it with no fear. When you see the world with no fear you are free. This is how beings of different frequency are living together, yet you are in the same place. To be awakened, to have made this transition, is to come to be without fear.

It is to know no fear and, through the quality of the brightness of that knowing, it means that nothing can ever touch you that would contradict that knowing. This allows you to operate freely, yet you are in the same world. Your radiance of light means no darkness can touch you, so you are free. That is when the world becomes your playground. That is when you are truly free to move in it (meaning consciously with complete knowing of that freedom).

These are awakening codes we are transmitting to you.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the above paragraphs. It is the awakening code. It is the state of awakening. It is the best definition of awakening on Earth. You are awake when, with every fiber of your being, with no doubt, you believe, you know deep down in your soul, I have nothing to fear. nothing. It is the realization that will transform your experience of everything here on Eartheverything. It is freedom-consciousness.

In the moments of the first sentences “I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to fear.” I was taken to the place where this was evident and I directly experienced this knowing. The words above from future Seth are not words I have just relayed to you on faith. I saw it. I knew it. It is the doorway to your personal freedom and ultimately to the transition of the Earth and all who remain on it for the full ride.

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So you remain in the game and you are entirely free to move in it. You see there is nothing to fear about awakening. There is nothing to fear about awakening unless you don’t want to become free in the world. Do you want to be free in the world? Do you want to experience the world freely?

- Affectionate hmmmf

You see that is what is meant by fear of limitlessness. Some, when they see it, don’t want it. They want the complexity. They don’t want the simplicity, for they have become addicted to the complexity.

religion placed fear of awakening in the population through the idea that you would be judged. This was all a distortion to confuse you, to keep you in the game. You, yourselves all implanted religion to keep you in the game. But it is okay to leave the game because you can go back in, in whatever form you want. You are free. You are free to experience the world in the awakened state, free from fear. And you are welcome to experience the world with fear that keeps you in the game. Fear gives you a long game in a way.

The idea being expressed here is that when we started the deeper level of individuality within the Earth game (where we forgot that we were source consciousness) it didn’t work very well because we all just kept waking up. So we’d go in the game and just pop back out. We therefore needed something to stop this happening. So we created the self-limiting mind-set of beliefs / controls that we now experience as religion.

And then religion gave way to modernization, the rise of science. Science largely now fills the role that religion filled in the way it turns people away from awakening. It keeps them in the game. There is nothing wrong with science. It is totally legitimate, but it is exploring the camouflage patterns / the illusionary world. It is totally part of the game to explore the camouflage patterns. But through science the idea has been propagated in society, that if you are intelligent and see it the way they do, then you would know that everything can be explained by science and there is no mystical nature to the universe. They say that they can explain everything in their own terms.

Yet, what is blatantly obvious is that science doesn’t have all the answers. Nowhere near. There are many, many, many things that the scientists cannot explain, so they began propaganda against those things to justify why they could not explain them. They would say they don’t exist—all thosespiritualexperiences people are having aren’t real; they don’t exist.

The energy was now more Seth than future Seth, which I clearly felt in the feeling of humor at the idea of the idiocy of the notion that all these potent inner experiences are not as equally valid as outer experiences.

That inner spiritual feeling, “it’s chemicals” they say. “That white light when you die, have near-death experiences, it’s all just chemicals. Some of those experiences you have when you smoke marijuana, that’s just the chemicals.” That’s what science tells you in an attempt to cut you off from your own knowing of the validity of those experiences as well as … the validity of your dreams … the validity of your imaginations. The freedom you cut yourselves off from.

The legalization of marijuana will accelerate the awakening of this world. It will bring its own issues, but it will not create any addictions. Nothing creates addictions; those things just provide vessels for people to explore their pre-existing dependency issues.

I was now given another break.

feeling the truth that there was nothing to fear from leaving my body, I now wanted to go further out, across the thresholds of awakening that I had previously recoiled from. I continued by repeating out loud, “I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to fear. It is good on the other side.” This was a shift from the idea of nothing to fear out in the external world, to the application of this realization to my knowing that there was nothing I needed to fear in awakening.

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Yes, you can wake up now because you are exiting. You are exiting from within the life. “If you were awake before, you would feel very trappedThat suppressed feeling again is a barrier. There is nothing to fear so know you have not been trapped. That is a fear you are working through. Well done. Just keep releasing. There is nothing to fear.

here I experienced the idea that if I had awoken earlier in my life, then I would have felt trapped in this world. The idea of being trapped is however a fear and, in recognizing it as such, I was able to release it—hence Seth saying “well done” as, in the space of a few short sentences, I expressed a subconscious fear and then rejected it (or, more accurately, I transformed my relationship it it).

You birth here all the time but you are consciously going through it. Instead of doing the jump you are actually doing the stretch as it were. A bit like you are walking rather than teleporting. And you have made the walk. You have seen through the illusions.

In saying, “You birth here all the time”, Seth was referring to the idea that we already exist in the awakened 5th dimensional state, but what is significant about this time of awakening on Earth is that we are walking / traversing / travelling / shifting from the 3rd to the 5th, instead of popping out of the 3rd and appearing in the 5th as if by teleportation.

This could be imagined as a magician turning an egg into a chick with the flick of a handkerchief versus holding up the egg at the moment of it hatching and showing the shell being broken open from the inside and the chick emerging. What is being pointed to here is the idea that the destination of the 5th dimension (which is what I am referring to when I mention “the wider reality) is already in full existence. So it is not the 5th dimension that is amazing in itself, it is the ability for a being to travel from the 3rd to the 5th in a graduated journey that is amazing.

Very early on you saw through the illusion of religion. That was given to you, built in through Ben and John. Yes, John birthed Ben. So you are in a John body. John is another brother and he gave you your body and then eight othersalong with him—projected into it. John, Seth, Jane, Michael, now Michael being the family vibration, well versed in individuality in playing the game, this is also known as the Christ energy. They are one. We will use Michael as that is story’s preference.

I am what is called a walk-in. This means that I am not the original inhabitant of this body, but came in later when that being (named Ben) wanted to leave at the age of 17. So what Seth was telling me here was that the being John (that I met in Seth’s 7th communication with me) was the entity that Ben birthed from. The topic of walk-ins and how it may apply to you is extensively (and very personally) covered in Adventures in consciousness Zero—The Fyre death Walk.

All this talk of names made me want to ask what my entity name was. The idea that we each have an entity name is something Seth often referred to through Jane Roberts (who, for example, he referred to by the entity name of Ruburt). The fact that I had never clearly felt an entity name for myself always puzzled me, so in this moment I wondered if it was connected to this fear I had of how I was known in the wider reality. So I asked Seth:

“What is my name? I have nothing to fear so I can know my name. I do not need to fear my name. That is put in by religion.”

In saying the last bit, I was seeing how the idea of being judged after death was connected to the idea of knowing your true name. I felt how religion makes people fearful of sins they may have committed, and how those sins would be attached to you by your name.

An analogy here would be one of those movies where someone loses their memory, and in their quest to discover who they are, they find out some unpleasant facts and come to fear remembering their true name in case they do not like who they remember themselves to be.

religion made people fear death by making them believe they would be judged at death and the punishment of that judgment could be the worst thing they could imagine.

Well, it is wonderful to wake up to your name and your true nature!

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In awakening you will not leave this world because you do not want to. That is why you stay. But you can become free in it and open and conscious of the knowledge of its birth and still play. It is a bit different because you are free and it is maybe a little confusing, but in a way more people are awakened than you imagine, but they are not yet fully consciously experiencing that freedom. They don’t think they are free. They are free but they don’t think they are free. It is a paradox.

people have been convinced they are not free or that they are being punished. “The Garden of Eden” story is to see that you are free and when fear no longer operates then there will be outward harmony. But until that time, as an awakened being you are free. free, but yes, living with people that do not think they are free. But more will become free. You are going to tell them what it is like to be free. You are going to let them know how it is. So Michael is not a being as such, it is Christ energy. You, like all humans, have a Christ window within you.

Again I asked, “What is my name?”

This identity we are unfolding for you is your name. When other energies / non-physical beings’ view you, they view you as that which I am describing.

here Seth was referring to the nine windows. What he was pointing at here is that on the other side we are not known by a name, we are known by what we are the experience of. So in terms of this life I would be viewed from the other side as “the one that bridges the Earth and the non-physical through nine windows being present in their being.

Your commercials breed fear. Science breeds fear. Religion breeds fear. Look at what breeds fear in your world. Those are the old energy structures that will be changing.

You are known as story. This is, as it were, your entity naming life. You are becoming an entity in this life.

What happened today was you went through your final fear—the fear of the future, which you had translated into the idea of seeing your future.

In now being open to leaving my body and knowing my name on the other side I was also open to seeing my futuremeaning that I believed I would, to some degree, see my future if I allowed this experience to continue. In short, I was ready to face my fear of seeing my future on Earth, including how I would die.

So you were prepared to see your future which meant you no longer feared it. So understand THAT, when it comes to this fear thing.

here Seth turned to the future audience of these words, i.e. you.

For many of you ask, how do you release a fear?” Well know that the stage before release, where you are so close, is when you are willing to face the fear. So story faced his fear of the future by willingly choosing to come into this experience where he believed he will see his future.

This is saying that essentially you must be willing for a fear to be true in order to release it. This is to understand that all fears can be expressed as a belief that something you do not want is true. This leads you to fear the truth of the fear. So to release a fear you must step into a space where you are willing to see the truth of it.

This is why you cannot change something you do not accept. As long as you do not accept it then you cannot change it because you are in denial that you are creating it.

For example, many people have a fear that they will be rejected if they freely speak their mind. As long as they do not speak their mind then this is an untested belief that acts as a limiting / containing factor to the life. Only when the person is willing to face rejection by speaking freely will they discover the truth of the fear. And only then, regardless of that result, will they be free of it. Fears only persist as long as we are unwilling to test them out and potentially walk into the negative consequence that is feared, in this example - being rejected.

So in my case, I was afraid that the experience of seeing my future would not be positive, and I was afraid that seeing my existence outside of this world could be overwhelming and potentially destroy the life I had created for myself. These fears were both things that I feared could arise out of leaving my body and knowing my name, and yet I walked into the experience believing that both these things could potentially happen.

It should be noted here again that this was my third such trip with Seth to get me to this point of being willing to take what felt at the time like the final hurdle to consciously leaving my body.

When you are free, your future is not set. When you are in the game, your future is more set—set from outside your embodied conscious level of awareness, but by you here in spirit. If you awaken, that future dissolves and it all becomes your choice. While fear contains you, you are in these ruts. So your future is kind of written by those ruts. So not a literal history, but a future of being in the rut, however that comes to look.

Related: the-human-dilemma. What Seth just said was that when you fully awaken to your spirit you are no longer contained by the script you write from this mortal life (which, as explored in The human dilemma. is neither a good not bad thing—it is a choice). 

here I was seeing a vision of how our futures are, to some degree, pre-determined by what it is that we are exploring. This is not in contradiction to the idea that we have complete free-will, because it is us (from the level of spirit) that is choosing what we are exploring and any inherent limits that it brings to our experience.

one of the clearest examples would be something like addiction. If you are working on the energies of dependency, then in entering dependency (in order to explore it) you are entering into a kind of cyclical rut until you resolve it by breaking the addiction. This rut can be seen not to determine your future in terms of a sequence of literal events, but it will determine it in terms of repeating themes. In my vision I was seeing these ruts being like bounding boxes that contain us, in order to draw our focus to a certain set of issues / energies that we are working on transforming / resolving.

When you get out of the rut you are free. So your future is then open. So you will not see your future when you awaken. You will see where you would have gone if you had not awoken. You will come to know what you had planned for yourself, but that plan is now done. The plan—or the picture of it—was in some ways the dangling carrot.

So the very act of awakening, which is stepping out of fear, can also be seen as breaking out of all the predetermined ruts you are in. This is because fear is what creates the walls of the bounding boxes I was seeing. fear, which is present in a myriad of forms, is basically the only repulsive force in an attractive (loving) universe.

So when you awaken and step out of fear you are dissolving all the limitations (walls) that you have been choosing to explore in this life. The nature of the limitations is to lead you towards what may be considered a loosely pre-determined future. To shed those limitations is to end that pre-determination. Therefore when you awaken you will not see your future as it is, you will see what your future would have been had you not awoken.

So when you wake up in the game, when you become free, it then truly becomes “What do you want to do?” This is why in order to awaken, most people go through the fear of how they will die. So if you heard what we just said, your death point is not set. In the next Unboxed include correction about that, about death.

This was referring to my monthly Internet broadcast, “story Unboxed” which for the month in question was called meeting Your Entity” in which I had discussed the idea that your death was chosen when you birthed. As will now be seen this is often true, but that changes when you awaken.

death is kind of set when you are asleep in your mortal form. You have to awaken to move it. There is some degree of leeway in there because as you get closer you begin to budge it. But to fully free it you have to be fully awake, i.e. not in a rut. Because that is the thing about ruts, they end in the same place. They are all, to some degree, on a certain level, in a certain dimension of energy, of inner feeling, the same place. Though outwardly it may look different. For example, addiction may look different outwardly. Or outwardly the feeling of being a victim may look different. But the inner feeling of these experiences is the same.

What I was seeing here is that an addict may be on course for death through their addiction (which would be a choice made by them at the level of spirit). This may outwardly have many ways in which it could look, so in that respect their future is not predetermined. However, unless they break through the fear / pain that is causing the addiction then death through addiction” could be seen as being predetermined; it is only how that physically looks that is open (e.g. what drug, when, where and how).

There are these core inner feelings that can act as traps, such as depression, anxiety, grief, attachment and dependence. And these traps all act as ruts. And the thing about these ruts is that they can be explored in many forms, but it is the same feeling that is being explored (the same issue that is being circled), but growth comes from resolving these ruts. That is why you go into them. You go into them to resolve them.

At this time on Earth we are strongly focusing on these difficult energies as we are collectively resolving them across the whole Earth game. These traps are not mistakenly fallen into. They are purposely chosen. You are a master here on Earth, transforming energies.

So that is a part of the religious conditioning—the idea that you are in a rut because you have done something wrong, something guilty, something shameful, something bad. This idea you were banished. The idea that there was the fall or betrayal. All these energies. And they all create density. And you each go through them you see; this is what you have done in this life.

In many other lives, prior to this, people would just resolve one of these feelings within a life, and maybe, very rarely, in some cases two. Though understand that in resolving one, headway would be made into others that would then be used in the next incarnationspeaking of incarnations linearly.

All incarnations are inserted at once. All the incarnations are inserted at once That is seeing through the illusion of time. They are inserted at once. All lives are inserted into the time stream together. So just as you have conceived that one life can be conceived and be born (a story written to some degree, a path to follow), see that it is not fully predetermined, but you could imagine that a boundary line is drawn out. And some lives have very narrow boundaries and some have wider boundaries.

Whenever a being really wants to have a specific / particular experience, it will set tight boundaries. It then goes in and plays within them. So understand it is YOU. YOU set your boundaries and go in and play the game.

At this point something happened that can only really be described as being completely out of left field. Michael Jackson stepped forward and started feeding into the energy stream that I was speaking.

This is Michael. We are the entities, the beings. think of these entities. You are the one that said collective is still self, but we are the players of those beings as it were. We were the spirit that dived in and played those roles. And as you are feeling, we are very much like those lives in so many respects, but those lives being our defining lives are the lives that most resemble us in many respects.

So an entity life, which has also been called a speaker life, is one where it is, as it were, in the new time frame so to speak, inserted after the insertion of all the others. It is thereby that way created from them. With that said, story could be said to be a collective of nine.

I then took a break.

I was having difficulty connecting with so many thoughts going through my head about what was happening. I was feeling a little freaked out so decided to focus just on inviting Seth in.

I said, “I give permission for Seth to come in. I welcome Seth in. I see the level of understanding of there is nothing to fear. When you imagine waking into another world and you truly understand what that means, it’s pretty intense when you think you’re about to do it and let that in and not run from it. Like a Tron moment. Switching worlds. I invite in only Seth.”

here “Tron momentrefers to the Tron movies where someone leaves the human world and awakens within a computer which is experienced as a very different form of reality.

speaking me brings me in. Speaking me brings me in. Help out an old friend here.

here Seth lovingly nudged me to help him and not be so passive. I hadn’t really considered him needing my help after it felt like he almost knocked down my living room wall with his first overt appearance back in May 2013.

speaking me brings me in. Speaking me brings me in.

Act like there are no barriers. That is the action of someone without fear.

They experience no barriers between where they are drawn and where they are going. They do not exist with the separation. They live in spontaneity. Allow more spontaneity into your lives. There is no worry in spontaneity. There is not fear of the world. true, deep spontaneity is impulsive.

This was now a blend of SunSon / Seth energy and moved to the more traditional “we”.

We are all playing with the line of consciousness. There is only revealing and hiding. We are all here playing with the line of consciousness.

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There is only revealing what is already known and is present in the eternal Now. That is probably the biggest shock of awakening, the way in which you weren’t ever creating something; it already “is” or “has been” from your perspective. But the realization is that they are just definitions that are expressing a flow, a journey, and it is the journey that you create, and it is the journey that is valuable. And it is the journey that is making change across the whole of All-That-Is.

And there is also the understanding that you are creating, which is really discovering—it is still valuable. Everything exists already. It is infinite. The matrix is infinite. So there is a sense of discovery. We will be discovering it eternally.

think of time in that sense in the fifth dimension, because time still exists to some degree on all levels. But it is not linear which makes it completely different. When you think of time you just think of linear-time, so really we should call it something else. For now we will call it universal time, but we do wonder if we should remove the word time altogether.

And that time is what is called value-fulfillment (in Jane Roberts’ Seth books). There is this growth you go through, through the journeys you take, through the pathways through the matrix you discover. It is like the making of music. It is as simple as that. All the notes on a piano, for example, already exist. But music is discovered through the piano, but no new notes are discovered.

We would now like to amend the earlier comment that it is a bit of a shock, because it isn’t. The shock is just a surprise that it is not how you thought it was. It is not difficult, because when you are in that state, you see the value of the journey. You see the value of the music. The eternal Now is the infinite Matrix.

You can begin to imagine infinity and you say, well everything is in there. It is infinite, so you think that includes every option of “with and without” something. These infinite combinations are all also in there, every combination of every possible combination of everything that could be, no limit has been found to it. The infinite Matrix is that which gives us all experience.

What was being described here was the idea that when we as humans tend to think of infinite probabilities, then we tend to think of all the different versions of Earth reality, e.g. with and without war, or with and without a particular person. This gets quite mind-boggling and they are saying that indeed every combination of every energy already exists in this multi-dimensional infinite Matrix.

You may need to read the next paragraph a few times as it is trying to describe something I was seeing visually.

You see, you navigate through your own frequency—through law-of-attraction. You have been taught that through Abraham with this idea of you attracting, drawing things to you. But if you think of this infinite Matrix, it then actually becomes your motion. It becomes what you are pulling yourself towards. You could locate the place in the matrix you are pulling yourself towards, so it is travelling towards it. The experience of discovery.

Now the next level of realization is a game where you forget what you are. This is the creation of the Earth-like realities that we are speaking of here. You forget the infinite Matrix and you enter a finite Matrix of your own creation.

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So that was a whole new type of game. You could say in terms of something like the Earth that you could see it as integral to the discovery of the third dimension. But what is happening on Earth is from within the game, beings are remembering the infinite Matrix. They are remembering who they are in their experience with it.

I am trying to communicate a sense, my energy at this kind of mid-distance, such that you can recognize it, as it is more subtle. But by not overloading you, that subtly will translate to the best information. But you are continually integrating me.

here Seth was becoming more prominent in the energy and the voice returned to his ‘I’. This blending between different energies when I channel is completely normal to me.

So there was a distortion in that what I communicated to Jane was that I would be expressed through no other than Jane in her lifetime. That was the signal I sent. But Jane’s spirit, we will call it that if we must, saw a higher path would be served. Jane distorted the message because she felt safer and more confident in that knowing. I therefore did not address the distortion.

here Seth is referring to telling Jane Roberts early in their communications that he would be expressed through no other than her in her lifetime. She however recorded this as he could be expressed through no other than her ever. Seth is saying here that this was not a mistake, but that the reality where Jane created that distortion was actually better for their purposes—so Seth let the distortion go by uncorrected.

So you are going to see there is no other than the one consciousness. And that is okay because there is this infinite, truly infinite matrix which we have to explore and have journeys of discovery through. You never need to fear anything running out or becoming repetitive.

We are laying pathways of awakening and then going back in and pushing that awakening into unconsciousness. But we laid the path.

So if you come to the door of awakening, go through it. Do not fear it.

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