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The All

“I choose to experience my choices as being perfect for all.”

Our collective dream of freedom can only come to be through each individual coming to live their personal dream because that is the path of all who know themselves to be free. This is the case no matter what your dream is—even if on the surface it appears to be at odds with the collective. Your dream fits perfectly into the collective dream because it—just like you—is not separate.

As you come to live your dream, you will start to see its part in the overall harmony and motion of ‘the All’. You are in harmony with ‘the All’—whether you perceive it or not. Even those who appear to be purely of service to themselves are being of service to ‘the All’. The distinction of service-to-self versus service-to-others is an illusion (because self and others are only perceptually separate within illusion).

All service is service to ‘the All’. All action is action for ‘the All’. All love is love for ‘the All’. All hate is hate for ‘the All’. Everything is for ‘the All’. You are free to act, think, and feel in any direction. To know this is to be free from fear because all action that flows from your loving heartrather than the fears within your mindis seen to be right action. All action is valuable because all action is a mirror. All action is perfect—because even imperfections are perfect.

Look at the choices present in your life and know that they do not exist to test you. They are part of the game of life and represent access to different versions of reality available for you to select (according to what your belief-system will allow). The feeling of choices being a test is not because that ishow reality is’—it is a direct result of our own mental attachments to achieving a particular destination.

The more attached you are to experiencing something in particular, the more your choices will appear to lead you in ‘the right or ‘the wrong direction. If you are attached to a specific outcome, you will not experience freedom in your choices. Know that you are free to choose as you wish and whatever you decide will be perfect for ‘the All’ and not just for yourself. Embrace the freedom in your choices and—even if you are not yet ready to actknow that as ‘right-action’ also.

Your deepest desires stem from the desire for freedomand the root of all your fears is the fear of freedom. In freedom there is no plan, no God to rule over you, no necessity for consistency, and no direction that is best to follow. There is only your will, and from your will you create all that you experience. Trust yourself to give yourself love and all will be loved by that love. Trust your heart and all will be freer as a result of your freedom.

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