That Which Chooses


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That Which Chooses

“I choose to know myself as being that which chooses.”

Your spirit is free, but does not experience what we know as choicewhich is to choose between things—except for the choice to leave the state of infinite-consciousness in order to experience choice at the individuated level. We each therefore represent the choice of our spirit to experience choice. We are the embodied of choice which is to say we are the embodied of freedom.

choosing is an act of differentiation. Through the expression of preference, we further define what we are. Your self-definition is a choice you are making in each and every moment. This act of choice does not inherently create limitation—rather it is that in order to choose you must be within an experience of limitation (as within the state of spirit there is no need to choose between things as all is present).

In order to choose, you must be within that which can be differentiated into a choice. Therefore, you must leave the experience of unity—that is inherent to your spiritand enter the diversity of embodiment in order to experience choice.

We are each that which chooses. Through your spirit choosing to be what you are, you are the embodiment of the act of choice. You are the choice of yourself, which is to say, who you are is who you choose to be. You are a product of all the choices you have ever made, and yet, you cannot be said to be any particular choice (because there is no choice that you cannot choose to change your perception of). In each moment you choose yourself anew.

The original idea for choice was the first choice—it was the creation of choice through the choosing of choice. Choice chose itself to exist. You are the choice to choose from within human-form. Within The-One-Self, the idea of differentiation and choice birthed as one. So it is not that the creation of differentiation then created the possibility of choice. Just like it is not that the realization of choice then created the possibility to divide what had previously been unified.

In trying to grasp this idea the diversity and choice birthed simultaneously—like two sides of the same coin—it can be seen how predisposed the human mind is to wanting to understand reality as a linear chain of cause and effect. This mental agenda—to assign the meaning inherent in sequenceshows the way in which the mind creates the meaning that forms our experience of linear-time.

Having left the wider reality to experience the freedom of choice, we naturally desire to recreate the harmony of being within a unified state of consciousness, but while maintaining the experience of choice. All hearts are unified in this desire to know bliss as it is at the heart of what we are.

The Power of Choice

Through the power of choice you can focus in on whatever qualities of existence you wish. A fundamental quality of our embodiment is the polarity between feeling unified with what surrounds you and feeling separate / disconnected from it.

For those who struggle with life, it is easy to believe that feeling alienated is an inherent part of being human. But it is the polarity of unified-to-separate that is inherent—not just the end of the polarity where you feel alone. Therefore, if you feel isolated, lonely, or alienated this is not what you are, it is what you are choosing to experience.

Just as you have chosen the states of perception that have led you to the conclusion that life is inherently lonely, so too you have the power to choose the states of perception that will lead you to feel connected. This is not to imply that you are ‘to blame for your negative experiences—which is a fear-based interpretation. It is to understand that your most difficult experiences are what you—from the level of your spirit—wanted to experience.

It is impossible for past choices to be a mistake—even if they led you to have a painful experience. Any idea to the contrary comes from your own lack of understanding about your wider-nature / infinite-nature / origin / intentions for life.

Through your choices you have the power to both unify and divide. The key to freedom within the human experience is the state of Unified-Diversity (which is to create the experience of unity through the honoring of all diversity). To accept diversity in yourself is to allow freedom for both yourself and others.

Whether conscious of it or not, at the deepest level every human seeks the experience of Unified-Diversity. This is because we each wish to know ourselves as completely as possible and that must therefore include the nature of our unity as well as our diverse and uniquely individualized qualities.

By seeing your choices as acts of self-creation—rather than a by-product of lifeyou will bring far more conscious awareness to each choice you make. This is to no longer ‘step over’ your choices as if they were not choices at all. This is to open your eyes to see just how many choices you may be making on auto-pilot (which is to act as if you had no option in them). This empowering step will further engage you with reality as you will be having a much more direct experience of how it is that you are creating / steering your life.

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